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Living in Hoi An

If you’ve visited Hoi An on holiday and understandably fallen in love with the country and its culture, you might be considering a long-term move here. A rise in tourism over the last decade has seen a steady increase in Westerners relocating to Vietnam, with opportunities growing in education as well as hospitality.

We’ve put together a series of guides based on all the big expenditures you’ll need to consider as a local in Hoi An. So if you’re considering a move – or have made the leap already – here are a few essential pointers to help you get settled, from finding the right accommodation to opening a bank account and living costs.

Buying a House in Vietnam

Buying a house in Vietnam can be complicated for foreigners. Much depends on your visa status, or whether you’re married to a Vietnamese partner. There are also complex laws surrounding land ownership, even if you’ve legally purchased a property. Read about the law on buying a house here and find links to the people you’ll need to speak to.

Living Accommodation

If you’re looking to live in Hoi An for a lengthy period, you’ll likely want to rent your own apartment or house. There’s a great range of properties available in Hoi An, from the traditional to the modern. You can either rent through an estate agent or directly through the owner. It’s worth knowing a thing or two about the process before you commit – find our guide to long-term accommodation here.


There is work to be found in Hoi An, but you won’t find the diversity that you’ll find in big cities like Hanoi, HCMC or Da Nang. Being a tourist town, a lot of work is centered around tourism and hospitality. There are some teaching opportunities available however, and plenty of digital nomads passing through working in digital marketing. It’s also worth bearing in mind that a tourist visa limits your capacity to work. Find our guide to jobs here.

Cost of Living

By Western standards, the cost of living in Hoi An can be cheap. Essentials such as food, accommodation, and transport can all be found much cheaper than you’ll be used to back home. You’ll pay more if you’re looking for specific Western treats that have been imported, but if you eat and shop locally then huge savings can be made. Our Cost of Living page tells you everything you need to know.

Opening a Bank Account

It can be convenient to open a Vietnamese bank account if you’re staying in Hoi An for a long time. Some banks will even allow you to open accounts in foreign currencies. Rules are varied as to where you can open one however, depending on your visa status. It’s also essential to have a Vietnamese-speaker with you when you try to open an account, and be aware that they often include limitations compared to the account you may be used to back home. Find our guide to opening a bank account here.

Tips & Essentials

For an overall look at essential things to know when in Vietnam, including money tips, post offices and an idea on prices, check out our Tips & Essentials‘ page.

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