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Updated July 2022

Given the heat and the number of fabulous tours and attractions available in Hoi An, it can be thirsty work being on holiday! Thankfully, Hoi An’s bars and cafes’ selection is a great one, from quaint local favourites to banging backpacker joints, and everything in-between.

When it comes to bars, you’ll find a great choice from the links below, from the Old Town to the beach and beyond. Find out where you can sample cheap bia ho’i (fresh beer) or indulge in creative cocktails. Discover where’s best for watching sport, enjoying a Guinness or listening to live music.

For caffeine addicts, you’re in for a treat. Hoi An is quite literally full of beans, with enough coffee joints to make the Mad Hatter want to throw a different kind of party. Coffee is a massive part of Vietnamese culture and you’ll find it in abundance in Hoi An, both in Vietnamese and Western styles. Hoi An is an incredibly picturesque place, so in the midst of rushing around, don’t forget to sit back, relax and drink it all in. Cheers!

Best Bars in Hoi An

From the Old Town and An Hoi islet to the beach and beyond, Hoi An has a fabulous choice of places to grab an ice-cold beer or sunshine cocktail. From quiet, chilled out places, to late-night party venues, the region has it all. In our guide you’ll also discover where to find craft beer and stout, plus happy hours and live music. Check it out!

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Best Coffee Shops in Hoi An

The increase in Western tourism to Vietnam has seen an increase in Western-style cafes, and Hoi An is no exception. Here you’ll find a selection of the best in town, where you can find coffee made the Italian way, including espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. Many will also serve Vietnamese style-coffee alongside Western favorites – you’ll be truly spoilt for choice!

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Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is a huge part of local culture, no matter where you are in Vietnam. It’s not so well known that Vietnam is the world’s second-largest exporter of coffee after Brazil, and you’ll find a multitude of cafes wherever you go. Most local coffee is made with the much stronger Robusta bean, which contains almost twice as much caffeine as the Arabica usually served in the West. It’s also a very different taste sensation. Read our guide to the Vietnamese coffee experience here, learn all about the different styles made and what your own preference says about you!

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Vietnamese Cafes

Truly great Vietnamese coffee can be had in a range of establishments, from small shops on street corners to higher-end establishments with river views. If you’re new to the city it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the staggering choice of Vietnamese cafes on offer, so take a look at our guide and find some of the best drinkeries in which to sample a true taste of local culture.

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Happy Hours

Did someone say ‘cocktail’?! Partaking in a fancy tipple is a fine way to close a day’s shopping, touring or even just lazing on the beach. Hoi An has a great range of happy hours in the Old Town, An Hoi and even at the beach. For those on a budget, it’s a great way of experiencing one of the city’s more upmarket establishments for a fraction of the usual price of a beverage. And for those looking to party, you’ll find some great starts to your evening’s boozing right here.

Cafes for Working: Digital Nomads

For those lucky people who can work anywhere they lay their head – with the aid of a laptop of course Hoi An has many cafes that won’t mind you pulling up and working for an hour or two, but it’s in these cafes for working where you’ll find the set-up, peace and quiet that you need for another hard day’s work out of the office.