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With the majority of Hoi An’s residents getting around on two-wheels, a bike hire is a great way to see the area as the locals do – and it’s much safer than trying your hand at a scooter or motorbike!

Much of Hoi An’s charm and attractions can be found within a 10km radius, so having a bicycle will allow you to see the region as a whole at your own pace, without you having to shell out for taxis or going for long hikes, which the weather isn’t generally suited for.

Not only is the Old Town always open to bicycles, but having a two-wheeler will give you easy access to the coast and the beautiful Hoi An countryside.

Where to Hire a Bike in Hoi An

Homestays & Hotels

Many hotels and Homestays offer complimentary bike hires for their patrons. In cases where they don’t, the staff at reception will advise you where you can hire a bike. You can negotiate cheaper hire costs if you book the bike for a week or longer.

Bicycle Hire for Kids

Mrs Linh has many children’s bikes for rent. You can visit her house to see which one is most suitable. She will also deliver, depending on how far your hotel is.

Remember, the traffic in Hoi An is erratic and dangerous. We personally do not recommend that any child under 12 be allowed to ride on their own along the busy streets.

Ms Linh

20,000 – 30,000 VND per day
+84 (0) 903 164 707
163 Ly Thuong Kiet

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Hiring electric bikes in Hoi An is easy and provide a great alternative to getting around

Electric Bike Rentals

Mr Khoi

70,000 VND per day
566 Cua Dai
+84 (0) 903 557 803

Minh Chinh Bicycles

70,000 VND per day
135 Ly Thuong Kiet
+84 (0) 905 037 595

Mr Dung

60,000 VND per day
228 Le Thanh Tong
+84 (0) 987 334 677
Hoi An 360 Sunrise Photo Tour in Hoi An Old Town_Hoi An Vietnam bicycle sunrise
Hoi An is small so riding bicycles is a main form of transport

Bike riding in Hoi An: what to watch out for

Road Sense

Whilst the roads are not as busy as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, bike riding in Hoi An can be hazardous for the uninitiated. Bicycle helmets are not compulsory in Vietnam but you need to wear some form of helmet if you are riding an electric bike. Remember that traffic rules here are very different to what you’re probably used to at home. Read our Rules of the Road.

Bike Safety Checks

We also recommend that you check the bicycle or electric bike over thoroughly before renting. Look particularly at whether brakes are working and the state of tires. In our experience, rental bikes are sometimes plain dangerous to ride. Don’t worry about pointing out issues, they will give you another bike or fix it.

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