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Learn to speak like a local

Hi, welcome to Vietnamese language and tips with Miss Ha. 

There’s nothing like local knowledge.  From the price you should pay for fruit to how to get your motorbike fixed – Miss Ha is here to tell all!

But if you truly want to see what Vietnamese hospitality is like, learn to speak like they do! 

You need to know the tones!

Contrary to what the guide books tell you,  it’s nigh on impossible to learn Vietnamese from a phrasebook!  Why?  Because it’s tonal.  There are six tones to master.  They’re those squiggly things above and below words.  Depending on the tone a word can have six different meanings.  So if you want to avoid telling people you’re a dork or a wind bird (as we did for a year), have a look at Miss Ha’s language videos.  

And remember, if you pronounce even one word right, you will get the best reception you can imagine (the market seller may even call their friends in to listen).

So:  Chúc may mắn (good luck)

Want to speak like a local? Learn about the tones!

Vietnamese 101: the Basics

Vietnamese 101: the (slightly harder) Basics

Always wondering if you’ve been ripped off?  

Anyone for Vietnamese?

Miss Ha hits the streets of Hoi An to see how well tourists know Vietnamese.

How Much Should You Pay?

Tuesday Tips with Miss Ha

Should I Buy a Honda Win? | Episode 004 – Tuesday Tips with Miss Ha

Motorcycle Maintenance in Vietnam | Useful Phrases and Prices 

    So very useful Ha! We will make sure to practise before we come back to Hoi An….thank you !!


    The green fruit in the market prices video is a custard apple! 🙂
    Thank you for these videos!


    Thank you Esther!


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