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Tony & Guy certified, Tuan has cut hair all over Asia and won awards for his expert coloring. Using only international products such as L’Oreal, Morrocan Oil and Schwarzkopf, Tuan Boy is the place most expats go to have their hair done.  Tip: Agree on the price upfront before you sit down.

hair dresser, tuan boy, hoi an old town, hair dresser

Whilst there is English speaking staff in the salon Tuan, the owner,  has limited English.  However, it’s amazing what body language, grunts and the odd hair dressing term can achieve and despite the communication issues, without fail Tuan has nailed exactly the hair color I’m after each time. It’s not only the best result I’ve had in my four years in Vietnam, it betters Australia as well.

Tuan boy, hair dresser, hair salon, hair products, hoi an old town

Small and shabby with vinyl covered chairs and walls that long ago gave up pleading to be painted – one glance into Tuan Boy’s salon and you might be tempted to run for the hills. Don’t.


Tuan’s class is evident. He has styled Miss Universe candidates, cut the Queen of Austria’s hair and been the expert consultant for actors filming in the heritage town of Hoi An. It is also evident he gets a lot of repeat customers: ‘Do you remember me?’ trumpeted an American woman as she flung herself into a chair, smiling and shaking his hand vigorously: ‘Not flat, not chunky, not short’, he replied, beaming back.

Tuan boy, hair dresser, hair salon, hair products, hoi an old town

The salon also offers a number of other services, including body waxing, manicures, pedicures, hair extensions and one I’d never heard of: ‘It’s called “threading”,’ said the Canadian in response to my querulous stare. Flanked by a woman who seemed intent on carving her face off with a piece of string, she further proclaimed to have the furriest face alive and always came to Tuan Boy on visits to Hoi An. ‘They do a really good job … and it’s so cheap’, she chirped, her face looking like an explosion of busted bums.


Usually, there’s also a ‘to die for’ face massage so don’t freak out if someone starts to rub your face vigorously at the wash basin while almost drowning you in warm water.



Price guide in Vietnamese Dong:

Hair cut: 100,000VND

Colour : 400,000VND


Add:                148 Nguyen Truong To St (close to the traffic lights on Tran Hung Dao)

Tel:                 +84 (0)905 381597

Hours:            Open Daily: 8am to 7.30pm

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    Hello, I am travelling to Hoi An weekend 26-28th May. I have just had my hair coloured in HCMC and its not good!
    I am naturally an ash blonde and asked for high lights and low lights in the ash and Ive ended up with a ginger tinge and white!!
    Can you fix it and if so do I need to make an appointment? Thanks Linda


    Hi Linda, We are a travel website called Hoi An Now. You have written to us not to Tuan Boy. Try calling or texting them on +84 (0)905 381587. And, if you need any more help when you get to Hoi An, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Good luck!


    Hi I am looking at having hair extensions to my hair for a more femine look. Can you help me?


    Hi Evelyn, I am sure Tuan at Tuan Boy will be more than able to help you with hair extensions. Just go to the salon and ask him. If you need some help with translating your needs, ring us here at Hoi An Now and one of our Vietnamese staff will explain it to him (0973 005 863). For the ‘best’ price, tell him Hoi An Now sent you.



    I wish I were able to give this establishment 0 stars.

    My long, highlighted blonde hair was destroyed, when the promise of soft locks failed and instead of the promised keratin treatment, Tuan Boy used what I now understand to be perm lotion to straighten my hair. I wish I could say that this was due to a misunderstanding due to a language barrier, but it was not, the product he held up to show me, which was a keratin product was never used on my hair.

    Long story short, the result of my hair was so incredibly damaged, that I literally just wept in there in the chair while he insisted that I needed a cut because my hair was “too long”.

    The process itself was traumatic – my hair was pulled and roughly managed by his inexperienced staff, as he supervised the process. During the hair washing process, my neck was forcibly moved from side to side, my whole back eventually covered in cold water by the end of it. By the end of the process, my head was so sore from all the pulling.

    I was told that I needed to use morrocon oil on my hair to fix it! I wish I were exaggerating when I say that my hair texture no longer resembled hair, it literally looked like someone had torched it with a flame. I’ve spent so much money trying to fix it at a professional salon in Da Nang, but no amount of treatment can repair the damage. The only real solution is to shave it all off but this is a very difficult decision for me to make as a professional working woman.

    No empathy or remorse was shown. My “treatment” was discounted by 200,000 vnd and I was offered a little bit of Morrocan oil, dispensed to me in an empty bottle.


    Hi Melissa,

    We no longer have this post for Tuan Boy on our website attached to any section because there have been too many complaints about his salon. We have also pulled their paid promotion for the same reason. This post is unattached but can be seen only if the name is directly searched. From now on, anyone who does that will see your comment until such time as we delete all reference to this salon completely.


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