Mia Coffee

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5am – 5pm
20 Phan Boi Chau
+84 (0) 90 555 20 61

Updated August 2022

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist drag but just a short walk from the Old Town, Mia Coffee is a premier meeting place for Vietnamese locals, ex-pats and tourists in Hoi An. The beautiful wrap-around veranda surrounded by jungle greenery makes for a super-chilled venue and it’s this, combined with the excellent coffee, that makes Mia Coffee so popular.

Taking breakfast very seriously it opens at dawn (5am), which suits its Vietnamese clientele who traditionally rise earlier than their Western counterparts.

History of Mia Coffee

Mia Coffee opened in Hoi An in 2012 and its silky-smooth lattes and cappuccinos made it an instantly-popular choice for those who prefer Western-style coffee to Vietnamese. Quality is paramount at Mia, and you can buy a great selection of beans on the premises – all grown and harvested in Vietnam then roasted and ground locally. As well as having a selection of lunchtime bites, Mia has also expanded into beer with a sumptuous choice of craft ales and stouts.

Mia Coffee’s Coffee Selection

Mia Coffee sources its Arabica beans from Dalat and roasts them on the premises so you’re guaranteed a fresh brew every time you go. Although only using Arabica, you can get both Western and Vietnamese-style coffees at Mia. An espresso starts at 28,000 VND (1.17 USD), whilst a cappuccino is 37,000 VND (1.57 USD). Vietnamese-style coffee is 30,000 VND (1.26 USD), with or without milk. Try the coconut affogato, which at 45,000 VND (1.89 USD) is one of the most delightful things you’ll ever put in your mouth,

Food at Mia Coffee

Coffee comes first at Mia Coffee but there’s a good selection of accompanying tucker when hunger calls. From burgers to pasta, salads and even fish n’ chips, Mia’s menu perfectly accompanies its beer selection. On this front Mia has a fab new selection including draft IPAs, porters and stouts. If you’re partial to an ale, Mia’s a fine place to go and you’ll find the Vietnamese beers provide an interesting twist on anything you’ve drunk before.

The Mia Coffee menu includes both traditional Vietnamese options and Western coffee mainstays such as lattes and cappuccinos. And if you need something to nibble on, Mia also sells paninis, baguettes and a range of home-made cakes.

A Local Said

‘I even buy my beans here’, enthused Regina, an ex-pat of 7 years. ‘Plus it’s not crowded and touristy, I can drive my motorbike here and park outside. I like sitting out on the balcony with all the vegetation around me and watching all the people passing by.’

Written By
Sharon Guest

Primarily a playwright, Sharon has written for magazines and newspapers in many parts of the world. The author of two books, she is also a co-founder of Hoi An Now.