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Finding jobs in Hoi An is not overly easy. There is work, but you are more likely to find it by making contacts after you arrive. Because Hoi An is a ‘tourist town’, job opportunities are mainly in the field of hospitality and tourism. Thus, positions such as managing a restaurant or a section of a hotel come up, as do other hospitality-linked types of work. But again, finding jobs in Hoi An is very much a ‘word of mouth’ situation.

There are more job opportunities in Da Nang, particularly in the teaching sector. As Da Nang is only 30 minutes away by motorbike, it is relatively easy to commute. Other increasingly sought after skills for jobs in Hoi An and Da Nang are editing, social media or website design / graphic designer skills. With all the many businesses popping up all over the place, it’s not surprising.

Join Danang Expats Jobs on Facebook to advertise ‘your wares’ and to see which companies may be looking for staff.


Da Nang has quite a lot of English schools, so it is relatively easy to find jobs teaching English in a school there, as well as private tutoring jobs. Hoi An does not have the same opportunities, as there are few language schools here. However, Greenshoots International and GLC (the English school section of Greenshoots) are sometimes looking to recruit teachers (see web addresses below).

Other English language schools in Hoi An include STECiLEADILA, and GreenstarMLB. For more information, check their websites, and also search on Facebook: there are plenty of pages and groups for people teaching/looking to teach English in Da Nang, Hoi An, and Hue. Just search “English teaching in [insert city]” or some variation of this. Also, check out this page for a comprehensive foreign English teaching resource: Dave’s ESL Cafe.

After arriving in Hoi An, many people choose to start their own business and there are endless opportunities for new business ideas in places like Hoi An and Da Nang. In fact, it’s hard to come across an expat that doesn’t have a ‘great idea for a business’.

Image of a teacher writing on a blackboard
There are lots of classroom opportunities in Hoi An

Websites for Teaching in Hoi An

Hoi An International School (HAIS) – Kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school

Greenshoots International School – Kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school

Greenshoots Language Centre (GLC) – Offers language courses for children, adults and corporate clients

STEC English School Hoi An – Send your CV with covering letter to Mrs Chi [email protected]. You will need a degree and CELTA  or equivalent certificate

Topica Native – Topica is an impressive organization that is slowly cornering the massive online English-teaching market throughout South East Asia. As they expand so do job opportunities and many expats in Hoi An have jumped on board. Topica pay a fairly decent hourly teaching rate ($10 – $16) when you take into account there is no teaching preparation. Classes follow a scripted format – so after the training, you simply turn up and teach.

Send your resume/CV to: Online Teacher Recruiting And Training Department- Mr. Dao Duy Nam (Edward) via Email: [email protected]

Other Online Teaching sites – Good run down of some of the best online teaching companies to work for

Vietnam Teachers – Advertises teaching jobs throughout Vietnam

Dave’s ESL Cafe – A well known web-site for teachers and travellers with teaching qualificationss.  Dave’s Cafe has a host of jobs offered from many parts of the world, including Vietnam.  Worth checking out.

Image of letter-dice spelling out the word 'teach'

Websites for Jobs & Freelancers

Pangian – A job posting site for remote workers and freelancers. 

UpWork – Another remote freelancing job site.

Vietnam Works – A huge website advertising jobs throughout Vietnam

Workaway – You can find varied employment through Workaway anywhere in the world, although you’re often working for free rent and/or food rather than cold hard cash. It’s a popular site for backpackers who move around every month or so. – Jobs appear here from time-to-time, and there’s also a forum with related job and volunteer information.

Editing Skills

There is a huge need for good editing skills in Hoi An. Just look at the many tourist brochures filled with basic English problems. If you have this vital skill, it is a good idea to advertise it on one of the Facebook.

Facebook Groups

Hoi An Expats and Danang Hoi An Expats are great places to start. Neither site is purely dedicated to jobs and both provide a great deal of information on a range of topics. Once you’ve joined, look on the Search bar for information or ask a question .

Updated June 2020

Need transport to get to work? Check out our guide to going around in Hoi An.

Not sure how to get a work permit? Check out our guide to getting a visa for Vietnam.

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Ryan Kipp


  1. At the moment, I need a job. Do you have any position for teaching at your school? I can speak English fluently. I graduated in English Tourism at Duy Tan University. I have a lot of experience in Front desk at Hotel. But I do not have a teaching diploma. If I have a opportunity for teaching in your school, I will try my best for improving knowledge. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Stuart Neal,
    I have a friend who wants move to Hoi An, so i would like to ask how is Hoi An during Covid 19 pademic ? thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Hoi An has been in lockdown but the social distancing restrictions were lifted 29 August and many businesses are now reopening again. It’s not possible to forecast far into the future but at this stage we can say that businesses are reopening and schools will likely reopen mid-September. If more cases are discovered however, the situation will of course change once more.

  3. Hi! Thank you for the information, it’s very useful.
    I’m currently living in Da Nang and I’m looking to move to Hoi An and work there, preferably hospitality or designing job. However, I find it not easy to find jobs and good accommodations in Hoi An online because all the information are so scattered. I feel maybe I can have a better luck if I go to Hoi An and take a look for myself but still I don’t know where to begin when I arrive. Do you have any recommendations of popular places or neighborhood there where I can talk to people and find something? Any other advises would be profoundly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Ashley, An Bang Beach has many expats in a concentrated area. You will find it useful living here to get information and possibly jobs as well. Dingo Deli is also a good place to meet people. The owner, Gordon North, has been here years and can point you in the right direction. Look at some of the social groups (Women of Hoi An). They are listed in Living in Hoi An, Social Scene. Hoi An Rental (Facebook) is a good way to find accommodation. We would suggest making a post on either that Facebook page or Hoi An Expats – No property Facebook page. Say what you are looking for, what type of rent and you will be inundated.

  4. Hi there,

    I am an English speaking 25 year old looking to find a role in digital advertising (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Google) or social media management in Hanoi for September. I am an experienced marketing professional with over 5 years in the industry now. Are there many marketing jobs going for those native in English in marketing and where would be the best place to find these?

    Many thanks for any help!


  5. Hiya
    I have a degree in forensic science, also years of experience as a carer in care homes and hospitals,
    Are either of these have job opportunities if i was to relocate with my family? Thanks

    • Hi Suzannah,

      We can’t help you very much with something as specific as this other than to say to work in Vietnam you would need to be sponsored by a relevant group to get a work permit and then a temporary residency card. Issuance of these appears to be stricter these days. You could start by contacting ‘international hospitals’ in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang to explore further to see if your services would be useful to them.


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