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English Language Schools in Hoi An

There are essentially three English-language schooling options in Hoi An. Green Shoots, the first established, has very recently been joined by Hoi An International School and Merlin’s Homeschool.


Green Shoots admits students from Kindergarten to end of secondary, Hoi An International School stops at Year 8 (adding a new year each year going forward) and Merlin’s Homeschool is Kindergarten to end of Primary.


In terms of fees Merlin’s Homeschool is comfortably the most affordable for Primary and younger. It is also the norm at Merlin’s Homeschool to pay by the month rather than by term or annually so you can try it out for a modest commitment. While there is not much difference between the other two schools in terms of fees, it must be said that Hoi An International School is the clear leader in terms of facilities.

Schools. Green Shoots International School, Hoi An

Merlin’s Homeschool integrates holistic concepts such as meditation and yoga alongside core subject learning of Maths, Science and English while Green Shoots and Hoi An International School exclusively follow well-established Western carricula. 


At time of writing Green Shoots had the largest student population reflecting the fact it has been operating for several years in Hoi An and was the only option for many years. With no established base, Hoi An International School and Merlin’s Homeschool started taking admissions around the middle of 2018 for the first time.


There are significant differences in approach, class sizes and educational emphasis between all three options. The following provides the core information about each school to assist you.


English language schools in Vietnam are not cheap and can be uneven in quality making the decision of which school to choose even more important.

Featured Schools

Merlin's Homeschool - Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Primary

Merlin's Homeschool

Merlin's Homeschool. Banner

Vision: to create a learning environment that is student-driven and teacher guided

Mission: to bring education to each child in a holistic way by providing a platform to explore big ideas with a friendly, open approach

Click here for full details of Kindergarten, Pre-primary and Primary

Merlin's Homeschool. Kindergarten
Merlin's Homeschool. Pre-primary
Merlin's Homeschool. Primary

Why Merlin's Homeschool?

Merlin’s Homeschool operates in English


Merlin’s Homeschool offers a genuine holistic approach to learning with methods and techniques that draw from a variety of traditions


Core subject learning is project-based providing greater relevance for students


Merlin’s Homeschool is comfortably the cheapest quality education option in Hoi An/Da Nang


Merlin’s Homeschool offers flexible monthly payment terms


Merlin’s Homeschool has a sibling discount of 5%


Merlin’s Homeschool has a 10% discount when fees are paid 4 months in advance

Go to the Merlin's Homeschool website for details about fees and philosophy

Merlin's Homeschool. Group 1

Hoi An International School Website

Hoi An International School. Gardening

Green Shoots International School

Schools. Green Shoots International School, Hoi An


Green Shoots is an established K-12 school focused on creative teaching and learning. Sustainability and environmental awareness are integrated into its curriculum. It is a member of the Council of British International Schools and its international teaching staff offer the British curriculum to IGCSE level through campuses in Hoi An and Da Nang (the latter is open only to students up to the age of 6).


Small class sizes allow teachers to give one-on-one attention to students, supporting each child to his or her potential and preparing them for the complex, global 21st century.

The school operates in English but offers a First Language French program for those wishing to retain or build their French skills. Second/foreign language classes are offered in French, Vietnamese and Mandarin Chinese.


A bus service runs between Hoi An and Da Nang for families in Da Nang enrolled at the Hoi An campus.


For further information visit the Green Shoots International School website or email [email protected].



International School Campus

Add: 414/7 Cua Dai Road, Cam Chau District, Hoi An, Quang Nam province

Phone: 0235 392 4954

Schools. Green Shoots International School, Hoi An

Da Nang Kindergarten campus

Add: 21-23 My An 24, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang, Da Nang Province
Phone: 0236 655 8552

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