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What Are We Eating?

What are we eating?

A lot of lot of banned chemicals according to the news; like really hazardous chemicals. Mmm!  And the stories keep on ‘a-coming’, like the hundreds of dead fish floating belly up in Central Vietnam, the banned substances in pigs and chooks and illegal chemicals sprayed on fruit and vegies (not to mention the Chinese trying to kill us all with their fake eggs, plastic rice, lethal apples and the like).

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So? Should I be worried?  Tell me, ‘No! Tell me I’m paranoid for thinking I’ve encountered more cases of cancer in my five years here than I ever did in my whole time back home. Tell me it’s to do with Agent Orange, tell me anything because I love it here and don’t want to be rattled and I certainly don’t want to leave (especially in a body bag).’

Anyway, I’m worrying over nothing and hey… this new President Quang, he’s sorting things out, isn’t he…

I mean, this new law scheduled for implementation 1 July 2016 that’ll put people in jail for 20 years if they do anything mischievous like stuff pigs with banned chemicals, that’ll sort all this out, right? (we just have to ignore the other stories that wonder how it can be policed).

Anyway, have a read and tell me what you reckon; have a read and tell me it’s nothing….:


10 April, 2016 – Vietnam.net

It is Vietnamese killing each other

Simple greed has fueled many people to use harmful chemicals in the production of food, wreaking destruction on the environment despite the dire consequences it has for their fellow country people…

7 April, 2016 – Saigoneer

Vietnam Could Have Most Cancer Cases Worldwide by 2020..

….Since 2000, the number of new cancer cases in Vietnam has grown from 69,000 to 150,000 in 2015, an increase which health officials attribute to factors such as unsafe food, pollution, smoking, prolonged life span and genetics…

4 April, 2016 – Tuoi Tre News

Agri-minister apologizes for saying most foods in Vietnam are safe

Vietnam’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat has had to extend a public apology for claiming that most foods in the country are safe and that consumers are to blame for being unaware of that so-called ‘fact.’

21 March, 2016Thanh Nien News

Vietnamese Farmers Dump Dead Fish on the Street, Central Vietnam

Farmers in central Vietnam on Monday dumped dead fish and shrimp onto the street to protest sand extraction activities that they say have polluted a local bay and hurt their livelihoods…..

21 March, 2016 – Tuoi Tre News

Use of banned chemicals out of control in Vietnam’s southern pig …

Authorities in Dong Nai have almost thrown in the towel in the fight against the use of banned chemicals at pig breeding farms in the southern …

6 January, 2016 – Vietnam net

Over 100 tonnes of fish in Dong Nai River, Central Highlands

According to Khiem and local fish breeders, the main cause was a chemically-polluted water source in Cai River’s section crossing HiepHoa Commune

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