Daily Life in Vietnam

Living in Hoi An

When you are moving to a new town, everything is exciting! You’re in search of your favorite coffee place so have the perfect excuse to try them all. Going to the supermarket feels like an adventure because of all the new products on display. You can start building friendships with the ladies selling vegetables in the local market, discover the local bars and enjoy every minute of your new life.

Everything’s great until your phone packs in, your dog gets sick or you suffer from a headache in the middle of the night and have no idea where to find a pharmacy! That’s where we come in. A little bit of planning can ensure your new life remains a joy, every step of the way. If you recently moved to Hoi An or plan on doing it soon, you’re in the right place. Why waste time trying to figure it all out on your own when you can find all the information you need right here?


The issue of visas can often seem complex – and in many cases it is! So we’ve compiled all the information you need, in one place. From applying for the right visa before you leave your home country, to renewing a visa and the various ways you can do this, you’ll find it all here.


Although Hoi An has two seasons – wet and dry – but like the rest of the world, the climate can be unpredictable at times. And given its location, you’ll often find the region to be in a completely different weather system to what is going on north and south. Check out our weather page for the lowdown on what you can expect when living in Hoi An.


Getting around a town is essential knowledge to have wherever you are, unless you enjoy being stuck in the house with the curtains’ drawn. Our transport page gives you all the info on public transport around Hoi An, plus links to road rules and traveling further afield to the likes of Hue, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


Keeping an animal in a different country means there’s a lot to be aware of. From the best vets to grooming services, microchipping, shelters, food and even adopting a pet, you’ll find everything you need to know on our dedicated pets‘ page.


If you’re new to a town it’s always handy to have a good list of contacts for getting things fixed! On our Repairs‘ page you’ll find tried-and-tested services in the area if anything goes wrong with your motorbike, PC, camera or phone.

Hoi An Nightlife & Social Scene

There’s a growing list of things to do in Hoi An, away from the usual pursuits of sport, relaxation and eating fabulous food! You’ll find our ever-growing list of social clubs, meeting places and creative groups here.

Image showing a writer's group
Hoi An has several social groups

Healthcare in Vietnam

Healthcare has come a long way in recent years in Vietnam, and being close to Da Nang puts you close to one of the country’s best private hospitals. The standard has risen across the board, with some excellent opticians, dentists and GP-style doctors around too. Find our recommendations on our Healthcare in Vietnam page.

Driving Licenses

The issue of driving licenses for foreigners in Vietnam is pretty complex, regardless of whether you’ve a driving license already issued in your home country. Although many foreigners ride motorbikes without a license, there are risks to be aware of if you choose to do this. You’ll also find out how to obtain a license if this is something you’re looking to get whilst living in Hoi An.

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