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Updated July 2022.

Although the moon takes 27.3 days to orbit the earth it takes 29.5 days to complete its phases (because the earth is moving too). This makes it a bit tricky to nail down exactly on which date a full moon occurs, even in the lunar calendar. To cope with this some lunar months are 29 days and some are 30 days. In the wash-up the full moon usually occurs on the 15th or 16th day of each lunar month but not always.

For the Hoi An Full Moon Lantern Festival the organizers have taken all the complications away and the celebration occurs on the 14th day of the lunar calendar, regardless of when the full moon actually occurs.

Thus, in the Gregorian Calendar, the festival occurs on the following dates:

Full Moon Lantern Festival Dates

16 January5 January24 January
14 February4 February23 February
16 March5 March23 March
14 April4 April22 April
14 May2 May21 May
12 June1 June19 June
12 July31 July19 July
11 August29 August17 August
9 September28 September16 September
9 October28 October16 October
7 November26 November14 November
7 December26 December14 December

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  1. Wishing to know on which date in January 2023 I should experience this festival latern in Vietnam & exact location will be ?

  2. Hello,
    i´m planning to visit Hoi An on December 2022. and i would like to see the Lantern Festival . But i have a question, Is on 07 or 08Th DEC.
    I saw another websites that the date is 08DEC, now, im very confused if is on 07TH or 08TH DEC. Where can i check this information?
    Thank you so much.


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