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Hoi An Shopping
Bamboo Masks by Hoi An artist, Phuong Do

If you’ve come to that part of your holiday where it’s time to pick up some Hoi An gifts or maybe a piece of art to take home, you’re in luck! Hoi An hosts hundreds of gift and souvenir shops. You’ll find everything from high-end ceramics and traditional Vietnamese textiles to made-in-China trinkets and artificially aged ‘antiques’.

As well as the standard gift shops you’ll also find a plethora of art galleries in Hoi An. Whilst most of these galleries offer mass produced paintings for the tourist market, there are some real gems to be found. Vietnamese art not only makes for a good gift or souvenir but now Vietnamese artists are making a big splash on the international art scene, it could also become a good investment. 

But where to start?

What Gifts and Souvenirs can you Buy in Hoi An?

The standard gift and souvenirs to buy are jewelry, ceramic bowls, lacquered-painted plates, Vietnamese landscape paintings, pottery, wood carvings, leather bags, postcards, scarfs, chopsticks, embroidered bags, fans and more. You’ll find these types of souvenirs poking out of the markets and every gift shop in Hoi An.

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The Best Art Galleries in Hoi An

A lot of Hoi An’s art galleries are pitched firmly at the tourist market. To this end you’ll find similar paintings in most art shops. They draw from Vietnam’s traditional life and cultural heritage. Pictures of water buffalo ploughing the rice fields, girls in Ao Dai, landscapes of villages. They are mass produced, often prints, and reasonably cheap.

But there is much more to Vietnam’s art world than this tourist art. In Hoi An a rising number of talented artist galleries are dotted around the town. They offer a unique view of the world through their art. And as Vietnam’s reputation grows within the international art world, it is worth looking through these galleries. One day the painting you buy could be worth quite a lot of money.

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Ha Ha Art Gallery Hoi An

The Best Gift Shops in Hoi An

Whilst Hoi An offers many gift and souvenir options, some shops stand out. It is either due to their unique gift ideas or their wonderful ‘giving back’ ethos of helping the locals (Reaching Out Teahouse). Others offer great prices and some, like My Little Vietnam, offer it all. So, get some money out and prepare to spend (but read our Tips on Bartering first). 

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How to Find the Best Art & Gifts

With such a vast number of paintings, gifts and souvenirs to buy, shopping in Hoi An can sometimes be overwhelming.

The best way to find your Vietnam gifts is to take your time. Whilst there are many art & gift shops around Hoi An, you will find the greatest concentration in the Old Town. Walk around and compare inventory and prices from shop to shop. And if you simply don’t have the patience, time or inclination, not a problem. Hoi An Now’s die-hard, shopaholic staff with a fetish for trinkets, art and all things gaudy, have done it for you! 

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Where to Buy Cheap Hoi An Gifts

For the cheapest prices we recommend exploring the Central Market,  Hoi An’s Night Market on An Hoi and the many other night markets springing up after dark in streets around Central Market.

If you’re not sure what to pay, see our our Price Guide.

Colorful bowls at a Hoi An market

Quality Hoi An Gifts

Gift shops have come a long way in Hoi An since the – all you could find – cheap, flea-market trinket stalls of old. Whilst these trinket stalls remain a ubiquitous feature on Hoi An’s Souvenir landscape, there are now more shops selling quality gifts. They have names like An Nhan Exquisite Cultural Gallery and Sunday in Hoi An. These upmarket gift shops offer unique and classy art and souvenirs at set prices.

In these beautiful venues you’ll find all manner of original Vietnamese gift ideas.  You’ll find quality home décor, sustainable eco-friendly gifts, beautifully packaged tea and coffee – even authentic, traditional wood carvings.