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About Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach in Hoi An is a delicious stretch of golden sand, relatively uncrowded compared to its more famous neighbours. During the low season (September to February), you might even have your own private oasis if you visit in the afternoon (before 4 pm).

Hidden Beach sits in-between the main attractions of An Bang and Cua Dai. It offers an unrivaled seaside escape from the crowded corners of Hoi An and has a more authentic local “vibe” compared to the lively An Bang. Like much of Hoi An’s shoreline, the beach itself experienced coastal erosion after heavy seas in recent times but work at restoring the sand has been successful.

Thatched sunshades, basket boats, and crystal clear waters mark Hidden Beach out from the better-known hubs to the north and south. There’s also a selection of bijou restaurants along the shore, offering food, drink, and loungers – the latter coming free for the price of a drink (approx. 20,000 VND / 0.85 USD).

Getting There

If you search “Hidden Beach Hoi An” on Google maps, it will take you right there. Otherwise, the path leading up to it is signposted and can be found on Lac Long Quan Road — a stone’s throw from the Boutique Hoi An Resort. At the bottom of a steep path, you’ll find Hidden Beach Bungalow Sea View, with Hidden Beach tucked around the corner.

From the Old Town, you’ll be able to get a taxi to the top of the Hidden Beach road on Lac Long Quan – any further is unsuitable for cars. A taxi ride will take approximately 10 minutes at non-peak times and cost around 80,000 VND (3.45 USD). The walk to the beach is around 5 minutes from Lac Long Quan, but mind that slope!


If travelling via scooter or bike, there are various free parking spaces along the Hidden Beach road, with the largest spot being at the end of the road by the beach. Although there’s no charge to use this space, it’s intended for users of the restaurant on the corner, so don’t forget to buy a drink at the very least whilst en route to the sands.

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Things to Do

Sunbathing & Swimming

Hidden Beach is a perfect spot to spread your towel and bask in the sun with a good book and a beer. You’ll find loungers attached to the resorts and small restaurants along the beach. Order food or a drink here and you can use them for the whole day.

If you arrive before 6am when everything is still closed, you may spot local Vietnamese fishermen arriving in from the sea on their basket boats. The beach is particularly magical at sunrise. Like most beaches in Hoi An, it can start to get busy around 4 pm as families arrive after school and locals embrace the coolest hours of the day.

Swimming is perfectly safe, with designated areas to keep bathers and water sports enthusiasts apart. Be mindful while venturing into the ocean during winter (October to January), when the sea is at its fiercest and the current tends to be strong.

Water Sports

A variety of adrenaline-inducing water activities, such as jet-skiing, parasailing, and banana boating can be experienced on Hidden Beach and Wild Beach, as well as the tour company, My Sky Hoi An, which is just a short walk towards An Bang. Several restaurants in the area offer water sports, such as Hidden Beach Restaurant, and these are usually well-advertised. Prices for jet skiing and parasailing range from 500,000 VND (21.74 USD) to 1,200,000 VND (52 USD) depending on duration.

If you’re travelling with the family and want to enjoy some water sports together, banana boating may be of interest. The price for banana boating for five people at My Sky Hoi An starts at 1,000,000 VND (43 USD) for 10 minutes.

Yoga & Wellness Activities

For beach yoga options, head further north to An Bang. Locations and times can differ depending on the season, so check out the schedules for Nomad Yoga and A  Luminary Life for the latest information.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Hidden Beach Restaurant & Bar


The area is lined with dozens of affordable eateries. They may not be particularly fancy or high-end, but most of them serve a decent selection of Vietnamese food, western dishes, seafood, meat, and vegetarian options.

At the end of the road where the path meets the beach, you’ll find Hidden Beach Restaurant. They serve beer for around 20,000 VND (0.85 USD), plus an extensive menu of Vietnamese and Western food. The restaurant has a great view of the ocean and has its own loungers on the beach. They recently expanded to offer a dress shop and spa, and you can book a range of water sports and tours, from the Old Town to My Son, Hue and beyond.

As you approach Hidden Beach and turn right, you’ll see Beach Waves Restaurant. This charming joint is run by a local Vietnamese family and serves a wide variety of local and Western dishes, e.g. pancakes for 59,000 VND (2.56 USD). Beer costs as little as 15,000 VND (0.65 USD) and their cocktails are some of the cheapest in the area.

Wild Beach also has a number of small eateries, offering great quality Vietnamese and Western cuisine, and loungers for the price of a drink – all coming with an unspoiled view of the ocean! Wild Beach Restaurant is the choicest of the bunch. Their menu is overflowing with various delectable options, including local specialties, seafood, western food, meat and non-meat dishes.


A great appeal is the area’s quietness, in comparison to An Bang and Cua Dai. The eateries along the coast stay open after dark, but if it’s live music you’re after, head to An Bang, just a little further north. Here, you’ll find regular music events at Soul Kitchen, Bungalow Beach Bar and Red Lantern Cocktails, Thursday to Sunday.

You may also find the occasional late-night event or party at some of the venues. Keep an eye out for upcoming events on our What’s On Calendar.


Hidden Beach Restaurant has its own spa just a few meters from the beach. In fact, almost every restaurant surrounding the beach offers massages. It generally costs 200,000 VND (8.70 USD) for a one-hour massage. Beach Waves Restaurant offer massage services for a slightly lower rate of 180,000 VND (7.80 USD). There are a few others within close proximity along the main Lac Long Quan road.

You’ll find many more spas and wellness centres between the coast and Old Town on Ha Ba Trung, Ly Thuong Kiet, and Cua Dai Road and just up the coast at An Bang Beach.

Where to Stay

Boutique Hoi An Resort, Best Hotels Hoi An
Boutique Hoi An Resort Pool

How would you like to roll out of bed and instantly find yourself on a stunning, sandy little paradise? Well, you can do exactly that. Good-value accommodation stretches down the entire area surrounding Hidden Beach. From simple hostels to local homestays to luxurious villas, there’s something to match everyone’s budget and needs.

You can’t get closer to the beach – besides camping out – than Hidden Beach Bungalow Sea View. It may not be 5-star accommodation, but their affordable rooms tick all the boxes for an ultra-comfy and convenient stay. The hotel offers currency exchange and laundry, with Hidden Beach Restaurant being just around the corner.

Other mid-range options include Hidden Beach Pool Villas, Ocean Breeze Villa or Hoi An Estuary Villa. And for something a bit more high-end, the glamorous Boutique Hoi An Resort offers spacious rooms, spa services, tropical gardens, a private swimming pool, and direct access to the beach from some of its terraces.

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