Hoi An Guide

Image of Hoi An during rainy season
Hoi An in Rainy Season: the Venice of Vietnam

Get to know this fabulous city quickly with our guide to Hoi An. From an overview of the main places to see, cultural necessities, getting around and emergency information should you need it, you’ll find everything you need to know right here.

Look out for the Hoi An Now brochure floating around town in cafes, shops and restaurants. It’s the only brochure in town that has easy to follow maps of all areas of Hoi An and will prove invaluable trying to navigate the windy streets of the Old Town and beyond – much easier than following a digital phone map under the glare of the sun!

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About Hoi An

Over 3 million tourists flock to Hoi An’s Ancient Town each year to see the yellow buildings and lantern-lined streets full of shopping, history and culture. In Hoi An, you’ll find magic everywhere you look.

And while the heritage-listed Hoi An Old Town is a magnet for people around the world, there are other parts of Hoi An that are just as alluring.

You can separate these parts into three: the Old Town, the beaches and the rice fields – and we’re happy to guide you through all of them in our About Hoi An section.

Tips & Essentials

When you’re new to a country it’s easy to feel disorientated at first. Is it safe to travel in taxis at night? Did you pay too much for that T-shirt? Is the ice safe? In our Tips & Essentials’ section, you’ll find answers to any curiosities you might have.

You’ll learn what to pay for street food or fruit at the markets through our videos, as well as information about visas, how you can send a parcel to another country and even info on banking. From the small things to the big issues, we cover it all.

Image of Hoi An's rice fields
Rice Fields in Hoi An

Travel Safety: Top 10 Tips

Hoi An is safe, but you need to take the normal measures of common sense like not flashing your expensive jewels around or walking through rice paddies alone late at night. Learn everything you need to know with our Top 10 Tips.

In Hoi An, scams are nowhere near as bad as in the bigger cities but we list those you should be aware of in this section. Go through all of them before arriving in town and try to follow the rules when you are here. Hoi An is a safe city and the people here are some of the nicest you will ever meet.

Transport & Driving Licenses

Wherever you are in the world, knowing the best way to get around is a must. In our Transport guide, you’ll find the cost of taxis to and from the beach, what to pay if you hire a boat, a cyclo, a motorbike, private driver and so on.

We also provide lots of insider information. For instance, the best way to get to Da Nang or how to hire a private car/driver if you want to visit sights but don’t want to go on a tour. We also have guides to travelling further afield for those stopping off in Hoi An on their way from north to south or vice versa.

Healthcare in Vietnam

It comes without saying that you should never travel without health insurance. However, even if you have one, there are some other important things you should be aware of when exploring a new country. In our Healthcare section, we list the best hospitals in Hoi An to go to, as well as different clinics and other useful information. There’s also comprehensive information on vaccinations and hazards to look out for such as Dengue Fever.

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