Living in Hoi An

If you’re thinking of moving to Hoi An you have taken the first step to making one of the best decisions of your life. This quaint little town is an addictive experience and one guaranteed to permeate your soul. Ask any expat and you’ll hear why: ‘wonderful beaches, a UNESCO Heritage-listed Old Town, great facilities, world-class restaurants and shopping and a vast expanse of countryside where sharing the road with the odd sauntering cow, goose or water-buffalo all seems a perfectly natural experience …’ the reply begins and there’s so much more.

But moving to any new place has to be planned and researched. Is it safe? How do you open a bank account? Rent a house? What’s the weather like? And, above all, can you afford to live there?

No more wading through copious expat sites or trying to find the phone number you wrote down. So here you go. And please, share back!  The more information we all have the better off we’ll all be.