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E Village Restaurant

Whether you want to try local specialties or national favorites, Hoi An is peppered with fantastic Vietnamese restaurants. These places are frequented by foreigners and locals alike, so get in on the action and try some great food. And if favorite Vietnamese restaurants that haven’t been included below, please let us know!


The recommendations in ‘Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An’ are divided by cost – Cheap, Mid-Range, High-End. While the full range of Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An naturally includes some of the best vegetarian eateries see Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Hoi An for the full vegetarian range.


Cheap Vietnamese Restaurants

All the vegetarian options fall into the cheap category and they are joined by an ecclectic group – from banh mi and white rose specialists like Banh Mi Phuong and White Rose Restaurant to legendary Vietnamese seafood quan, A Roi. Pho Xua is our pick when it comes to traditional inexpensive Hoi An fare off the street while Ba Le Well is a great introduction to BBQ Vietnamese-style in a festive setting.

Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An. Pho

Mid-range Vietnamese Restaurants

In the Mid-range Claypot’s home slow style cooking from scratch promises something special if you’re not in a hurry; the Noodle House offers noodle dishes from all over Vietnam; Orivy is a wonderful introduction to traditional Vietnamese food in a gorgeous garden setting and famously Streets, staffed by disadvantaged youth, delivers dishes as good as any. Special mention should also be made of two relative newcomers, Highway4 Hoi An Restaurant and Bar and E Village. Both have authentic, interesting menus sourced form all over Vietnam and both do their best to be environmentally aware and operate sustainably.


Top-end Vietnamese Restaurants

At the Top-end fusion restaurants such as Mango Rooms and Mango Mango offer an extra dimension with elements of Vietnamese cooking combined with Latino influences. Home consistently sets a high standard in every way and Ms Vy’s Market Restaurant offers an incredible selection of authentic and modern Vietnamese foods that can be chosen from various counters.

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Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An. Fresh Spring Rolls


Am Vegetarian Restaurant

Walking into Am Vegetarian Restaurant is like walking into a Buddhist monastery. But Am is an exciting Vietnamese restaurant, not a place of meditation, with some of the best cheap food going in Hoi An. It’s an incredible find and it’s classy too. Am is one of the best restaurants in Hoi An and it should be enjoyed by all.


The food is outstanding and, with mains around 60,000 VND, as cheap as a cup of coffee elsewhere. Mushrooms, tofu, salads, soups and hotpots with ever so fresh ingredients are deftly spiced with intriguing combinations of flavor and texture. If you’re on a budget you’ll probably want to move in.

Hours: 9am – 9pm

Add: 33D Ly Thai To

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Tofu with tomato sauce, Am Vegetarian restaurant, Hoi An


Eating at Annen Vegetarian Corner is like visiting a distant relative; although you may not have seen them for years, you’re welcomed as though your last visit had been yesterday. Annen’s cozy outdoor courtyard is like a mini, no-frills hideout filled with a wide array of potted and border plants. Shaded by leafy tree branches and white parasols, it’s overlooked by a miniature alter standing gently in the corner. Annen’s compact menu includes the refreshing and light Sup An Niem (Annen soup) and, of course, Cha Gio, those mandatory, moreish, fried spring rolls as starters. And the stir-fried noodles with vegetables and tofu come highly recommended. All the food is reliably flavorsome and you’ll definitely be back for more.  Besides tasty healthy food, Annen also offers several yoga classes a day.

Hours: 9am – 9pm

Add: 465 Cua Dai

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Annen_Vegetarian Restaurant, Hoi An, external seating_opt

A Roi

It’s simple: if you want to know what good Vietnamese seafood is, eat here. A Roi, extremely popular with locals and discerning Asian tourists, has menus in several languages including English, Vietnamese and Chinese. The old adage, ‘eat where the locals go’, couldn’t be more apt than when applied to rough and tumble A Roi. An unpretentious space, with solid wooden tables and plastic chairs (the larger ones thankfully), half in and half outdoors, A Roi has hefty plastic containers littered across the floor housing the live seafood on offer. All manner of squid, scallops, fish, prawns and more are available at incredibly low prices. A Roi is the real deal amongst this collection of Vietnamese restaurants. Highly recommended if you want to mix it with the locals. So good and so cheap!

Hours: 5am – 11pm

Add: Au Co Road (opposite Golden Sand Resort)

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Mot Hai Ba at A Roi Seafood Restaurant Hoi An

Ba Le Well Restaurant

For an authentic Vietnamese restaurant dining experience in a relaxed garden setting, Hoi An’s Ba Le Well restaurant is not to be missed. Not long after you sit at your bench it will rapidly fill up with platters of fresh herbs, plates of skewered meats, pads of rice paper sheets and the incredibly delicious Ram Cuon (spring rolls) and bowls of peanut sauce. If you don’t know what to make of this, no problem. The Ba Le Well staff, who seem delighted to have you as their guests, show the way by making up delicious rice paper rolls right before your eyes. The food’s great, the beer’s chilled, the prices are good – what’s not to like?

Hours: 9.30 am – 9.30pm

Add: 45/51 Tran Hung Dao 

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bale well restaurant, hoi an, vietnam

Banh Mi Phuong

Famously, Anthony Bourdain celebrated Banh Mi Phuong on television and it hasn’t looked back since. With cheap prices and a vast selection, tourists flock there, but so do locals early in the day. Throughout the fuss, Banh Mi Phuong has retained its fresh ingredients and home-made pates and sauces, consolidating it in Hoi An’s top rank. No-one else offers a selection as extensive as Banh Mi Phuong (by a long way) and don’t worry about language problems, there’s a large menu board prominently displayed with English and you can order by number (A No. 7 please!). Aside from the traditional pork style, you can have beef with eggs or cheese, tuna, cheese and onion, chicken and cheese or a hamburger to name a few.

Hours: 6am – 10pm

Add: 2B Phan Chau Trinh


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Banh Mi Ohuong. Banh Mi. Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An

Cafe 43

Just out of the center, Cafe 43 is refreshingly cheap and offers great food topped off with great service. With an extensive menu offering Western and Vietnamese food, with vegetarian and meat options, there really is something for everyone. Cafe 43 has been a favorite of the budget-conscious for many years in Hoi An and many almost set up house there. Sometimes tables are hard to come by at peak dining hour but with fresh beer flowing at 3,000 vnd a glass, this quirky cafe will have you coming back for more even if there is a short wait. One of the Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An that specifically targets the budget-conscious traveler.

Hours: 8:30 am – 10 pm

Add: 43 Tran Cao Van


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Cafe 43, Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An

Minh Hien/Minh Hien 2/Minh Hien 3

Minh Hien comprises three Vietnamese restaurants with quality vegetarian food featuring identical menus in completely different settings.  No.1 with its indoor, outdoor feel is a nifty place to ogle passers-by on Tran Cao Van. Meanwhile No. 2 arguably has the best kitchen of the three. Recently opened, No. 3 has a spectacular garden and is the pick when it comes to setting but it’s a little pricier. Consider delicate pumpkin slices, firm yet succulent; pork-free Cau Lau noodles swimming alongside fresh mint, salad vegetables and mushrooms; and sweet and sour straw mushrooms, moderately fired up with chili as a sample.  They also have fresh beer on tap that is only 5,000 vnd. It’s great value for great flavor.

Hours: 9am – 10pm

Add: 50 Tran Cao Van & 30A Dinh Tien Hoang & 29 Phan Chu Trinh

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Minh Hien 2, Hoi An Restaurant, wonton soup

Nhan's Kitchen

Nhan’s Kitchen serves Italian-style food, sandwiches and burgers alongside Vietnamese standards very, very cheaply. Locals eat here alongside tourists and expats. Everything is very fresh and within the cheap-eat genre it’s hard to beat this place. Nhan and Rebecca seem to have all the time in the world to discuss the food, suggest variations and come up with concepts not on the menu. And, while Nhan’s Kitchen is often bursting to capacity at peak times, its genial hosts take it all in their stride. Extremely well-rated on TripAdvisor’s Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An, go check out what the hype is about. The pizzas are made in house and are some of the cheapest around.

Hours: 10am – 10pm

Add: 167 Tran Nhan Tong

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Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An _Deep fried wonton_

Phi Banh Mi

Many claim that while the Anthony Bourdain hype surrounding Banh Mi Phuong has some merit, the really best banh mi for Westerners in Hoi An can be found at Phi Banh Mi. Conveniently located on Thai Phien near plenty of budget accommodation not far from Old Town, Phi Banh Mi regularly garners the accolade from aficionados: ‘The best banh mi I’ve had in Vietnam!’. There are fish and vegetarian options as well as the standard pork with intriguing combinations like avocado and tofu to boot. The customer service from the family-run operation is super friendly, the ingredients are very fresh and the prices amazing with standard banh mi at just 20,000vnd. 

Hours: 8am – 8pm

Add: 88 Thai Phien

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Beef and Egg Banh Mi, Banh Mi Phuong, Hoi An

Pho 323

Packed every morning with locals and the odd expat in the know, Pho 323 serves one of the best phos (pronounced ‘fur’) in Hoi An.  As any Vietnamese will tell you: it’s all about the broth; broth is the soul of the dish and, at Pho 323, it’s a tantalizing meaty, sweet and sour ‘un-pho-gettable’ taste explosion. Perfumed with the seductive scent of Star Anise, the pho at ‘323’ is distinctly sweet so may not be to everyone’s taste but for us at Hoi An Now and the hordes of Vietnamese who frequent the place, it is simply delicious!

Hours: 6am – 10 am & 5pm – 9pm (every day)

Add: 323 Cua Dai

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pho 323, Hoi An, food vietnamese, cafe

Pho Xua

Pho Xua specializes in traditional local food like cao lau and it does so with aplomb. High quality but still inexpensive is the winning formula here that sees many tour groups come and queue (including food tours). The ingredients are very fresh and expertly prepared. Think spring rolls, papaya salad, white rose, fried wonton and pho bo all around the 40,000 vnd mark. The aforementioned cao lau is highly recommended and a great introduction to this wonderful Hoi An dish.


The setting’s unassuming, the turnover of tables quick because of the ongoing demand but it’s still just about the best value for money in town and a genuine Vietnamese culinary experience. 

Hours: 10am – 9pm

Add: 35 Phan Chau Trinh


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Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An. Pho Xua. external

Restaurant & Cafe Tuan

Another TripAdvisor champion that owes its success to great customer service, very cheap prices, hearty portions, and a menu that wanders through Western and Vietnamese staples in equal measure. Tuan’s Restaurant and Cafe is a clear market leader along with Nhan’s Kitchen at the head of Hoi An’s budget cafes and, like Nhan’s Kitchen, you can eat here all day, every day, almost as cheaply as you can at home. Pizza (own pizza oven) and pasta were flowing on our visit as were local staples like Pho, Cau Lau and Mango Salad with Steamed Seafood. Owner, Ms Hiep provides a personal touch and deftly manages to give everyone the time of day no matter how crowded Restaurant & Cafe Tuan becomes.

Hours: 12pm – 9pm

Address: 170 Tran Nhan Tong

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RESTAURANT & CAFE TUAN Rice with seafood

White Rose Restaurant

Considering White Rose is an iconic entree featured in nearly every Hoi An-based Vietnamese menu it’s intriguing to learn that most white rose dumplings are supplied by just one Vietnamese restaurant in Hoi An to all the others. The story goes that the a local family has kept the recipe under wraps and that Tran Tuan Ngai at White Rose Restaurant is the third generation protector of this very tasty family secret. Steamed rice paper is wrapped around a specially  seasoned shrimp and/or pork mix and a singular dipping sauce of  shrimp broth, chillies, lime and sugar. It goes without saying that White Rose Restaurant has the freshest white rose in town.

Hours: Fill with relevant info.

Add: 533 Hai Ba Trung


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Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An. White Rose, White Rose


Baby Mustard

Baby Mustard sits idyllically by Tra Que’s market gardens in a backstreet off the road to An Bang Beach. It rates very highly on peer review sites and seems to have struck upon a menu and cooking style that brings Vietnamese food closer to Western palates. It has a low-lit romantic setting at night and uses great fresh ingredients. Not the best value for money in town with servings a little on the small side but a great Vietnamese restaurant nonetheless. On our visit the baby mustard greens, lettuce and mint leaf served with beef was a highlight of sharp contrasts and the grilled chicken with lemongrass was tender, tasty and the kids’ favorite.

Hours:11 am – 9 pm.

Add: Tra Que Village

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Food, Hoi An, Restaurant, Hoi An Now


As The Claypot starts all meals from scratch with fresh ingredients sourced daily you will wait longer than at other Vietnamese restaurants but the wait is worth it. In terms of depth of flavor few can equal The Claypot’s home-style cooking. Dishes like claypot pork with pineapple and sugarcane exemplify the unhurried style but staples like squid, cao lau, white rose, fresh spring rolls and the local chicken rice bear the flavor-packed stamp of an unhurrued approach too. Excellent value, great staff, friendly service. Go to this Vietnamese restaurant a little before you plan to eat and sip on a wine or two while the food is being prepared. 

Hours: 4pm – 10pm

Add: 217 Ly Thai To


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The Claypot Restaurant. Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An

Chips 'n' Fish 'n' Stuff

Open breakfast, lunch and dinner this no-nonsense craving cruncher delivers some seriously tasty fish and chips – no easy feat, considering how far we are from the country of its inception! Its relatively quiet location on An Hoi allows for people-watching without getting bombarded by the Tiger Tiger crew every 5 minutes. The service is fast, the food is satisfying and the beer is ice-cold. What more could you want?


So, while it’s famous for its English-style fish supper (because let’s face it, sometimes rice and noodles just don’t cut it), Chips ‘n’ Fish has an extensive Vietnamese menu as including plenty of non-seafood options. There is something for everyone here and the pick of the reasonably priced, all-purpose Vietnamese restaurants. 

Hours: 8.30am – 10.30pm 

Add: 1 Nguyen Phuc Chu

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Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An. Chips n Fish Hotpot

E Village

A very different offering to many of An Hoi’s humdrum options, E Village should be a pin in any tourist’s map of the best places to eat in Hoi An. Why? Well, it ticks all the boxes – great service, great setting, great food – and it’s environmentally friendly, too! It’s refreshing to see a business so passionate about ethical tourism, using recycled materials and working hard to develop their staff.


The decor is cool and inviting, the cocktails are delicious and the food? Well, you’re in for a treat. Try the meatloaf calamari and the gà kho gừng – although anything you pick is bound to be delicious. Whether you’re out for a romantic evening meal or unwinding with a long and relaxing lunch, E Village should be top of your list.

Hours: 10am – 10pm 

Add: 79 Nguyen Phuc Chu

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E Village - cassava cake with vanilla ice-cream


Sick of cao lau and white rose? On a banh mi ban?! It happens. Sometimes you crave something different. And when you do, take a trip to Highway 4. Not only is this Vietnamese restaurant’s cuisine delicious, based on countrywide, regional delights, it’s different to all other Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An.


The setting is another major draw – every piece of furniture is crying out for an Insta snap! Finally, you’ll be welcomed as part of the extended family, treated to stories and legends a thousand times more interesting than any guidebook’s “culture” section.


Come at lunchtime when it’s nice and quiet or in the evening to fully appreciate this place in its atmospheric, twinkly lit glory. Whatever time you visit, you’ll be made to feel at home.

Hours: 10am – 10pm

Add: 11 Phan Boi Chau

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Highway4 Review_Fresh Spring Rolls

La Maison Deli

From durian affogatos to lemongrass kumquat tea and all the delicious iced concoctions in between, La Maison Deli will definitely whet your appetite. And that’s just the drinks! Whether you’re hankering for ribs or fish, salad or congee, this Vietnamese restaurant has it all. The food is beautifully presented, the service is quick and super-friendly and the courtyard setting is idyllic, even with traffic whizzing by. And, while the dishes won’t be winning any Michelin stars, they are creative, well-flavored and pretty damn satisfying. Try one of the very reasonably priced set menus – and definitely indulge in one of their iced smoothies!

Hours: 6:30am – 10pm

Add: 102 Ton Duc Thang Street, Tan An

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La maison Deli Hoi An. Hoi An Restaurants, Hoi An Cafes. Lunch_Dinner. Salmon

The Little Menu

The Little Menu is French café style in a 100-year-old house on Le Loi. It’s comfortable and stylish with a small but excellent menu that focuses on authentic, home-style Vietnamese cooking. Solidly mid-priced with servings on the moderate side, The Little Menu is still reasonable value for most tourists and an excellent Western-friendly introduction to Vietnamese restaurants. On our visit the banana flower and chicken salads were piquant, the wok-tossed beans and mushrooms with shallots and garlic provided great textural contrasts and the meats were tender and tasty. 

Hours: 9.30 am- 10.30pm; Add: 12 Le Loi

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The Little Menu Food (1) Chicken Salad, Restaurant, Hoi An

Lantern Town

Lantern Town offers up a pretty and cosy setting right in the heart of the Old Town. With its extensive menu featuring a range of Hội An classics – and some with a seafood twist – there’s enough choice to please everyone. Whether you’re after lunch on the terrace, dinner in the leafy courtyard or a refreshing cocktail to kick back and relax with after a long afternoon shopping, this place can offer the shelter you seek.


Note: This Vietnamese restaurant does a tasty coffee too, and a pretty decent espresso martini. Nice one.

Hours: 8.30am – 10.30pm

Add: 49 Nguyen Thai Hoc


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Lantern Town Restaurant_Hoi An

Miss Ly Cafe

Long-established in Hoi An, Ms Ly Cafe is one of the busiest Vietnamese restaurants in town. Specializing in local cuisine favored by visitors, Ms Ly Cafe is a slick operation with oodles of well-trained staff who ensure it runs like a well-oiled machine. You won’t have to wait long to be served here but it’s not a place you feel comfortable taking your time either.


Many sing the praises of Ms Ly’s, some even claiming that it’s the best restaurant in town. Others lament the conveyor belt feel, nostalgic for the Miss Ly’s of old. Highlights include: green papaya salad, wontons, spring rolls, white rose and cao lau. What price success?

Hours: 8.30am – 10pm

Add: 22 Nguyen Hue


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Miss Ly's Cafe. White Rose. Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An

Morning Glory

A constant buzz of activity radiates from Vietnamese restaurant, Morning Glory’s open-plan kitchen – 4 busy chefs, wonderful aromas, flambé flames and waiters laden with plates. Hoi An’s iconic Ms Vy has created a street food oriented menu with historical descriptions of each element and the crowds flock. Try sautéed prawns served in a whole coconut, fresh mackerel in banana leaf or the green mango salad among many options.


As there’s a constant flow of excited customers don’t expect 5* service as the staff are often  run off their feet. If you are in Hoi An, visiting Morning Glory is an absolute must according to many reviewers.

Hours: 9am – 11pm

Add: 106 Nguyen Thai Hoc

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Morning Glory. External. Hoi An Restaurant. Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An

The Noodle House

The Noodle House in Hoi An could be described as the ‘Home of Asian Soul Food’. Here is the best possible introduction you could have to Vietnamese noodle dishes in just about every configuration possible. Naturally pho and bun dishes are very prominent as are Hoi An’s own cau lau and mi quang. And there’s heaps more. You can have your noodle dishes the traditional way or go with seafood, duck and other more exotic combinations. The vibe is busy and bustling without being uncomfortable. Great for families, tour groups or romance with divine small-table riverside seating available outside and large tables inside. Not to be missed! See the Noodle House’s fabulous ‘Noodle Directory’ to get your head around all the noodles on offer.

Hours: 9am – 10pm.

Add: 13 Bach Dang


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The Noodle House_Vietnamese Restraurant_Hoi An


This dedicated Vietnamese restaurant proudly champions local cuisine and the use of very fresh ingredients from Tra Que (Hoi An’s famous market garden), local markets and fishing communities. Famous regional dishes like Cao Lau, Banh Xeo, My Quang and Com Ga lead the way (see Street Food Guide: Safari Barney) and they are a step up from the market stalls and street vendors. A big plus is Orivy’s tranquil, shaded garden that’s skirted by calming ponds – a lush oasis providing a calm retreat away from the noisy markets and retailers. Not the best in town but great value for money.

Hours: 12pm to 10pm

Add: 576/1 Cua Dai

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Orivy. Restaurant Review. Com Ga


Eponymously named Streets provides street kids and disadvantaged youth with training in hospitality and English to help them find employment and break the poverty cycle. Showcasing its brilliant training regime, politeness, efficiency, knowledge and care towards customers are just some of the wonderful qualities you can expect from this superb Vietnamese restaurant.


Try their Cao Lau, served in a riot of color, and the chicken wings – the tasty meat literally falls of the bone. Both dishes rival all-comers in Hoi An and they’re kid-friendly too. Little extras such as the complimentary banh mi with peanut sauce dip take the overall experience to another level.

Hours: 12pm – 10pm

Add: 17 Le Loi


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Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi Any_Streets_ Cao Lau


Little Faifo

10 out of 10 for ambience. And 10 out of 10 for service – the staff are attentive and friendly without ever being in your face. Little Faifo has a modern take on traditional Vietnamese dishes  and they offer Western dishes, a kids’ menu and vegan items, too.


Try ‘Duo of Pork’– a clever and delicious deconstruction of cao lau. Any fans of sticky ribs will adore this dish. Or try the crispy wontons – not flimsy and very tasty, or the spicy and zesty mango, prawn and tuna salad. Whether it’s for a special lunch or a romantic dinner, this timeless Vietnamese restaurant will make you want to stop the clocks – just so you can stay a little longer.

Hours: 9am – 10pm

Add: 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc

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Little Faifo. Food 4. Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An

Home Hoi An Restaurant

Nguyen Thai Hoc is lined with good Vietnamese restaurants but Home Hoi An Restaurant is one of the most impressive. The menu has been developed by skillful managers who have a deep understanding of the preparation and presentation of traditional Vietnamese food and inherent good taste. While the prime clientele are overseas visitors, all diners leave not just with a great meal experience but also a much-expanded understanding of authentic Vietnamese cooking and style. The menu is not extensive but it does present a comprehensive depiction of Hoi An traditional dishes, served in a contemporary and elegant style. Think marinated Local Aroma Salad with Roasted Duck, accompanied by duck and vegetable Spring Rolls and a Spring Onion Salsa. or Beef in Lolot leaves – the best we’d ever had – or lightly cooked chicken flavoured with the fine balance of the lemongrass and ginger.

Hours: 1pm – 11pm

Add: 112 Nguyen Thai Hoc

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Home Hoi An Restaurant. Duck salad

Mai Fish

Renowned chef Duc Tran’s authentic knowhow marks Vietnamese restaurant, Mai Fish, a standout for traditional cuisine in Hoi An. Just a stone’s throw from the centrally located Japanese Bridge, it’s a celebration of home cooking in a verdant courtyard. The menu features well-known Vietnamese standards that are solidly mid-priced but well worth it.


Set in a beautiful heritage building by the river the emphasis is on fresh, local and healthy ingredients like ginger, turmeric, Ly Son garlic and lemongrass. The result? Great presentation, great colors and great flavors. Add to that the heritage setting, the friendly staff and the damn-that’s-tasty cocktails, and you’ve got a winning combination. Top tip: This place also has big tables outside, industrial-sized fans and is pretty quiet during the afternoons. With delicious coffee ‘n’ coconut lassis, it’s a great picturesque spot any time of day.

Hours: 8am – 10.30pm

Add: 45 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai

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Mai Fish table setting 2

Mango Mango

Mango Mango continues the tradition established by Mango Rooms – the tradition Chef Duc calls ‘modern Vietnamese cuisine’. Here, the key elements – the sour, the spicy, the sweet, the bitter and the salty are preserved in new ways that are genuinely original with previously unheard of combinations. In no ther Hoi An Vietnamese Restaurant are you likely to see duck served with passionfruit and chocolate or stir-fried watermelon with chili and rosemary (accompanying tuna).


Self-described as a lounge bar/restaurant, Mango Mango is a larger space than Mango Rooms and a favorite place to congregate for half-price drinks, especially cocktails, early in the evening. Inside, the feel is festive with orange tables and Caribbean-style paintings and drawings. But the best place to be is the front veranda that draws quite a crowd when the cut-price sundowners are on offer.

Hours: 8am – 10.30pm

Add: 45 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai

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Mango Mango, Duc Tran

Mango Rooms

Bursting with colour, flavour and a festive atmosphere, Mango Rooms is one of Hoi An’s Vietnamese restaurants you should not miss. The cool music, the exciting drinks and the holiday-like setting are reason enough to visit – and that’s before you even sample the food!


Exciting creations from land and sea are inspired by Chef Duc’s international travels, using the best local ingredients. The result? Incredibly tasty – and aesthetically pleasing – dishes that cry out for Instagram photos. (If you can stop your mouth watering long enough to take a photo, that is.)


Hot tip: Eat here. Drink here. It ain’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it.

Hours: 8am – 11pm

Add: 11 Nguyen Thai Hoc 

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Mango Rooms. Mango Dish

Vy's Market Restaurant and Cooking School

Everything imaginable from Vietnamese restaurants is available at Ms Vy’s Market Restaurant and Cooking School. There’s an incredible selection of authentic and modern Vietnamese foods that can be chosen from various counters. Guests get an up close view of how ingredients are made and dishes assembled – from individual ingredients to the final meal. It really is an extraordinary interactive experience and the first of its kind in Central Vietnam. The key purpose is to give customers a sensory food experience unlike any other. Ms Vy has tried to capture the essence of a traditional market by offering a wide choice of street foods and specialties to visitors but in a space where they can feel comfortable and safe to enjoy them.

Hours: 8am – 10pm

Add: 3 Nguyen Hoang

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Vy's Market Restaurant and Cooking School. pork, Hoi An

Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An - Reviews

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