Where to Stay in Hoi An

The idea for our Hotels in Hoi An section came about through a recent trip to Chiang Mai. 


Because, instead of being on a tour enjoying my holiday I was holed up in a ‘4 Star’ hotel combing through hordes of  listings on Booking.com looking for somewhere else to stay.

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A Bad Hotel Experience

For starters the hotel I’d booked was nowhere near where it claimed to be!  And yes, it had a tiny pool.  But judging by the gloomy concrete walls that garaged it and  its dusty side-street outlook, I’d say the owner  simply crossed out ‘parking’ on the architect’s plan and inserted ‘pool’ instead.  And heck, I understand.  A pool’s a big attraction for tourists – let’s face it, even a urinal shot from a certain angle can look inviting … did I mention the room I booked had no windows?

Anyway, so there I was in my claustrophobic room feeling short of breath and panicky poring over  listing after listing of similar sounding hotels when my mobile rang: 

‘Hi Sharon, welcome to ….’

‘I’ve been at this for hours’, I yelled down the phone to my Chiang Mai friend.  ‘All I want is the name of a good hotel within walking distance to the market and nightlife, that’s near some shops, that’s reasonably priced and has rooms with windows!  All these hotels sound great but they’re not so I just want someone to tell me ….

Local Knowledge Cuts Through the Crap

And that’s how the Hotels In Hoi An section of Hoi An Now was born. Back home in Hoi An the sitution’s completely different for us. As people who have lived here for years we really know what the best hotels are in terms of location and need.  And it’s quite simple to share what we know so visitors to Hoi An don’t have to endure my Chiang Mai experience.

We can also give you Insider Tips that general booking sites cannot.  All the places listed are ones we have stayed in or ones that have been recommended by Hoi An locals we trust without exception. 

Whether you’re looking for top-end luxury, or medium range we have select recommendations that will give you a clear understanding of what to expect.  For those wishing to spend a little less but want rooms with windows well we’ve got those for you too.  For those on a budget, you guessed it.  We’ve covered that end too. 

All our listings are on the price of a Standard Room.

Location, Location, Location

Hoi An is a very small town.  Whichever location you choose will not be far from anywhere.  Whether you choose to be close to the beach, within walking distance to the Hoi An Old Town or away from it all and ‘Om-ing’ it in the rice paddies, a taxi ride will cost you no more than $US4.40 (100,000vnd).

Nevertheless, location still matters and can be key to the success of your stay.

Hoi An Old Town

The heritage listed Hoi An Old Town is one of the most beautiful towns in the world.  At night copious brightly colored lanterns  light up the narrow cobbled streets while wish candles float on the Thu Bon River alongside tourist ferrying tug boats.  It’s a magical pixie-land of shops, restaurants, bars and boutiques in which life glistens, bustles and throbs until 10.30pm.  Then, like Cinderella making her run, lights go off, doors close and everything abruptly stops. 

You will pay more for hotels close to the Old Town but that’s the price of convenience.

An Hoi

Across the river, a short walk away from Hoi An Old Town is An Hoi Islet.  An Hoi is the more brassy part of Hoi An.  And like brassy places can be it’s the place to party.  Here you’ll find bars selling buckets of cocktails along with spas, live music, the night-market, tailors and top class restaurants (cocktails at Mango Mango are a must).  But while you buy two more hours of partying at An Hoi it is no raging kingdom.  It closes around midnight – because Hoi An is that sort of town! 

For a late night all night venue, try One Love.


Beach Locations

There are basically three key beach locations for hotels in Hoi An: An Bang Beach, Cua Dai Beach and Hidden Beach.

Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai is not what it once was.  Now due to erosion this once beautiful beach of golden sand that stretched for miles is in trouble. The beach seems to disappear during the stormy season and gradually recover over the warmer months. However, many hotels and resorts along this strip have managed to preserve parts of the beach all year round for their patrons and life goes on, almost as before.  

Hidden Beach

This is a very pretty beach and still reasonably quiet though the secret is out and people are heading there!

An Bang Beach

This is the ‘in’ beach in Hoi An.  You’ll find a breathtakingly beautiful beach that stretches all the way to Da Nang.  Thatched coverings provide shade and beach seating is abundant (if you buy a drink).  Along with fabulous restaurants overlooking the water there are bars with live music, convenience shops, spas and souvenir shops. 

Between the Old Town and the Beach

Cua Dai Road

Cua Dai Road is the ‘arterial’ road that runs through Hoi An to Cua Dai Beach.  You will find some great Vietnamese restaurants along here as well as spas, bakeries, hamburger joints like Circle Café (try their Juicy Lucy), the iconic Dingo Deli and the wonderful Ba Le Market

Rice Paddies

Fancy looking out your hotel window onto verdant green rice fields and watching grazing buffalo sidestep the odd raft of ducks as Vietnamese farmers in their conical Vietnamese hats plough the land as they did a hundred years ago?  Well look to places between the beach and the Old Town and for convenience, check out the ones near Cua Dai Road and all its amenities? 

Riverside Retreats

‘Om!!!’  These areas are just downright good for the soul!  Situated by the river, away from the hustle and bustle are some fabulous hotels.  These places will give you far more bang for your buck than many closer-in venues.  Rooms are larger, most have balconies and some even have lounges as well.  As everything in Hoi An is close, these places are great value and well worth considering when choosing hotels in Hoi An.

What Area is Best for Me?

Thanks but I want to be within walking distance of the things I like!

Okay, let us help clarify where you need to be:  for history, culture and shopping, restaurants and lights, close to HOI AN OLD TOWN is best.  Got kids or you like to lounge around and escape from the heat – the BEACH.  Like energy and party atmospheres, near AN HOI (with its buckets of cocktails and late night bars).  Want to be more in the stream of the ‘real Vietnam’ but also want some amenities close by – BETWEEN the beach and Hoi An Old Town in areas close to Cua Dai Road.

Spring Photo Competition 2018.

Types of Accommodation

There are several types of accommodation to be found in Hoi An.  Compared to many other countries accommodation is cheap.  

Hoi An Resorts - Hobnobbing at the Top End

If you’re looking to be pampered in luxurious settings and have all your needs met without having to set a foot outside the front door, head to one of the Hoi An resorts or high end hotels.  You’ll find tennis courts, gyms, spas, restaurants, pools, kids clubs, bars, organized tours and more.  The best places for the complete resort package are located along the beach areas.


Hotels in Hoi An vary in price from over $US100 to around $US30.  As with any tourist area, the hotels further away from the main attraction (Hoi An Old Town) will have more space and offer better value for money.  However, there’s a lot to be said for convenience!


Everywhere you look in Hoi An you will see the word ‘Homestay’.  Homestays are a mini hotel run by a Vietnamese family and are great value for money.  Many tourists who stay in Homestays make life-long friends with their Vietnamese ‘family’.  Homestays vary in size from four to twelve rooms or more. 

Hostels / Backpacker

There are quite a few backpacker types of accommodation around Hoi An.  Some are ‘party’ places and others offer a more chilled experience.   Many offer private rooms as well as shared accommodation. 

Book It All For Yourself

More than a few people want somewhere that they can book out for their extended family holiday, a particular celebratory event (like yearly catch up with old classmates).  For group bookings and booking the entire place you will find Homestays with six to ten bedrooms the best avenue to suit your needs.


In For A Good Time All The Time - Backpacking to the Party Vibe

Like the idea of being in Vietnam and know you should see it but prefer being pissed every night with other likeminded individuals? Go straight to Vietnam Backpackers. This huge hostel with its big happy pig logo out front has all you need: swimming pool, happy hour cocktails, cheap bunk bed type accommodation (or private rooms if you’re flashpacking), happy hour cocktails, shots and happy hour cocktails.  And if… just if you can get over the hangover enough to consider it, they offer tours as well or more simply, a shuttle to their sister venue Kahuna’s An Bang Beach Club where you can sit by a different pool, knocking back cocktails listening to the rumbling surf.  Yes, that’s right, you can even get to say you saw some of Vietnam before heading back to the ‘home’ pool, as happy as a pig in shit, without your shirt, to knock back shots once again.



Nowhere in Hoi An is far.  If you are staying near Hoi An Old Town and want to get to a beach location then expect to pay around 80,000 – 100,000vnd ($US3 – 4.40 approx)  Taxis are metered and easy to get.  However, taxis can be difficult to get after a certain time in the Old Town unless you’re promising a large fare.  See our Guide section in the menu bar for Problems and Scams.

Tipping: generally people don’t tip but rounding the fare up is expected.

And That's All Folks!

So, in short, there’s accommodation for everyone in Hoi An!  Our Hotels in Hoi An Section (Sleep) is a work in progress so if you find a great hotel that we haven’t listed, do let us know.

Enjoy your stay. 

And from us @hoiannow : Your welcome!