What's Open During Tet 2019

What’s open during Tet 2019? At Tet (Vietnamese New Year) there’s not much logic regarding which places remain open and which close. Remember that the dates for Tet this year are from Saturday 2 of February to Sunday 10 of February and Tet itself is on Tuesday 5 of February. This quick guide covers the basics on what’s open and what is closed during these dates. It’s by no means exhaustive but it’s a good start to know what to expect during this week. All dates indicated are from February 2019.



Family Medical Practice Danang: closed from the 4 to the 6th.

TGM Dental: closed from the 3rd to the 10th


Hoi An Hospital: emergency will be open, out patient department, closed from (2-9); Pacific Hospital: emergency will be open, out patient department, closed from (3-9); Hoan My Hospital: emergency will be open, out patient department, closed from (3-9); Vin Mec International Hospital: emergency will be open, out patient department, closed from (3-9); Family Hospital: emergency will be open, out patient department, closed from (3-9).

Bars, Restaurants & Cafes


Open Throughout


Kahuna’s Hoi An Beach Club; Salt Pub; Kebab Shack; 3 Dragons; One Love; Nomad Café; Baba’s Kitchen; Tap House (from 11am to 9pm); Before & Now (from noon); White Marble ; Soul Kitchen; Soul Beach; Paddy’s Hostel & Bar; Mia Coffee; Hoi An Riverside Restaurant (Anantara); Vietnam Backpackers Hostels Hoi An; Belleville Restaurant & Lounge; Filling Station; Pure Coffee; Sessions Bar + Restaurant; Market Bar (open every day from 4-11 pm.)


Not Open (with dates closed)


The Hoianian (2-7); ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill & Bar (4-8); Mango Mango (5-8); Mai Fish (5-8); Mango Rooms (5-8); Minh Hien 1 (1-9); Minh Hien 2 (1-9); Minh Hien 3 (1-9); Hoi An Brewery Restaurant (3-8); Hola Taco (3-11); Bazar Café (4-5); La Maison Deli Restaurant (5); Circle Café (4-7); Dingo Deli (5-7); Hoi An Sports Bar (5-7); Lantern Town Restaurant (2-7); The Noodle House Restaurant (2-7); Hoi An Steakhouse (4-7); Mix Restaurant (2-10); La Petite Patisserie (4); Happy Buffalo (4-10); Chez Cesar (4); Am Vegetarian (31-13).

Wine and Other Essentials (with dates closed)


AP Mart (incl. pet supplies) will be open; Blue Mini Mart will be open; A Mart will be open; G Mart will be open; Bich Thuy (5-10); Red Apron (2-10); Nguyen Thanh Quang Pet Shop (5-10).


Others (with dates closed)


Xanh Xanh Shop (5-7); Metiseko will be open; Copenhagen Delights will be open; Citrus Health Spa will be open; Five Senses Spa will be open; Yaly (3-7); Motorbike Adventures will be open but will overcharge 10%; Da Baw Real Leather will be open; March Gallery will be open; Sun Spa and nails will be open; Pure Beauty Spa (4-7); La Luna Spa will be open from 12m to 8pm); Hub Hoi An will be open; Be Be Tailor will be open; Ayana will be open; Chula will be open; A Luminary life (4-11); Waterlily Silver (3-7); Tuong Tailor (5-7).

If you want to find out more about this Holiday, we invite you to read this First-timer´s Guide to Tet

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