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Hue is one of the most popular festivals in Vietnam and if by chance you happen to find yourself near the city during this biannual event, then you should definitely join in the fun! A celebration of Vietnamese culture in the former capital city of the country, Hue Festival brings performers together from around the world so there’s definitely an international flavor also. Read our guide below.

What is the Hue Festival?

Taking place in the Imperial City of Hue and former capital of Vietnam, the Hue Festival was founded in 2000 to preserve customs and traditions dating back to the Nguyen Dynasty. It is an international festival open to Vietnamese and visitors as the it welcomes over 40 art companies from around the world.

When is the Hue Festival?

Out of all the festivals in Vietnam, the Hue Festival is one of the less common ones. It is held every two years over a week period in either April, May or June. The 2020 Hue Festival was scheduled April 1st – 6th for example.

How is the Hue Festival Celebrated?

Over the week period of the Hue Festival, several events and activities take place. It usually begins with an opening ceremony that showcase live, artistic performances, then interesting events such as the Hue Poetry Festival, Ao Dai fashion show, and the Dialogue of Drums and Percussion follow. In contrast to the artistic events, sporting events such as boat racing, human chess and kite flying are also spotlit .

Due to its significance in celebrating Vietnamese history, dramatizations are traditionally carried out throughout the Hue Festival to bring observers back in time to ancient Nguyen Dynasty days. Performances may include royal ceremonies, such as King Nguyen Hue’s royal enthronement.

What truly makes this festival so special is the positive feeling and message underlying it. It celebrates not only Vietnamese culture, but also worldwide talent. It’s an event that everybody can enjoy. 

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