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Tuan Toan Gym & Fitness Centers

5am – 11am; 2pm – 8.30pm / Sundays 6am - 10pm
1a Ngo Lien St, Tan An / 578 Cua Dai
+84 (0) 935 464 234

Tuan Toan Gym & Fitness Centers are perfect for anyone looking for a good workout, whether you’re a professional athlete or finally making good on that resolution from years ago. Owned by former bodybuilding champion, Mr. Toan, the gym has a competitive feel with upbeat music pulsing and photos of toned athletes covering the walls. If this sounds intimidating, you’re soon welcomed in by Toan himself, or one of the smiling Vietnamese women on the cardio machines just beyond the gym’s entrance. Try a class such as jazzercise for a great sweat that’s fun and stress-free, or head to the weights to join more competitive lifters.

The main center is surprisingly spacious, with a separate room for classes as well as one for free weights. There’s also a main room, which accommodates both a sizable cardio section and a back area for weightlifting.

The gym has plenty of new treadmills, spin bikes, and ellipticals. For serious training, there is everything you need. From free weights, to boxing bags and even a heavy rope training setup. If you’re more in the mood to zone out on a machine, you won’t be alone. You can also opt to build your very own workout with the gyms friendly trainers. The front desk is always staffed if you need anything and there are waters for sale. The parking lot is large and gated so you don’t have to stress about snagging a parking space or keeping your bike safe.

If you want lots of options, a friendly but competitive environment and, above all, a great workout, head to Tuan Toan Fitness Centers & Gym. And, incredibly, all of this is just 300,000 VND (13 USD) a month! You can also get a day pass for 50,000 VND (2.25 USD) or a two week pass for 250,000 VND (11 USD).

Yoga, kickboxing and tai chi are also offered, all of which have separate memberships and require you to book in advance.

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Ile Marchesin

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