Hoi An & Beaches Near Hoi An: Reviews

Hoi An’s beaches deserve just as much attention as the popular shores of Phuket and Bali but fortunately they have not received it yet, allowing visitors and expats plenty of elbow room. Add to this a heightened opportunity to bathe in some of the local culture and you have the ingredients for an exceptional seaside holiday. In Hoi An, there are two main beaches – Cua Dai and An Bang – where, away from the resorts, you can grab a deckchair under a thatched umbrella for the day if you buy a drink (although problems of erosion have limited the opportunities at Cua Dai these days). And further afield, if you take the time, you can find some positively gorgeous spots in which to splash about, get a tan and unwind.


Fragment updated from ‘Sunkissed: Riding that Summer Wave’, Live Hoi An Magazine, Amy Morison



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