About Us

How do I pick tailors, the best place to eat, which tours?  How much do I tip, should I tip; am I being ripped off?  What can I do with the kids?  Is it safe?  What should I watch out for?  C’mon, I’m on holidays, not here to work; give me quick information!  Give it to me – give it to me: NOW!

Hi.  We’re Stuart & Sharon and we’re here to do just that.

Hoi An Now has everything tourists need to know about Hoi An. It takes the grind out of combing through websites and literature so you can lie on a beach, relax and just get on with it.

Written by people who know, Hoi An Now is a snappy, one-stop shop that tells you about the  best tailors, tours, touts and street hawkers; cooking classes; restaurants; beaches; golf and those off the beaten track places where the ex-pats hang out.  You name it we’ve got it and if somehow we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you.

Drawing from this beautiful town’s thriving community of ‘foreign residents’ (and our Vietnamese mates) Hoi An Now is Hoi An’s only in-depth magazine/website providing inside information from people who can remember Hoi An as a small shanty town with hardly a ‘foreigner’ in sight.

We can show you where it’s safe to go to get your teeth whitened for $50 or hair cut, highlighted/dyed and dried for $20; where to watch the footy from back home drinking $1 beers and how to cross the road without being flattened.  We can even tell you how we adopted a Vietnamese child.  In Hoi An Now we share our secrets and those of our friends and colleagues; the people who know this town.