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In the midst of An Hoi’s crowded “Spa Alley” lies Coral Spa – a place that could easily be overlooked but one that’s well worth seeking out. Because what Coral Spa offers is more than your average massage. Walking in here is like visiting friends, ready for an afternoon of giggles and chats. A fun setting in which you can slip off your shoes and settle in for some superb service.

 Note: if you’re a loner or introvert, keep walking…this isn’t the place for you! On the other hand, if you need to feel like the most important person ever to grace the earth, welcome to Nirvana.

Because Coral Spa isn’t somewhere you visit to enjoy the fancy (and strange!) décor; it’s somewhere you visit to feel at home. They’ll fuss over you like a doting aunt, with a healthy dose of compliments and smiles wider than anything Lewis Carroll could dream up. So a pretty good welcome, really.

I’d had my reservations, walking into that clinical front room adorned with silver wallpaper. However, any trace of doubt disappeared along with the day’s tensions, as my tired, flood-worn feet rested in a brass bowl of scented warm water, before receiving a much-welcomed foot scrub with ground ginger tea.

The ladies at Coral Spa had already set a high bar in terms of service…and they continued to raise it further. The form that they handed me next was different to the usual narrow options of “tick here for firm, here for soft massage”. No, this was very detailed – for instance, I could choose to have my shoulders beaten into submission while my feet received a light kneading.

Nice touch, I thought. And it became quite literally a nice touch when my masseuse followed my preferences to the letter.

The moment my head hit the padded face pillow in the kitsch massage room, and her hands began to press into my back, I felt my eyes close and my brain soften. There is a certain dexterity and skill that comes from years of giving daily massages, and that was certainly the case here. Rather than a half-hearted, generic massage, she was able to key into my body and work my niggling pains away.

Coral Spa is one of the most popular spas on TripAdvisor; roping people in with good old-fashioned charm and keeping them coming back with the quality of their service and skill.

Maybe all the friendliness was for a TripAdvisor review, as I was asked for one right after my massage. But still, I gave it gladly.

Because the welcome I received there felt like a slice of home within this foreign country; and it’s no surprise that so many other clients feel the same.

Note update: if pressured to tip, don’t.  It is not standard practise.

Hours | 10am – 9pm

Address | 69 Nguyen Phuc Tan, An Hoi Islet, Hoi An

Website |

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Telephone | +84 2353 910 172

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