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Updated November 2022

Hoi An is well-known as a foodie’s heaven with a plethora of restaurants, food stalls and cafes. Whether the budget allows for daily street food or 5* dining, it is easy to find plenty of Hoi An restaurants that cover all sorts of cuisines, set in local residential areas, busy streets or among picturesque surroundings.

And the wonders of local cuisine all start at the local markets. So, before you go out to eat, why not try buying your own at the market using our latest guide, Top Ten Fruits of Vietnam.

Good to know: As with many towns, often the best and least expensive dishes are found outside of the tourist streets. Expect to pay a good chunk of money more for food in Old Town. Hoi An restaurants pay huge rents there and consequently need to charge more. The same goes for drinks, coffee and beer. One important point is that dining options are very limited after 10pm since Hoi An restaurants shut down early, so it’s best to schedule your day accordingly.

What Kind of Food Can You Find in Hoi An?

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out in Hoi An restaurants, and there is something for every taste, preference and diet. From street food to haute cuisine there is a Hoi An restaurant for every occasion and vegetarians can also rejoice with many fine options scattered around town.

Many of the best restaurants in Hoi An can be found in Hoi An’s Old Town but Hoi An Old Town by no means provides the only top restaurants in Hoi An. Fusion dishes are more likely to be found in the restaurants in Hoi An Old Town but if you visit our International, Vegetarian and Vietnamese Hoi An restaurant sections, you’ll see good restaurants can be found all over town.

Vietnamese  Restaurants

Of course, no visit would be complete without sampling at least some of the local specialties, either in one of the hundreds of Vietnamese Restaurants or from a food stall. Almost around every corner you will see small eateries offering Banh Mi, Cao Lau, Pho, Chicken Rice and Banh Xeo, and while these will differ in quality, the price is always favorable compared to Western food options. Aside from enjoying the friendly hospitality in family-run Hoi An restaurants, you can take a stroll down Thai Phien Street to sample all sorts of local delights from early morning until late at night. This gives an interesting insight into dishes and drinks that you may not otherwise sample from a restaurant menu.

Vegetarian Restaurants

Fortunately, Vietnam is a place where vegetarians can easily find decent meals at any time of the day. Hoi An restaurants dedicated to vegetarian or vegan food  are scattered from An Bang Beach to Old Town and they attract plenty of omnivores as well because the quality is high and the prices can’t be beat.  You are not only limited to Vietnamese cuisine, but are spoiled with several Western and International restaurants that draw in health-conscious tourists and expats on different budgets.

See vegetarian restaurants

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International Restaurants

If comfort food from back home or simply a change from Vietnamese food is what you are after, Hoi An restaurants aplenty promise international offerings to curve your taste buds. With a number of expats settling in the town long-term, several culinary traditions from all over the world have carved out a niche in the Hoi An food scene. Even some Vietnamese have branched out into a new style of cooking. Searching for a fix of bangers ’n’ mash, burgers, Greek salad, sushi or even a shawarma is not going to be hard, as all the best international restaurants in town have been visited and reviewed by us.


Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day but knowing where to find a good one while on holiday can be a bit of a headache. That incessant craving for a Full English, Eggs Benedict or a good omelette can fortunately be satisfied in a number of quaint breakfast cafes and all-day restaurants around Hoi An. 

A fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines is popular in Hoi An

Food Shopping in Hoi An

If you’re lucky enough to have kitchen facilities in your accommodation, don’t waste your time scouring the streets for ingredients as we’ve got a great guide on the best convenience stores and supermarkets around town. Whether you’re looking for snacks, fresh produce, gluten or dairy free items or products from home, we know where to go and can point you in the right direction. Trai Cay Sach is as close as you’ll get to a Western health food shop, aBa Mart has excellently priced Western goods, and while you’ll pay a little more for good quality, Dingo Deli has cheeses, meats, dips and breads as well as a free delivery service.

Cooking Classes

Hoi An is saturated with all sorts of daily options from group cooking in a local’s home, to a 1:1 session with a master restaurant chef. There is no one size fits all when it comes to cooking class packages, but there is something to suit every budget and interest. Some classes go through the whole preparation process of going to the market and selecting the right ingredients, or even visiting Tra Que herb and vegetable garden where you can work alongside local farmers before learning to make rice paper. The Sabirama Cooking Class takes things to a whole other level with added features such as a river cruise, basket boat ride and even a foot massage! By reading through the Guide to Cooking Classes in Hoi An you can find some of our tried-and-tested favorites that are sure to appease both amateur foodies and seasoned kitchen pros.

Sabirama Cooking Class. Cooking Class in action.
Sabirama Cooking Class in action

Cafes for Working

As a town frequented by digital nomads from all around the world, you can find many cafes around town that welcome you to work all day as long as you purchase some of their food and drink to keep your energy up. Our guide for Digital Nomads outlines the best spots in town such as Mia Coffee, Dingo Deli and Rosie’s Cafe which have excellent Wi-Fi, great coffee, comfortable tables and delightful snacks. A great place to meet other DNs is at Hoi An’s own dedicated co-working space Hub Hoi An, which for a daily, weekly or monthly fee you can take advantage of their beautiful situation complete with onsite kitchen and garden.

Food Delivery from Hoi An Restaurants

Many of the best restaurants in town will happily deliver so you can enjoy Vietnamese, Greek, Japanese, Mexican, Indian or Italian right from the comfort of your apartment, villa or hotel room. Delivery Menus are available online and food can be ordered over the phone or in some cases online. On top of this just about every restaurant has a take away or take out service if you pick the order up yourself.