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Over-the-counter medication, including antibiotics, are readily available in pharmacies all around Vietnam. Often they are cheaper. Lesser known prescription drugs may be stocked by pharmacies in Da Nang.

Some pharmacists overcharge.  If it feels like they are asking an exorbitant price go elsewhere (and if you have the time, let Hoi An Now know).

The name for a chemist in Vietnam is ‘NhaThuoc’ (Nyah Too-uk).

Always check the expiry date. While we have heard that some pharmacists sell counterfeit drugs, we have never experienced this.

Below are recommended chemists.  Send us feedback if you have any issues.

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Pharmacies in Hoi An

Huy Hoang 1 

Hours | 8am – 9pm Monday – Sunday

Add | 268 Ly Thuong Kiet

Tel | +84 (0) 235 3916 312

Huy Hoang 1 is the largest chemist in Hoi An. For hard to get medication you may like to try here first.  In our experience they have honest pricing.

Huy Hoang 2

Hours | 8am – 9pm Monday – Sunday

Add | 4 Tran Hung Dao

Tel | +84 (0) 235 3916 312

Binh Thuan Pharmacy – Hoi An 

Hours | 8am – 9pm Monday – Sunday

Add | 54 Duong 18 Thang 8

Tel | +84 (0) 916 894 258

The Pharmacy No 230 

Hours | 8am – 9pm Monday – Sunday

Add | 584 Cua Dai, cnr Pham Hong Thai & Cua Dai

Hung Xuan 

Hours  | 8am – 9pm Monday – Sunday

Add | 356 Cua Dai, opp Dingo Deli

Tel | +84 (0)914 840 696

Pharmacies in Da Nang

Phuoc Thien – Da Nang

Hours | 8am – 9pm Monday – Sunday

Add |322 Hùng Vương (opp Da Nang’s Big C supermarket)
Da Nang.

Tel | +84 (0) 236 3689 977

In terms of hard to get medications, try Phuoc Thien in Da Nang. This is a well-known pharmacy amongst local Vietnamese and is where the Family Medical Practice send their patients. To ensure they have your medication, get a Vietnamese friend to ring prior to going.

NT Dapharco  176


Add | 200 Quang Trung, Da Nang

Tel | + (0) 236 382 3662 & + (0) 166 832 5669

This chemist was referred to Hoi An Now by an expat who could not locate some hard to get medication. After trying pharmacies in Hoi An and Da Nang they found this pharmacist stocked it.


    Thanks for the article, very useful.

    Do you have contact email addresses for any of these pharmacies? I would like to find out whether they stock the insulin I require.


    Hi Cam, we found two pharmacies that can operate by email. The first huyhoangpharma@yahoo.com claims that they always stock insulin. The second hunngxuantravel@gmail.com say they will get it in for you if you give them notice. We definitely recommend that you contact them directly as well to make sure.


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