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Updated July 2022

Remember the days when the only thing you could order from a menu as a vegan were fries with a salad on the side? You can kiss them goodbye because Hoi An is a vegan’s paradise. Although the majority of Vietnamese people eat meat at least some of the time, the vegan concept is not as alien to everyone here as it so often is in the West. The country’s Buddhist monks are vegan, and most local meat eaters go vegan at least twice a month, around the time of the full moon.

In Hoi An you’ll find some of the most creative and flavorful vegan cuisine that you’ll find anywhere in the world. Below are our favorite eateries, and make sure to check out our guide to vegetarian restaurants also – you’ll find vegan dishes galore in these places too.

Image showing fresh vegan food being prepared
Fresh & flavorful!

In fact, most vegetarian dishes in Hoi An are naturally vegan and the vegetarian restaurants around town serve mainly vegan dishes . If not, it’ll be clear on the majority of menus whether the food contains eggs or dairy. When you’re not sure, try asking for ‘không bỏ sữa’ (don’t use milk: pronounced ‘kawm baa soo-a’) or ‘không bỏ trứng’ (don’t use eggs: pronounced ‘kawm baa chung’).

Best Vegan Food in Hoi An

Quan Chay Dam

Buffet-style vegan restaurant Dam is one of the cheapest in Hoi An. Choose from around 10 dishes which change daily. Favored by Vietnamese locals not just for price (between 15,000 and 45,000 VND) but also for authenticity. The more dishes you choose, the more you pay – simple! Staff will hand you a price card once you’ve ordered, and for 45,000 VND you’ll get a super-large helping.

Many dishes resemble meat counterparts mirroring pork belly or chicken legs for example, in time-honored Vietnamese tradition. The setting may be basic but it’s plastic free and a real taste of Vietnam – piquant and moderately spicy, with extra chilli on the tables for those who require an extra burst of heat. Hoi An Now’s Vietnamese staff’s favorite lunch option.

20/ 71 Phan Chu Trinh
7am – 8pm;

Quan Chay An Lac

An Lac is a small family-run eatery that’s popular with local people (plus Hoi An Now!), and with good reason. Prepared from scratch and cooked freshly in front of you, the food here is a real taste of Hoi An.

The menu includes meat-free versions of local classic dishes for 30,000 VND, and there’s a range of delicious fresh smoothies and juices for around 25,000 VND.

93 Nguyen Duy Hieu
Mid-morning – 8pm

The Fisherman

Right on the beach at An Bang, The Fisherman has plenty to offer. It’s fully vegan with a diverse international menu and some of the best smoothies in Hoi An. The Buddha Bowl, the pancakes, the Mexican Wrap and the Vegan Burger are all highly recommended.

The setting right on the ocean is as good as it gets in Hoi An and there’s a sustainable consciousness here too, with a low waste approach. The friendly family-style service tops off one of the best vegan restaurants anywhere in the world. Not the cheapest but highly regarded by some and tops for setting.

An Bang Beach (right side)
8am – 8pm

Ken Vegetarian & Coffee

Ken Vegetarian & Coffee is vegan at heart although eggs and milk can be had by diners who want them. The ingredients are exquisitely fresh and often prepared with intriguing twists. The ‘Vegan Pepper Pork’, for example, imitates pork so closely in taste and texture we know one dedicated vegetarian who just can’t face it.

Ken Vegetarian & Coffee is also fantastic value for money. The generous serve of Cao Lau leads the way at just 35,000 VND and most dishes sit way under 100,000 VND. Vietnamese and Italian coffee are also priced under the odds and the comfortable 60s-style table settings are gaily lantern-lit. The address cites a building on the corner of a lane and the main street, Nguyen Phan Vinh. Follow the lane for 50 meters and it’s on the left.

157 Nguyen Phan Vinh
7am – 9pm

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