It’s something we say when parting from one another. “Mind yourself” or “Take care” or something to that effect. But how many of us truly look after ourselves as much as we deserve, or indeed, as much as we we look after others?


Whether you’re traveling or living in Hoi An, we think you should mind yourself. Because in the midst of all the sightseeing and shopping, after a day’s dodging wayward motorbikes or over-enthusiastic market ladies, it’s time to take a time out.


Maybe your way to unwind is by pumping some iron at the gym. Or maybe it’s soothing your mind and stretching your body with yoga. Or there’s nothing wrong with spending your downtime getting well and truly pampered.


Whatever you’re into, this section will help you to recharge those batteries. Soothe your body, mind and soul and re-laaaax. There. That’s better.

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