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Updated July 2022

As if Hoi An with its buttercup ancient buildings and lantern-lit streets didn’t have fantasy and magic enough, Hoi An Shuttle Bus recently emerged out of nowhere as yet another enchanting touch.

Matching the characteristics and hues of Hoi An Old Town, these electric, amber-colored, vintage-themed buses not only provide a cheap and effective way to get around, they are part of a push to make Hoi An transport more environmentally-friendly and pedestrian-safe.

It’s great fun to hop on, hop off or take a tour on these cartoon-like buses with neatly capped drivers at the helm as they silently convey you around town.

Please note:
Established in July 2019 just before the onset of Covid-19, the Hoi An Shuttle Bus company is new to Hoi An and still developing its service. Therefore, please check its Facebook Page and website (see below) for last-minute updates.

Hoi An Shuttle Bus Services

Hoi An Shuttle Bus operates three types of services: bus, taxi and tour.

Use it like a Hoi An Bus

Route 1

This service is temporarily closed

Departs four times per day from 1a Hoang Dieu (Corner Hoang Dieu & Phan Chau Trinh Streets) and returns via An Bang to Song Hoai Square near the Japanese Bridge.

Hoi An Bus Departure Times: 9.00am, 10.30am, 15.30am, 16.30am

Price per person/trip 20,000 VND.

Bus Stops
1A Hoang Dieu (Start)
Phan Boi Chau
Tran Nhan Tong
Cua Dai
Lac Long Quan (Cua Dai Beach)
Nguyen Phan Vinh (Tan Thanh Beach)11.40pm
An Bang Beach
Tra Que Village
Hai Ba Trung
Tran Hung Dao
Song Hoai Square
Hoi An Shuttle Bus Route 1 Timetable (suspended temporarily)

Route 2

This Hoi An transport route goes along one of the most frequented roads in the area, passing a host of cafes, eateries and spas along the way.

The bus service begins at 1 Hoang Dieu in the ancient town and makes 6 stops along the famous Cua Dai Road before finishing at the coastline. There is a service every 30-40 minutes.

Note: This is a two-way service, running both to-and-from the coast. You can board the bus in either direction at the following numbers on Cua Dai Road: 488,330, 282, 141 and 101.

Bus Routes Map

Use it like a Hoi An Taxi

Order an entire shuttle bus like you would a Hoi An taxi – it’ll pick up at your address and take you anywhere in Hoi An inner city.  The electric shuttle buses hold six to eight people.

KM6-8 Seater Shuttle Bus
<2 km50,000 VND (up to 5px) | 10,000 VND per px extra
2- 4 km100,000 VND (up to 5 px) | 20,000 VND per px extra
4 – 6 km150,000 VND (up to 5px) | 30,000 VND per px extra
6 – 8 km200,000 VND (up to 5px) | 40,000 VND per px extra
>8km250,000 VND (up to 5px) | 50,000 VND per px extra

Use it for a Tour

Four types of Hoi An Shuttle Bus tours compete for your attention: Hoi An Old Town (Heritage Hoi An Tour), An Bang & Cua Dai Beaches (Hoi An Sea Sun – Sight Tour), Tra Que Vegetable Gardens (Good Morning Hoi An Tour) and Hoi An Countryside Tour (Hoi An Adventure Tour). Choose between a 1-hour and 2- hour tours and 6- or 8-seater shuttle buses. You can also tailor a Hoi An tour to suit your needs.

Hoi An Shuttle Bus Tour Prices:

The driver will stop so you can take photos.

1 hour500,000 VND
1.5 hour700,000 VND
2 hours900,000 VND

Maximum 8 people per tour

Additional 200,000 VND charge for every 30 minutes extra

Price ranges between 50,000 – 150,000 VND depending on distance and bus size. Contact Hoi An Shuttle Bus for price if traveling more than 10 kilometers.

The Hoi An Countryside Tour

If you’re looking for a fun way to see Hoi An then we highly recommend you do a Hoi An Shuttle Bus tour. Not only is it cheap, the customer service is impeccable. Our bus with capped driver at the helm arrived exactly on time and, as there were only three of us, there was plenty of room to spread out.

Whilst it was a set tour it was very flexible and the driver happily took detours and stopped whenever you wanted to take photos.

Our Countryside Tour took us through the Cam Thanh rice fields and surrounding villages then on to the Coconut Village and back to Cua Dai Road. It’s a fabulous tour to take if you want to soak in an authentic slice of Hoi An village life. You’ll pass water buffalos, farmers in the field, farm animals, villages, basket boats and more as well as plenty of stunning scenery.

While the driver didn’t speak great English there was enough for us to get by.

Contact Details

8.30am – 10pm
+84 (0) 905 633 616
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