In this Features section of Things to Do in Hoi An there is a diverse spread of longer articles.

Some of them look at the major attractions like My Son, Cham Island, Marble Mountain, Ba Na Hills and Monkey Mountain. Others showcase what newspapers used to call ‘human interest’ topics. There are several ‘impressions of Hoi An’ pieces for example. Emma Sothern explores her favorite things to do in Hoi An, Eva Flammensbeck offers us ‘Hoi An at First Sight’ and Kitty Ireland contrasts living in Korea with living in Vietnam.

Other topics range from the wet season and major floods to the mayhem and joy of Vietnam’s Tet celebrations. Tales of wizards and weird food are complemented by a dark exploration of the Vietnamese zodiac. There are even articles on the wild birds of the Hoi An and an astonishing craft destination where not only the furniture but literally everything, including cars and phones, is made entirely of bamboo.

Writing that explores Vietnamese history and culture also live here – why do the fishermen paint eyes on their boats? – and, last but not least, humorous ventures on Vietnamese toilets and Vietnamese language explore the lighter side of living in Vietnam.

Just browse and soak it up and you’ll pick up a series of snapshots that will bring you closer to the Vietnamese people and the wonders of Hoi An and its attractions.