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Currently Updating Dec 2022

Hoi An is without doubt a heavenly destination for those who love to shop! Clothes, shoes, accessories and unique souvenirs – you name it, the sellers in Hoi An have it. And not only can you find everything you might dream of, you can also have clothing, bags, shoes and jewellery customized or made bespoke for a snip of the price you would normally pay back home.

Clothes Shops

So much more than a maze of tailor shops, Hoi An has really come into its own in the fashion stakes. Its homegrown and expat designers have combined their efforts and talents, bringing to the fore innovative, quirky and stylish offerings guaranteed to make one’s purse strings loosen.

From the beautiful designs of Metiseko, where you can choose between the softest silk dresses, exquisite accessories and homeware, to the ultra funky, casual clothes of Avana, Hoi An has it all. You’ll also find a great range of off-the-rack, designer Ao Dai’s and bargain stores, in the city, and we’ve also covered a few choice stores in Da Nang nearby.

Visit our dedicated Clothes’ Shops page for the full lowdown!

Leather Shops

There are plenty of shops all over the Old Town advertising real leather or bespoke shoes but with so many sellers to choose from, it can be hard to find one that really stands out.

If you want the best value leather shopping in Hoi An, research is everything! Read our tips on how to tell real leather from fake leather, what to look for in a leather bag or pair of shoes, and the different types of leather available in Vietnam.

You’ll also find our tried-and-tested recommendations on our dedicated Leather Shops page, from Da Bao to Tu-Chi and the famous Central Market.


Take a quick stroll around the Old Town and its environs and you’ll soon notice the wonderful selection of shoe shops available in Hoi An. You’ll find a great range of ready-to-wear as well as bespoke shoes on offer, but as with the choice of Leather Shops it’s often hard to know where to begin.

Given that handmade shoes are a luxury only a few can afford in the west, a few days in Hoi An gives you the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of bespoke. You’ll find some great tips to getting shoes made with our dedicated Guide to Shoes, from identifying the right leather to ensuring you get a pair that lasts.

You’ll also find our recommended outlets on our Shoes’ page, from Friendly Leather to Dream Leather, who will gladly turnaround a pair of shoes within 24 hours!


Hoi An is famous for its tailoring and you’ll see bespoke tailors wherever you tread. There’s also a fabulous range of services available, from high-end to smaller businesses, all reflected in the price. Whatever you go for, it’s guaranteed that you’ll only pay a small sum compared to the price of bespoke clothing made in the west.

From shirts and dresses to suits and coats, no project is too big for Hoi An’s tailors. You can also get clothes copied, and most places will be glad to perform a quick turnaround – even 24 hours’ notice – if you specify. Our section on Tailoring will help you navigate the huge array of tailoring services out there, so you can take home a quality piece of clothing that will still be looking good for years to come.