11 Coffee House

A few minutes’ walk across the Lantern Bridge from the Old Town on An Hoi, 11 Coffee House is a chilled place to observe the hustle and bustle nearby from a peaceful distance. It’s perfect Italian-style coffee in an intimate setting with magnificent views of the Old Town. Catch the breeze, shoot the breeze and enjoy!

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What a true coffee aficionado wants is a really good cup of coffee. What true coffee lovers don’t want is a Venti, sugar free, non-fat, no-foam, extra caramel whip macchiato, or even a Trenti, lactose free, double cafe mocha and a shot of sugar-free vanilla, so if Starbucks and the like doesn’t make your day, the No 11 Coffee House will.

This sliver of space (blink and you will miss it) is owner/operated by an enthusiastic, young entrepreneur who has been expertly trained by an Italian barista to produce the perfect cup of coffee. Arabica and Robusta beans from the Central Highlands are roasted on the premises, and also sold in vacuum pack bags at a competitive price.

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If espresso based coffee isn’t your thing there are plenty of other coffee brewing choices, even Japanese Syphon coffee (wear a white lab coat and get a chemistry degree before making this at home). There is also a selection of French style cakes on offer as well as pizzas, hamburgers, sandwiches and pancakes.


The seating is two-by-two and forward-facing for people-watching.

Hours | 7am – 9pm

Address |  17 Nguyen Phuc Chu (cross the An Hoi Bridge), An Hoi

Telephone | +84 (0) 905 466 300

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