8am – 3pm (closed Sunday)
02 Mac Dinh Chi, Hoi An
+84 (0)90 531 2433

Updated July 2022

Rosie’s Café on Mac Dinh Chi Street is a delightful marriage of Vietnamese coffee tradition and modern aesthetics. Rosie’s offers a wide selection of coffee beverages and fresh juices along with a calm, cool space to have a chat, read, or work.

Opened in March of 2016, Rosie’s Café is the product of over a year of dedication and hard work by owners My and Thuy, recent university graduates at the time. Taking inspiration from their travels, the owners have a created a very hip space. Set back from the main street of Ly Thai To, in a lovely, open garden setting, Rosie’s Café feels like it’s a world away from the crowds and chaos of popular Hoi An.

Rosie’s brews traditional Vietnamese robusta beans, served hot or cold with a complimentary cookie or biscuit. Their iced coffee—which is particularly refreshing and my personal recommendation to visitors—is cold-dripped through a large glass phin (cup and filter used to brew Vietnamese coffee).

Rosie's Cafe_French Toast with homemade jam and fruit_@jetkeh

Rosie’s also offers a wide variety of fresh pressed, local fruit juices and teas. Complement any beverage with a light snack such as avocado and tomato over toast or similar light fare. Homemade pastries are also regularly available.

If you’re looking for a place to beat the mid afternoon heat of Old Town, I suggest stopping by Rosie’s Café for a coffee and snack. The owners’ stories are as interesting as the café itself and you won’t regret sampling any of their delicious coffee concoctions.

Written By
Louis Boehling

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