Charities in Vietnam: Hoi An Charities


Charities in Vietnam are desperately needed and appreciated as social spending by governments is often limited in many areas. Many travellers want to contribute time or money to help during their stay in Vietnam, but it’s often difficult to know where to start, or even if your money will go to the right place.

Before you travel, it’s worth doing some research online about charity in Vietnam in general. If you’re passing through Hoi An however, the following charity organisations are guaranteed to be managed by dedicated, hardworking people who need your support, and will ensure any kind donations from yourself will go to helping those most in need.

Charity Organisations in Hoi An Vietnam

CEF: Children’s Education Foundation

CEF is a not-for-profit that helps rural Vietnamese women, girls, and families break out of the poverty cycle by addressing educational gender inequality.

Read more about CEF.

Children’s Hope in Action

Children’s Hope in Action is focused on providing education, healthcare and the adequate resources and knowledge needed to build a more sustainable future.

Read more about Children’s Hope in Action

The Kianh Foundation

There was never a less likely candidate to work with children than Jacquie Wrafter. ‘If I stared at other people’s children, they bellowed’, she laughs. Nevertheless, after leaving her publishing job and taking off for a year around the world, this is exactly what she found herself doing.

Read more about the Kianh Foundation

Lifestart Foundation

Having access to education should not be limited by your family’s wealth or economic status but unfortunately for many of Vietnam’s youth, being able to chase their dreams is just not possible. Lifestart works to make these opportunities possible.

Read more about Lifestart Foundation

Jack’s Cat Cafe

Jack’s Cat Cafe is a refuge for rescued cats in a shaded, spacious oasis of trees, ponds and pagodas. And the cats are friendly too, often taking a great interest in visitors, their lunch and their coffee!

Read more about Jack’s Cat Cafe

Doing Charity Work in Vietnam

If you’re looking to travel to Vietnam to do charity work, it’s best to arrange everything prior to buying your flight ticket. There’s a huge range of opportunities available, depending on your skills and past experience. Some places will provide free accommodation and/or food in exchange for your work, but this cannot always be the case.

Research, research and research some more. Genuine opportunities won’t ask for big sums of money up front. Charity-based jobs often pop up on, and and are two other good places to start looking.


  1. I am going to retire very soon. I am a Vietnamese-Australian. I am looking for opportunities to help people in Vietnam especially in education. I believe education is the only to break out of poverty.


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