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Hoi An Guide | Transport and Driving Licenses

Starting your trip in Vietnam and want to know the best way of getting from Hanoi to Hoi An? Coming from the bustling capital of Hanoi to the more laid-back city of Hoi An, you’ll be in for a treat when you arrive – and the journey itself is beautifully picturesque, whatever method of transport you take!

Whether you decide to go from Hanoi to Hoi An by flight or by land, we go into the pros and cons of each method of transport. Find all the details below to make your journey both safe and enjoyable!

Transport from Hanoi to Hoi An

By Air: Hanoi to Hoi An Flights

Time: 1hr 20min flight plus 45min drive

Est. Price: 450,000 – 1.2 million VND (20 – 50 USD) one-way flight plus taxi/bus fare

Flying from Hanoi to Hoi An is easily the fastest and most popular option. As there is no airport in Hoi An, you will have to fly direct to Da Nang International Airport. The flight time is a short 1 hour and 15 minutes, then the drive from Da Nang to Hoi An is another 45 minutes. Find our guide to getting from Da Nang Airport to Hoi An .

You can use 12go.asia or Skyscanner to search for the cheapest flights. A flight may be the quickest option, but if you want to see more of Vietnam’s natural beauty, you can opt for one of the choices below.

Hanoi to Hoi An by Train

Time: 16-17 hours

Est. Price: 450,000 – 1.8 million VND (20 – 80 USD)

Like taking a flight, there is no direct train from Hanoi to Hoi An, therefore you have to take the train to Da Nang, then a bus or taxi to Hoi An. You can easily purchase your train ticket in person or go through 12go.asia or baolau.com. We recommend purchasing as soon as you know your travel dates because tickets sell fast, especially during high season (March – August).

There are various seat types to choose from including a hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper, and soft sleeper. Depending on your preferences and budget you can spend less, while also saving on accommodation with an overnight train. Alternatively, you can go as private and comfortable as you wish with the luxury trains (Violette Train and Livitrans Express) where prices are closer to 80 USD. Basically, the less comfortable, the cheaper the ticket.

From Da Nang to Hoi An, you again have the options of either a public bus, shuttle bus or private taxi.

Note: If you want to see more of Vietnam’s beauty, take a daytime train for picturesque views of coastlines and mountains.

Hanoi to Hoi An by Bus

Time: 17 – 18 hours

Est. Price: 350,000 VND (15 USD)

This will be the cheapest and most direct method to get to Hoi An from Hanoi. It may be less comfortable and tiresome, but you’ll be more likely to go straight to Hoi An without stopping in Da Nang.

It’s very doable to take a sleeper bus and most buses have inclined seats with blankets and a pillow. Some reliable bus companies include Sinh Tourist, Hung Thanh Travel and Hey Travel. You can find all the available bus times at baolau.com.

Hoi An's Old Quarter. Woman with fruit. Hanoi to Hoi An
Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Hanoi to Hoi An by Motorbike

Time: 15 – 16 hours

Est. Price: 230,000 – 800,000 VND (10 – 35 USD/day)

In a land of motorbikes, many travelers opt to explore Vietnam this way. If you are familiar with motorbikes, you can simply buy or rent one from a shop or online. Several shops even offer ‘one-way’ rental options depending on your end point and itinerary. So, you could travel by motorbike from Hanoi to Hoi An and drop it off at your destination.

Style Motorbikes has shops in Hanoi and Hoi An and Tigit has shops in Hanoi and Da Nang. Having a good bike will be crucial as you may be driving through unpredictable weather and windy roads. But using this option will allow you to freely customize your itinerary and experience all the grandeur Vietnam has to offer.

If you have the time, we advise you to plan at least three days to drive by motorbike to Hoi An. You can make stops along the way in gorgeous Ninh Binh, Phong Nha, Hue, and then take the famous Hai Van Pass road to Hoi An. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, drive the Ho Chi Minh Trail more inland and observe stunning mountains, rivers and villages. Driving from Hanoi to Hoi An by motorbike will undoubtedly be the adventure of a lifetime.

Note: We recommend driving yourself only if you have prior experience with a motorbike. If you don’t have much experience you can always hire an EasyRider to drive the bike for you. And be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding a Vietnam motorbike license before you travel.

Hoi An 360 Photo Tours and Workshops. Hoi An 360. Hanoi to Hoi An
Looking at Hoi An Old Town from An Hoi Islet

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Hanoi to Hoi An? 

The total distance between the Hanoi and Hoi An is around 800 km. Public transport travel time varies from a 1hr 15m flight to an 18 hr bus journey.

What’s the Best Way to Travel from Hanoi to Hoi An? 

This depends on your personal circumstances. The quickest method is to catch a flight from Hanoi to Da Nang, and then road transport for the short distance from Da Nang to Hoi An. However, flights are likely to be the most expensive option. Sleeper buses are the longest method but also the cheapest by far. A train journey gives the best views but is also time-consuming and often a similar cost to flying.

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