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Whilst many minor eye complaints are fine in reputable eye hospitals in Vietnam, it is unanimously regarded that for treatments such like laser eye surgery (also known as LASIK) the only place to go is the American Eye Center in Ho Chi Minh City.

Recently a Hoi An Now family member had laser eye surgery at the American Eye Center and was most impressed, not just with the money saving but also the level of quality and care.

“The doctors were great and spoke great English.  I’d definitely recommend the American Eye Hospital to anyone.  It was as good as any eye hospital in Australia and I was really surprised as well as impressed.”

The American Eye Hospital provides a comprehensive pre and post op list of instructions and information. However, a brief summary of some of the issues you need to be aware of when having laser eye surgery are: 

  • Contact them at least two weeks prior to arriving in Vietnam so the initial consultation and scheduled procedure can mean less wait time. Also note, there is a one week follow-up appointment which requires you to either stay in, or return to, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • The waiting room is cold so wear warm clothes.
  • You need to wear glasses for one week before the procedure.
  • Your prescription can not have changed within six months prior to the procedure.
  • You cannot swim or do any activity for a week after the surgery.

Ask a  lot of questions so you know what to expect: 

  • During the operation Jo momentarily smelled burning and also briefly felt the incision (on one eye only).  She didn’t know this could happen.
  • Don’t be alarmed this is normal.
  • Your eyes can sting afterwards (like they do when you’ve been in a heavily chlorinated swimming pool).
  • Jo expected her vision to be immediately perfect.  It wasn’t.  She had a white halo around her objects.  This reduced and her vision improved but it took a couple of days.
  • Your eyes are very sensitive to light.  You need to wear the protective sunglasses the Center provides.


Be aware that depending on the level of your vision, the cost can fluctuate.  However, below is an approximate price comparison for consultation, laser treatment (both eyes) and follow up consultation:


1,502 USD                                                                     


4,500 USD

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