Best International Restaurants in Hoi An

Hoi An Restaurants

Our best international restaurants in Hoi An section features our top picks of non-Vietnamese eateries. A growing number of Hoi An restaurants are now reflecting different culinary traditions, often specializing in a particular national cuisine. Here you’ll find everything from UK greasy spoons and Australian burger joints to classy Mediterranean cuisine and sushi chefs.

Top chefs from around the world who were formerly confined to 5-star resorts are now establishing international restaurants in Hoi An, giving it an increasingly cosmopolitan feel. The explosion of specialist restaurants has been remarkable in just a few short years and it reflects the truly global make-up of the millions of visitors that come to the city.

Prime Steakhouse and Hoi An Steakhouse. Hoi An restaurants. Steak sizzling on the grill

Our recommendations are divided by cuisine style but you can also search by cost: Cheap, Mid-Range, High-End.

Cheap International Restaurants

Many of the cheaper restaurants in Hoi An fall into the burger/short order category but very affordable Turkish and Lebanese options are also available. Thai Market restaurant is value for money and tapas-style menus at venues like Voi’s and Happy Buffalo also attract a keen following. For something hearty but still easy on the pocket you can’t go past English greasy spoon, Weavers (formerly Kebab Shack) with its full English breakfast, Sunday roasts, pies and chip and sausage butties.

Mid-range International Restaurants

Most restaurants fall into the mid-range category with options from all over the Mediterranean, India, France, Japan, Mexico and Thailand. Some, like Dingo Deli and Cargo Club, defy strict categorization with mixed menus from a variety of traditions. 3 Dragons Sports Bar, Hoi An Sports Bar, Salt Pub and Radio Dublin offer solid pub grub and daily specials while Hoi An Brewery – a BBQ specialist – matches exotic drinks with different foods.

Top-end International Restaurants

Most of the restaurants in this category boast chefs with solid reputations who are innovators like Duc Tran (Mango Mango and Mango Rooms) and Hai Thanh Nguyen (Green Mango). They are exponents of ‘fusion’ cuisine where a Vietnamese foundation is mixed with many other traditions from the Caribbean to Europe and beyond.

Steakhouses are booming in Hoi An with Hoi An Steakhouse, Prime Steakhouse and ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill & Bar at the forefront. White Marble and The Hoianian have eclectic menus which include Western and fusion offerings alongside extensive wine lists. Meanwhile, Wa Ku Ku (Japan) and Good Morning Vietnam (Italy) stick resolutely  to their origins.

Prime Steakhouse and Hoi An Steakhouse. Hoi An restaurants. Scallops
Hoi An: a food lover’s paradise


At GreenMango the ambiance is just as delicious as the food.

Chef Hai Nguyen was noted ‘One of Asia’s Finest’ by the Miele Guide. With 25 years’ experience, Hai’s food is inventive but refined, incorporating not only fresh ingredients but also high-quality and hard-to-find products. His menu marries French cooking techniques with Vietnamese cuisine.

The lounge-like vibe makes for a lovely evening out with friends or a luxurious lunch for two.

54 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street
7am – 10pm

Loved by Hoi An expats Chips ‘n’ Fish ‘n’ Stuff is a value-for-money spot with a hit of battered fish, just like home, but better.

Open breakfast, lunch and dinner the service is exemplary and the beer’s icy cold. At Chips ‘n’ Fish it’s as if you’ve been invited as a friend, not as a customer. Unsurprisingly, fish, prawns, squid and crab head the menu with tried and true but expertly rendered recipes.

Most dishes at this family business run to around 115,000 VND (5 USD).

1 Nguyen Phuc Chu
8.30am – 10.30pm

Dingo Deli is a delectable Western Oasis in an Asian world – Lavazza coffee, smoked ham, parmesan cheese in blocks and a bakery with a constantly changing array of pastries and breads.

With one of Hoi An’s best international menus, a Western mini-mart and a quality children’s playground, expats rely on it heavily. The menu: from gourmet pies to pasta, from Mediterranean salads to baked dinners, from all-day breakfasts to Mexican treats.

An excellent home delivery is offered at no extra charge with orders exceeding 150,000 VND.

463 Cua Dai
7.30am to 9.30pm

Cargo Club

Ms Vy‘s fully-fledged Western cafe, with a patisserie and bakery on site.

Cargo Club is a favored breakfast spot for many expats with fresh croissants and classics such as Eggs Benedict. For lunch, customers can enjoy lighter cafe meals based on her freshly-baked breads (from baguettes to paninis and foccacias), homemade quiches, pies and burgers.

The dinner menu at Cargo offers a variety of Asiatic and European-inspired dishes. Think slow-cooked pork belly, red snapper, beef brisket and much more.

As for the cakes and pastries – simply divine at any time of day.

107-109 Nguyen Thai Hoc
8am – 11pm

The cocktails are delicious, the beer is cold, the food is tasty, and the prices are reasonable –  what’s not to like about the bright and breezy Happy Buffalo?

The Vietnamese-fusion-style tapas menu includes vegetarian options like potato croquettes, wasabi fresh spring rolls & spicy salad cups. Meanwhile, duck spring rolls, pork lemongrass kebabs, chicken wings and fish tacos are highly favored by omnivores.

With a whopping range of cocktails, wine and beer plus charming views across the rice paddies, set up camp here for the night and indulge. And don’t linger, it’s a glorious spot for pre-dinner sundowners with a famous sunset aspect.

120 Cua Dai
4pm – 10pm (closed Sundays)

Simply put, the best place in Hoi An to go for a great ale, stout or porter while getting your hands dirty (according to reviewer Emma Sothern)! Hoi An Brewery’s range of BBQ meats will leave you salivating for more… or at least for one of its delicious vanilla coffee porters; the best kind of dessert!

Tasting menus make it a perfect option for couples and groups – as you can share drinks, plus small or large BBQ plates depending on how hungry you are.

So under the warm glow of fairy lights, kick off your flip flops, enjoy the feel of (fake) grass between your toes and take a break from the busy world outside. Hoi An Brewery is the ideal spot to hang out with friends, or to make new ones, over tasty craft beer and seriously satisfying food.

10 Tue Tinh
3.30pm – 11pm

The Hoianian

The Hoianian is a Vietnamese restaurant that has one of the best wine lists in Hoi An. So, what’s it doing in Best International Restaurants in Hoi An? Well apart from the great wines on offer it also has an international section to its menu that has never failed to satisfy.

Dishes like Fillet Mignon, Iberian Pork Chop, Chicken Risotto and Steamed Cod Fish match any kitchen in town at very reasonable prices. The Hoianian promises a diverse eating experience with a great wine lists and thoroughly deserves its inclusion here.

PS If calling itself a Vietnamese restaurant helps keep the prices keen compared to its competitors who are we to argue? By the way, if you’re unused to Vietnamese cuisine, The Hoianian provides one of the best introductions to it going – it’s a great all-round kitchen.

38 Phan Chau Trinh
2am – 12am

There sometimes comes a time when you just need to have a fix from home. Enter Hoi An Steakhouse, the first dedicated, genuine steakhouse in town.

Imported Australian beef is complemented by a fine array of side-dishes and sauces. They also have plenty of chicken and pork dishes, pastas and pizzas, seafood, salads and luncheon fare like steak sandwiches, fish and chips, burgers and sandwiches. Even plenty of vegetarian options emerge for non-meat eaters.

Sister restaurant Prime Steakhouse on An Hoi islet offers a similar menu but a different, more spacious environment that includes an air-conditioned section that is more than handy in the warmer months.

11 Phan Boi Chau/ 84 Nguyen Phuc Tan
12pm – 10pm/9am – 9pm

Mango Mango continues the tradition established by Mango Rooms – the tradition Chef Duc Tran calls ‘modern Vietnamese cuisine’. Here, the key elements – the sour, the spicy, the sweet, the bitter and the salty are preserved in new ways that are genuinely original with previously unheard of combinations. In no other Hoi An Restaurant are you likely to see duck served with passionfruit and chocolate or stir-fried watermelon with chili and rosemary (accompanying tuna).

Self-described as a lounge bar/restaurant, Mango Mango is a larger space than Mango Rooms and a favorite place to congregate for half-price drinks, especially cocktails, early in the evening. Inside, the feel is festive with orange tables and Caribbean-style paintings and drawings. But the best place to be is the front veranda that draws quite a crowd when the cut-price sundowners are on offer. Live music every night.

45 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
3pm – 10pm

Bursting with color, flavor and a festive atmosphere, Mango Rooms is one Hoi An staple that you don’t want to miss. The cool music, the exciting drinks and the holiday-like setting are reason enough to visit – and that’s before you even sample the food!

For more than 15 years now Chef Duc Tran’s Mango Rooms has been creating innovative cuisine based on contemporary Asian and Latino flavors and still to this day it remains a highlight on the culinary trail of Hoi An.The result? Incredibly tasty – and aesthetically pleasing – dishes that cry out for Instagram photos.

At this superb riverside location set in the heart of Old Town you can expect an amazing dining experience, with passionate service and kitchen teams, unique locally inspired cocktails, international wines and craft beers.

111 Nguyen Thai Hoc
3pm – 10pm (Mon-Fri); 10.30am – 10pm (Sat-Sun)

When Nu Eatery opened it was all the rage among Hoi An expats but, after being lauded on Trip Advisor, many locals considered it passe. For once, don’t trust the locals, trust the rave reviews on TA instead. Nu Eatery is still one of the best value-for-money eateries in town. And it’s ‘Asian Fusion’ style, characterized by a light touch, is refreshingly original too.

In reality, Nu Eatery is more quaint café than restaurant – the excellent menu has just a handful of options with innovative salads, soups and snacks while the mains based on pasta or rice excel in their fresh original approach.

And the prices? This is the biggest surprise of all. Suffice to say you may have to book a table for dinner.

10A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
12pm – 9pm (closed Sundays);

Radio Dublin

Open for breakfast (late-ish), lunch and dinner, Radio Dublin’s compact menu wanders through American, Irish Pub, pizza and international selections. The Irish selections include an Irish all-day breakfast and a killer Shepherd’s Pie. Add to this Chicken Pita, a Mega Cesar Salad, a great burger and the pizza selection…what more could you ask?

Seriously, the kitchen is very competent and importantly it’ll keep serving food till late. In a town where it’s hard to get a feed after 9pm that’s a real bonus!

Inside it’s dark, air-conditioned and a welcome respite from the Hoi An heat. The drink menu is special too with Irish stout on tap and a wonderful selection of whiskeys, cocktails and craft beers.

473 Hai Ba Trung
9am – 12am

Friendly staff, tasty food, great coffee and tables you can actually fit your legs under. What’s not to like about this funky, colorful new addition to Tan Thanh beach?!

Run by the same crew as Soul Beach, by night you can hear the strains of blues music luring you in. (The daytime music needs work, though!) Work your way through the massive drinks menu and enjoy good-value, good-quality food within or outside its cheerful yellow walls.

With decent fish ‘n’ chips and a fun ‘n’ spicy version of striploin steak, it’ll satisfy any cravings you have for food back home. The full breakfast is next on my list.

41 Nguyen Phan Vinh, Tan Thanh Beach
7.30am – 11pm

Sea Shell by Nu Eatery

Like its ‘parent’ Nu Eatery, Sea Shell by Nu Eatery offers innovative high quality cafe cuisine at very affordable prices. Vietnamese influences are there – pork belly steamed buns and fresh spring rolls – but a cosmopolitan focus in style and presentation is unmistakably present. Think cat fish wraps, pomelo and squid salad and chili ice cream with dark chocolate.

Service is fast, efficient and friendly and if it wasn’t for the cheap prices you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a trendy cafe in London or New York when it comes to the menu and its expert delivery. Remarkably the compact selection manages to cater for both devoted omnivores and dedicated vegetarians. Kids will be happy here too.

12pm – 9pm (closed Sundays)
119 Tran Cao Van

Voi’s Kitchen & Bar

“Men to the left because women are always right” greets all at the washroom – at Voi’s Kitchen & Bar a cheeky sense of fun is married with the warmth and comfort of home.

We simply can’t praise it enough. The exquisitely presented food is sensational, the staff is incredibly personable and the ambiance chilled and tasteful. Voi’s Kitchen & Bar makes some of the best cocktails in Hoi An, the coffee’s as good as it gets, the food servings are smallish but at these prices you can order two dishes if you want to. There are wonderful little touches everywhere…tea is served so elaborately it would do Claridges of Mayfair proud.

For value for money it’s hard to beat Voi’s Kitchen & Bar, especially (for this reviewer) their chicken wings and classy breakfasts/brunches.

304 Cua Dai
9am – 9pm (closed Fridays)

The unpretentious, yet very classy, White Marble wine & tapas bar is a gem of a place. It may not be cheap but hey – with food like that and such an evocative setting, who cares? Try the tasting menu (475,000 VND including a glass of wine) or pick and choose from the extensive à la carte.

Either way, you’re in for a treat. If you’re not a wine fan, there’s plenty of other options to quench your thirst – from vanilla martinis to a range of craft beers and fruit ciders.

Take your time here. Order dishes to arrive separately, tapas-style, and indulge in whatever culinary delights the team at White Marble treats you to.

98 Le Loi
11am -11pm


MIX is perfect for intimate dining or for groups to share – from world famous Greek Salad, Mousaka, Souvlaki and Calamari to a variety of massive mixed platters – there is something for everyone.

Authenticity is prized at MIX with no compromise on quality ingredients and the Greek yoghurt and pita bread are homemade ensuring genuine Greek taste sensations. Meanwhile genial hosts Maria and Christos guide you through a marvelous Greek culinary adventure, an adventure not to be missed.

For quality Greek cuisine in Hoi An there is only one option – MIX Greek Restaurant.

188 A/5 Tran Phu
11am – 10pm

Good Morning Vietnam Hoi An is a very authentic Italian dining experience. Arguably one of the best-run kitchens in the city, it has a reputation for the finest pizza in town.

For appetizers there’s bruschetta of course but also delectable steamed clams and delicate swordfish. A fabulous array of pasta sauces accompany standard pastas but there’s a homemade pasta and risottos as well. Amongst the mains you’ll have trouble choosing between meat and seafood classics. The steak served pre-sliced is very good indeed alongside the more familiar chicken, veal and seafood dishes.

There’s a home delivery service as well.

Luna d’Autunno (Italian)

Serving Italian dishes from all regions of Italy, Luna d’autunno offers some of the best wood-fired pizzas at An Bang Beach. But Luna is not just pizza. There’s a fine array of pastas, salads and meat and fish mains as well as tiramisu and panna cotta to finish things off.

Recently, a swish new modern setting with comfortable lounge seating and a cutting edge internal design has lifted Luna above the pack at An Bang. Open and airy, there is room for the entire family at Luna.

Enjoy their dishes at their superb beachside location at An Bang Beach or have your meal delivered to your front door anywhere in town.

An Bang Beach
11.30am – 9.30pm every day

Zeytun (Turkey)

Cheap and cheerful Zeytun offers a range of Turkish/Middle-Eastern cuisine from shwarmas and doner kebabs to falafel sandwiches. Favorite staples such as hummus, tabouli and baba ghanoush are compemented by kofta, Arabic moussaka, shish kebabs and much more. Meze plate? No problem.

Some small tables line a long hallway in a Kafkaesque, formal formation that feeds to a more spacious and congenial back area. Don’t expect any special ambiance or atmosphere, that’s not what Zeytun’s about. It’s a roll-your-sleeves-up, value-for-money restaurant with authentic Middle-Eastern dishes that are difficult to source elsewhere in Hoi An. Those who fancy this style of food are simply grateful it’s here.

Zeytun is halal and very vegetarian friendly and they’ll deliver to your door for a tiny fee. Something the Hoi An Now crew takes advantage of on a regular basis.

2B Phan Chau Trinh
10.45am – 11pm

Don’t let the somewhat sterile interior fool you – this restaurant might not look like your typical Spanish eatery, but it certainly delivers in terms of cuisine.

Whether you go for the beautiful, garlicky prawns, the massively satisfying paella or any of the tempting authentic Spanish dishes on its menu, you won’t be disappointed. True, the atmosphere is somewhat lacking – but bear in mind, this place is fairly new. And the fact that it’s clocked up so many 5-star TripAdvisor reviews counts for a lot.

So check it out. Bring your friends, tell other friends, spread the word. You’ve just found Spain in Hoi An. Olé!

11:30am – 2pm; 5.30pm – 9pm


From the cordon bleu with its rich sauce and succulent chicken, to the six cheese and charcuterie platter – pungent, aged cheeses combined with a myriad of thinly sliced, subtly salty cured meats – Belleville Restaurant & Lounge is French heaven on a plate. Every detail, flavor and texture has been considered and it shows.

There are many Vietnamese favorites on the menu as well offering a light, piquant experience. Try the spring rolls, fresh, crisp and the perfect starter, or the Cha Ca Va Long (Red River fish) cooked before your eyes to your liking.

Choose between the bar area’s  live music scene and the quieter more intimate outdoor settings.

13 Nguyen Hoang
11am – midnight

Sip on a glass of fine red wine, savor some beautifully tender meat with the flavors of thyme and rosemary – and you might just kid yourself into thinking it’s Christmas. Except swap the frosty roads for a sandy beach, grey skies for a crashing surf. Because The H’Mong Sisters Beach Bar & Grillhouse brings you all the flavors and decadence of Christmas…to An Bang Beach!

Enjoy the sea breeze, the faded wooden signs, the cute cushion covers and the northern-style place mats. Enjoy the smells of your bbq’d fish or tender meat dish before they hit the serving board. Drink in this little Mediterranean escape on the shores of Hoi An and bon appétit – we know you will.

Best not to be in a hurry, good food simply cannot be rushed!

An Bang Beach
9am – 10pm

Le Cabanon

Although not a large space, this cozy riverside venue not far from the Japanese Bridge is a cafe for some, a bar for others and a restaurant as well. Drawing from the fine culinary traditions of the south of France and showcasing an interesting wine list, Le Cabanon is the real deal. Think Chicken Cordon Bleu, steaks perfectly cooked to order, savory crepes and tantalizing salads.

For less formal dining Le Cabanon in Cafe mode has a great range of baguettes and burgers as well as great coffee. The two French owners are incredibly welcoming and will look after you superbly. Importantly they know their wines and make a mean cocktail to boot.

Speaking of cocktails, Le Cabanon is just far enough away from Old Town to let you soak up the splendid river views in relative peace.

53 Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa
7am to 10pm


The owner of Baba’s Kitchen is from South India and his menu offers numerous South Indian classics: South Indian Fish Curries, Uttapam and various types of Paratha bread, filled with potatoes or baked-in nuts. Also included is a huge selection of vegetarian dishes that are more exciting than the usual Vegetable Korma, liek Gobi Tandoori or Cashew Nut based curries with fruit and vegetables.

Meat lovers can also chose from a long list of mutton, chicken and fish dishes from South and North India. A favorite is the Hariyali Kebab which is marinated in a mix of cilantro, mint and green chilies, skewered and baked in the Tandoori oven.

Great venue for both vegetarians and omnivores.

115 Phan Chu Trinh
10am – 10pm

If you’ve been in Hoi An for a while, if you like Indian food and if you haven’t yet been to Ganesh… shame on you! It’s somewhat of an institution among those who love a good thali set, a crispilicious naan bread or a flavourful curry. Even thinking about those steaming dishes is making me hungry again!

With an extensive vegetarian menu and dishes that can be adapted for vegans, plus the ability to choose your own spice level, Ganesh offers tasty options for everyone. A great choice for an affordable, filling meal in a fun place. The lassis, the salted sodas and the chai masala tea are all delicious, too – so come thirsty as well as hungry!

Take my advice: ‘Tikka’ chance on Ganesh and you won’t be disappointed.

24 Tran Hung Dao
11.30am – 10.30pm


Samurai Kitchen

Genial host, Genta Miyagawa, has an extensive Japanese menu but there’s no sushi. Why? Because Genta is not a sushi chef and it would be dishonorable to pretend otherwise.

But there’s much expertise elsewhere at Samurai Kitchen. Indeed, it’s a feast fit for a king with Gyoza, Edamame, Tuna Salad, Ginger Pork, Ramen, and Yakaotori among many options.

Don’t miss the vegetable tempura and the miso soup will transport you back to Japan (if you’ve ever been there). Authentic Japanese cuisine, just as Genta’s Mama made it.

9 Tieu La
12-2pm; 5.30-9pm (closed Sundays)

When two glorious worlds combine – the worlds of perfectly smoked meats and melt-in-the-mouth sushi – you get Min’s Sushi and BBQ, Hoi An. An intimate Kyoto-style eatery on Tran Cao Van, with wonderful staff and a setting that’s simply a joy to drink in. (Speaking of drinking in joy, you must try the hot sake when you’re there!)

Try the sashimi, the gyoza, the nigiri, the BBQ skewers – try it all. You won’t be disappointed.

Run by a young, enthusiastic and passionate Vietnamese team, Min’s Sushi and BBQ deserves to top Hoi An’s best restaurants (according to reviewer Emma Sothern). Go there soon – before it becomes impossible to get a table!

18 Tran Cao Van
4pm – 11pm


Tadioto brands itself ‘for drinkers and thinkers’. It started as a modern gallery with a bohemian bar/cafe in Hanoi ten years ago. In Hoi An this sushi & ramen bar is attracting both locals and visitors from around the world, and it’s dedicated to searching for better whiskies and gins, whether from Tokyo or London. How extensive is the drink list? Wow, there are many good wines but the spirit list is as extensive as anywhere in town. This is the home of the great martini.

While Tadioto has an eye to great drinks the food is top drawer as well and all takes place in beautifully tasteful surrounds. It’s situated in an intriguing hideaway from the bustle outside. Although it’s not cheap could it be the best sushi in town as some claim? You be the judge – whatever you decide, if you like authentic Japanese cuisine you won’t be disappointed

54 Phan Boi Chau
11am- 11pm

Wa Ku Ku

Hiding away in the Hotel Royal is one of Hoi An’s best kept secrets, Wa Ka Ku, a Japanese restaurant in a plush, modern setting. Sushi and sashimi lead the way in a solid list of high quality offerings.

Table service here is exemplary, English speaking excellent and the whole operation is very professional. Not cheap but you’ll still pay a lot more back home. Price guide: eight california rolls (140,000 VND); makis – six pieces (60,000 VND) plus tax.

A great double is to hit the Hotel Royal’s rooftop bar, ‘The Deck’, for cocktails and the town’s best panoramic view. Then on to Wa Ka Ku for world-class Japanese cuisine in a stylish setting.

39 Dao Duy Tu (Hotel Royal)
6pm -10pm


The Mexican cuisine at Hola Taco is in the top rung, value-wise, of any Mexican restaurant we’ve tried. Fully deserving its high rating on Trip Advisor and a favorite with expats, the freshness of the ingredients, along with some individual flair, is its key to success.

This Mexican cantina has a good heart and, when it comes to the food, there’s obvious care and attention to detail. Home-made tortillas, crisp same-day vegetables and your choice of spiced meat or seafood combine in wonderfully succulent and zesty balance. There are good vegetarian options too.

If we could persuade Hola Taco to do home delivery the Hoi An Now crew would be all over that like a rash.

9 Phan Chau Trinh
Mon – Sat, 11am – 10pm


Thai Market, the fifth branch of a Da Nang-based chain, sits in a grand old colonial house on the edge of Old Town. Owner Le Thai Hoang has worked as a chef in Thailand and brought genuine Thai recipes home with him. Be warned, it leans to the spicier end of the spectrum, as authentic Thai food tends to.

Portions are decent but if your stomach is really rumbling, maybe split an entrée or two as well. And, with reasonable prices (uncommon near Old Town), you won’t have to feel guilty about ordering a little more. Alternatively, try out one of their set menus. Five courses for between 160,000 and 220,000 VND is an amazing deal.

With a great outdoor deck and reasonably priced cocktails, it is a great place to hang out and enjoy the street bustle.

62 Phan Châu Trinh
11am to 10pm

This charming Thai eatery is all about fresh ingredients, beautiful flavours and a warm family welcome. With gluten and dairy-free dishes, plus the option to adjust spice levels, Chef Nid’s creations cater to everyone.

Enjoy the cool aircon inside or the calming garden setting outside as Nid’s attentive and knowledgeable husband, Teo, plays the perfect host. The food menu is simple – around 20 dishes – but whatever you choose is bound to please. Have a cold Chiang as you wait for your meal to be whipped up from scratch and enjoy a true taste of Thailand in Hoi An.

288 Nguyen Duy Hieu
11.30am – 2.30pm (Tues-Sun); 5.30pm-9.30pm (Sat-Sun)

Burgers, Pub Fare & Short Order

Circle makes some of the best burgers in Vietnam (several Trip Advisor reviewers claim they’re the best they’ve ever had!) The Juicy Lucy, (a Minneapolis invention stuffed with cheese before cooking) is a huge crowd-pleaser but chef, Anh, has a deft touch with all her creations: from BLTs, to chili cheese dogs to spicy corn and Vietnamese staples such as the therapeutic Hangover Noodles.

Meanwhile, Jeff keeps front-of-house running smoothly and customers are invariably smiling contentedly. Country Music star Alison Krauss may drift across the room transporting you to country town America but the oh so familiar Asian traffic hubbub outside will drag you back to earth eventually. Repeat customers are common.

317 Cua Dai
12pm – 9pm (closed Wednesday)

Late in 2015 Jim’s Snackbar opened in Hoi An to universal acclaim. Immediately, the expat grapevine buzzed with rumors that the best burgers and hot dogs in the world had arrived on our doorstep.

Soon exotic options like ostrich and crocodile burgers were added to the Australian beef and New Zealand lamb patties already on offer; all blended with Jim’s own secret herb and spice mixes.

Jim’s is no ordinary snackbar, full of class, its new premises on Hai Ba Trung offer plenty of comfortable seating, breezy music and powerful ceiling fan comfort. The food is good quality at everyman’s prices and an interesting range of imported beers completes the picture.

552 Hai Ba Trung
11am-9pm (Tues-Sun)

From a smallish front bar, 3 Dragons stretches through lounge cubicles to a quiet, al fresco setting out the back by the river. Owners Chung Nguyen, Simon Burns and Levi Kessler work overtime to look after you and have a solid expat following as a result.

On the menu Aussie pub standards like bangers, pizzas and great burgers take center stage. There’s also a good pasta range, a variety of all-day breakfasts and fab snacks perfect for sport watching. The tasty Vietnamese selection is the best value-for-money with fair prices and ample portions.

Not cheap but there’s no skimping on imported, quality ingredients and the standard is consistently high. The Aussie rib-eye with chips and gravy is a standout.

51 Phan Boi Chau
8am – 12am

Hoi An Sports Bar is loving in its new spacious surrounds just a few minutes from Old Town. Big crowds are flocking for big games but there’s still plenty of room with this large space boasting 20 screens. Craft and International beers abound – bottled and on tap.

The food is led by incredibly cheap specials on particular days like 60,000 VND pizzas; build your own burger including coleslaw, potato salad and a bag of chips for 99,000 VND and, for steak lovers, 280 gram USA strip loin and a hot and cold buffet for only 295,000 VND. Reminds us of the local RSL club back in Australia and there’s a toss the boss thrown in too.

Hoi An Sports Bar claims to be the best value in Hoi An and they’re not far wrong…if you go on the right day!

505 Hai Ba Trung
11am to 11pm

At Weavers snags, bacon, eggs, baked beans, chips, mashed potato, lasagna and chili as well as an incredibly cheap Middle-Eastern style kebab, complete the food picture. Meanwhile, the beers are icy cold and a camaraderie quickly develops between visitors and expats. It’s a favorite with many locals, not just for the all-day English breakfast-style grub, but as a spot to catch up with mates and chew the fat.

Without airs and graces, Weavers is one of Hoi An’s best cheap eateries, especially if you hanker for an authentic British style fry-up with HP sauce and mustard to splash around and vinegar for the chips. There’s even London beer Fullers and Magners Irish Cider. And Sunday roasts can be had if you give a little notice!

87 Nguyen Phan Vinh
10am to 9pm

Burger Craft

This relative newcomer to the Hoi An Burger scene has taken it by storm. The original Burger Craft set up at An Bang Beach hit the spot with a wide selection of burgers, pizzas, local and craft beer and ice cream.

Competitively priced reviewers applauded. The new spot near Old Town with its late night closing is setting itself up as a bar as well with music and sport.

Combo deals with fries drinks and ice cream present extra value but most important of all is the burgers are simply amazing. Anyone who’s had one will tell you so.

An Bang Beach | 639 Hai Ba Trung
11am – 10pm | 11am – 12am

Salt Pub

Finally, An Bang locals have a real pub with a big long bar, sport TV and a glorious, soul-soothing ocean view that bowls you over as soon as you enter.

Open since mid-2017, Salt Pub & Restaurant has deck chairs and tons of seating out back. Open from 8am, it’s a great setting for breakfast, lunch or dinner – from full English breakfasts to gourmet burgers with tantalizing specials spicing things up. Then there’s fish and chips and bangers and mash.

If you like Vietnamese pho, theirs is delicious. All servings are generous and the kitchen’s top-notch.

Tan Thanh Beach
7am – 10pm

The Tap House

With a large selection of craft beers on tap, Tap House is the perfect spot for all beer lovers. But if beer’s not for you a constantly expanding choice of cocktails, spirits and wines is sure to appeal to all tastes.

Designed to complement its drink list, Tap House’s food menu mainly features cold cuts & cheeses to go with its beers & wines. Also offered are tasty deli sandwiches and toasted paninis, which make a great light lunch at a very reasonable price.

Lunch Special: Tap Sandwich 105,000 VND from 11am to 2pm

Daily Happy Hours: 4pm – 6pm (buy 1 get 1 free lager beers)

3 Phan Chau Trinh
8am – 11pm


Good Morning Vietnam Italian Restaurant_pizza

Good Morning Vietnam

While Good Morning, Vietnam is a little bland in terms of atmosphere, it’s a nice ‘n’ safe option to go for a chilled-out meal. Offers…
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Green Mango Happy Hours Hoi An turban-headed 30 something woman drinking a martini cocktail on the ochre coloured wall behind her hangs a painting of three intermingled portrait heads of pharaoh princesses

Green Mango

A great eating experience for anyone visiting Hoi An. French cooking techniques with a Vietnamese influence. Fresh local ingredients
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Hola Taco_Hoi An Restaurant. Mexican. Quessadilla

Hola Taco

After eating at Hola Taco you’ll be dreaming of their homemade nacho chips, their chunky, creamy guacamole and cheesy quesadillas for weeks to come.
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Dingo Deli

Dingo Deli is a delectable Western Oasis in an Asian world – Lavazza coffee, smoked ham, parmesan cheese in blocks and a bakery with a…
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Indian Restaurant. Baba's_Kitchen_Rogan_Josh

Baba’s Kitchen

Baba’s Kitchen is the best Indian restaurant in town for many. Their food has a genuine kick of original flavor and it’s not dumbed down.
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Kebab Shack, Hoi An, Sausages in pan


Without airs and graces, Kebab Shack is one of Hoi An’s best cheap eateries, especially if you hanker for some classic British pub gub or…
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Prime Steakhouse_steak on plate 2

Prime Steakhouse

Prime Steakhouse is one of the best Hoi An Restaurants. Indeed it’s a world-class steakhouse that rivals the best in New York, Paris or Sydney.
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Eat Thai_ Thai Restaurant Hoi A_Fish Cakes

Eat Thai

Eat Thai – formerly known as The Thai Kitchen – is a warming tale of the Caring Couple That Could. Read our review right here.
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Circle, Hoi An, Juicy Lucy Burger

Circle Cafe

Circle makes some of the best burgers in Vietnam. What’s its secret? It’s the Juicy Lucy – a a Minneapolis invention stuffed with cheese before…
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