In Hoi An many restaurants and cafes have some Western selections on their menus but Vietnamese food is the primary focus. The selections below are organized by cuisine type – use the buttons above to search. They have been chosen either because their primary focus is unashamedly Western or because their international offerings are particularly favored by expats and visitors. Some household names have not been included, you may find them in our soon-to-be-released Quick Guide to Fusion Eateries. Nevertheless, if we’re missing something special, please let us know!

Circle makes some of the best burgers in Vietnam (several Trip Advisor reviewers claim they’re the best they’ve ever had!) The Juicy Lucy,  (a Minneapolis invention stuffed with cheese before cooking) is a huge crowd-pleaser but chef, Anh, has a deft touch with all her creations: from BLTs to Vietnamese staples. Meanwhile, Jeff keeps front-of-house running smoothly and customers are invariably smiling contentedly. The prevailing good mood was infectious as we settled in among cheerful yellow-slatted table-tops. Repeat customers are common.


Hours: 12pm – 9pm (closed Wednesday); Add: 317 Cua Dai

circle-cafe-hoi-an-burger. Best Restaurants in Hoi Anst
Jims Snackbar. Hamburger

Late in 2015 Jim’s Snackbar opened in Hoi An to universal acclaim. Immediately, the expat grapevine buzzed with rumors that the best burgers and hot dogs in the world had arrived on our doorstep. Soon exotic options like ostrich and crocodile burgers were added to the Australian beef and New Zealand lamb patties already on offer; all blended with Jim’s own secret herb and spice mixes. High quality at everyman’s prices with a great range of imported beers.


Hours: 11am-9pm (Tues-Sun); Add: 552 Hai Ba Trung


From a smallish front bar, 3 Dragons stretches through lounge cubicles to a quiet, al fresco setting out the back by the river. Owners Chung Nguyen and Simon Burns work overtime to look after you and have a solid expat following as a result. On the menu Aussie pub standards like bangers, pizzas and great burgers take center stage. Breakfasts too! Not cheap but there’s no skimping on imported, quality ingredients and the standard is consistently high. The Aussie rib-eye with chips and gravy is a standout.


Hours: 8am – 12am; Add: 51 Phan Boi Chau

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All areas at Hoi An Sports Bar are serviced by a pub grub menu that benefits greatly from Hoi An Sports Bar’s sister business and bakery, Dingo Deli. This ensures a very fresh range of gourmet Aussie pies, sausage rolls and pizzas and bread. Hand-cut fries, American hot dogs, tacos and burgers complete a solid Western-hit picture.


Hours: 11am to 11pm; Add: 505 Hai Ba Trung 

English Greasy Spoon

Kebab Shack $

At Kebab Shack snags, bacon, eggs, baked beans, chips, mashed potato, lasagna and chili as well as an incredibly cheap Middle-Eastern style kebab, complete the food picture. Meanwhile, the beers are icy cold and a camaradie quickly develops between visitors and expats. It’s a favorite with many locals, not just for the all-day English breakfast style grub, but as a spot to catch up with mates and chew the fat. For me, it’s the call of the sausage butty (with extra sausage, mustard and onion) that keeps me coming back.


Hours: 10am to 9pm; Add: 38B Thai Phien

Kebab Shack, Hoi An, Baked Beans


Belleville Restaurant & Lounge $$

Belleville Restaurant & Lounge. Bars in Hoi An. Dessert, Hoi An Restaurant

From the cordon bleu with its rich sauce and succulent chicken, to the six cheese and charcuterie platter – pungent, aged cheeses combined with a myriad of thinly sliced, subtly salty cured meats – Belleville Restaurant & Lounge is French heaven on a plate. Every detail, flavor and texture has been considered and it shows. There are many Vietnamese favorites on the menu as well offering a light, piquant experience. Try the spring rolls, fresh, crisp and the perfect starter, or the Cha Ca Va Long (Red River fish) cooked before your eyes to your liking.


Hours: 11am – midnight; Add: 13 Nguyen Hoang 

The Hill Station $$-$$$

The Hill Station franchise kicked off in Sapa and then spread to Hanoi and Hoi An. It’s a deli ostensibly in tribute to the French Hill Station cuisine that developed in remote parts of Vietnam during the colonial period. Based on its big sister Deli in Sapa a wide range of cheese, charcuterie and wines are offered and a compact menu services breakfast, lunch and dinner. Setting is magnificent in a beautiful old Hoi An shophouse.


Hours: 7am – 10.30pm; Add: 321 Nguyen Duy Hieu

The Hill Station. Bar/restaurant Hoi An. Deli Hoi An, Hoi An
Hmong Sisters, An Bang Beach

With a strong French, Iberian, and Moroccan influence, H’Mong Sisters serves quality food in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Owned and managed by Benjamin Boudard and his wife Thuong, H’mong Sisters pays homage to the H’mong people of northern Vietnam, employing many of their traditional colors and patterns in the restaurant decor. A true meeting of cultures, H’mong Sisters is not to be missed. Be sure to stop by on Wednesday evening for a family barbecue on the beach and live music hosted by local group ‘Pop-up’.


Hours: 9am – 10pm; Add: An Bang Beach

The Secret Garden $$-$$$

A glorious French-colonial, garden setting makes hidden gem the Secret Garden one of the prettiest places to dine in Hoi An.  Tuck into adventurous combinations of Vietnamese staples with the flavours of home – such as beef with mustard sauce or mango fish. Whatever you do, do not leave without trying the ice cream with rice whisky. Washed down with coffee, this is a taste-explosive, toe-curling experience.



Hours: 8.30am – 10.30 pm; Add: 132 Tran Phu Street (down the alley next to 60 Le Loi)


Mix Greek Restaurant is a win in every way – the staff, owners Christos and Maria and, ultimately, the food. If you haven’t been there, go, and if you have, go again. You won’t be disappointed. For many Mix is the best value restaurant in Hoi An bar none. The servings are generous, the authentic Greek cuisine addictively delectable and the customer service second to none. Beware, this is one of the few venues in Hoi An where you may need to book, especially in he evenings.


Hours: 11am – 10pm (closed Wednesday); Add: 188A/5 Tran Phu, Hoi An Old Town; Tel: +84 (0) 931 875 307

Mix Greek Restaurant review pita dips 2

Greek Souvlaki $

Greek Souvlaki. Hoi An restaurant. chicken souvlaki. An Bang Beach

Greek Souvlaki is a no-frills operation and more of a roadside stall for take-aways than a café or eatery. Although it is dwarfed by the superb Mix Greek Restaurant, the food is reasonable for the price and OK for a snack on the run. Pork or chicken ‘souvlaki’ is served in lightly toasted pita bread with salad and, somewhat bizarrely, a few chips (french fries) are stuffed in the top. Home delivery is offerred by the opreration at 7 Thai Phien (see delivery menus). Cheap as chips.


Hours: midday – 8pm; Add: 7 Thai Phien and An Bang Beach


Baba's Kitchen $$

Baba’s Kitchen has a lunchtime Thali that is one of the best value offerings in town. Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, curried okra, raita, dhal, rice and a big basket of naan bread … phew … not to mention the 4 condiments (mint, tamarind, mango and baby onion) and rice pudding for just 120,000 vnd! There’s really enough for two. Baby sister to Baba’s Kitchen in HCMC , it is a top-of-the-chart rater on Trip Advisor with many satisfied customers. Extensive dinner selection. Home delivery service a big plus.


Hours:10am – 10pm everyday; Add: 115 Phan Chau Trinh 

Ganesh illustration; Ganesh restaurant Hoi An

Ganesh’s delicious dishes consistently satiate both Hoi An’s tourist and expat populations and local chefs are often spotted sampling its fine offerings. With an excellent collection of northern and southern Indian dishes Ganesh is reasonably priced. Lamb dishes linger at the most expensive end of the range (but are still not over 160,000 VND). Few culinary pleasures surpass that of a decent Indian Thali set and a cold beer. Simply put, Ganesh is one of Hoi An’s best restaurants.


Hours: 11am -10pm; Add: 24D Tran Hung Dao St

Namaste $$

Namaste‘s extensive menu offers many different Indian cuisines and features both traditional and modern recipes. Tandoori, samosas, soups and papadams to start and dozens of vegetarian, chicken, lamb or fish selections to follow. With this extensive range there’s something for everyone. If you like it hot and spicy, be sure to let them know. Service above average.


Hours: 11.30am – 10.30pm everyday; Add: 441 Cua Dai


New Way $-$$


New Way is an intriguing budget Indian restaurant that also offers pizza, pasta and burgers. Apparently, the chef was Ganesh-trained in the distant past. The curries are served mild by default but they’re tasty enough. There are pleasant surprises like a cardamon rush here and there and the overall quality is reasonable. You don’t come here for the ambiance and the Vietnamese style rice (not basmati) may be served cold, but the prices undercut the competition substantially. Suits backpackers and budget conscious travelers.


Hours: 8am – 10pm everyday; Add: 473 Cua Dai


Cargo Club $$-$$$

Cargo Cafe, Hoi An. Sandwich

Ms Vy‘s fully-fledged Western cafe, with a patisserie and bakery on site. For lunch, customers can enjoy lighter cafe meals based on her freshly-baked breads (from baguettes to paninis and foccacias) and pastries, homemade quiches, pies and burgers. The dinner menu at Cargo offers a variety of Asiatic and European-inspired dishes. A favored breakfast spot for many expats with fresh croissants and classics such as eggs benedict.



Hours: 8am – 11pm; Add: 107-109 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Loved by Hoi An expats Chips ‘n’ Fish ‘n’ Stuff is a value-for-money spot with a hit of battered fish, just like home, but better. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner the service is exemplary and the beer’s icy cold. At Chips ‘n’ Fish it’s as if you’ve been invited as a friend, not as a customer. Unsurprisingly, fish, prawns, squid and crab head the menu with tried and true but expertly rendered recipes. Most dishes at this family business run to around 100,000 vnd ($5).


Hours: 8.30am – 10.30pm; Add: 1 Nguyen Phuc Chu

chips_n_fish_n_stuff_Hoi An Restaurant
International Food. Dingo Deli. Penne

Dingo Deli is a delectable Western Oasis in an Asian world – Lavazza coffee, smoked ham, parmesan cheese in blocks and a bakery with a constantly changing array of pastries and breads. With one of Hoi An’s best international menus, a Western mini-mart and a quality children’s playground, expats rely on it heavily. The menu: from gourmet pies to pasta, from Mediterranean salads to baked dinners, from all-day breakfasts to Mexican treats. Home delivery is offered at no extra charge.


Hours: 7.30am to 9.30pm every day; Add: 277 Cua Dai


At Green Mango the ambiance is just as delicious as the food. Chef Hai Nguyen was noted ‘One of Asia’s Finest’ by the Miele Guide. With 25 years’ experience, Hai’s food is inventive but refined, incorporating not only fresh ingredients but also high-quality and hard-to-find products. His menu marries French cooking techniques with Vietnamese cuisine. The lounge-like vibe makes for a lovely evening out with friends or a luxurious lunch for two.



Hours: 7am – 10pm; Add: 54 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street


The cocktails are delicious, the beer is cold, the food is tasty, and the prices are reasonable –  what’s not to like about the bright and breezy Happy Buffalo? The tapas style menu includes fish tacos, potato croquettes, pork/lemongrass kebabs and Buffalo chicken wings. With a whopping range of 24 cocktails including the intriguing ‘El Diablo’ (tequila, crème de cassis, lime and ginger beer) and charming river views, set up camp here for the night and indulge – you’ve earned it.



Hours: 4pm – 10pm (closed Sundays); Add: 120 Cua Dai 

Described as ‘the Cheers of Hoi An’, La Plage is more of a bar than a restaurant. Located at the southern end of the beachside lane, La Plage offers patrons a pub-like atmosphere by the beach that doubles as a restaurant serving Vietnamese and French dishes. In the evenings, it cranks up a great play list and the pub vibe begins.



Hours: 8am – 10pm; Add: An Bang beach (far right, southern end)

L'aubergine 49. fillet of beef, Hoi An Restaurant

L’aubergine 49 is arguably Hoi An’s leading International restaurant. Exploding with the flavors of Paris and London with hints of Asia, the ‘Eurasian food’, as Owner/Chef Thinh terms it, is exceptional. Rating a solid 5 stars across review sites it has leapt into Hoi An top tens wherever reviews are honestly collected. After tasting the divinely marinated, Indonesian style satay on a bed of coconut sticky rice; the delicately flavored, basil scented vegetable terrine or the caramelised pork ribs that fall off the fork, you know you are in the hands of a master chef.


Hours: 6pm – 10pm; Add: 49a Ly Thai To

Nhan’s Kitchen serves Italian-style food, sandwiches and burgers alongside Vietnamese standards very, very cheaply. Locals eat here alongside tourists and expats. Everything is very fresh and within the cheap-eat genre it’s hard to not to love this place. It is extremely well rated on TripAdvisor, so go in and check out what the hype is about. The pizzas are made in house and are great value for money.


Hours: 10am – 10pm; Add: 167 Tran Nhan Tong

Nhan's Kitchen_opt (1)
Soul Beach, Hon Bien, Soul Kitchen, An Bang Beach, An Bang, Live Music, Musicians, Vietnam, Quang Nam, Beach Club, Pub, Club, Beachside, Seaside, Bar, Restaurant, Beer, Cocktails, Chill, Singing, Guitar, Performer, Rock, Jazz, Hoi An, Cabana, Entertainment, Nightlife, Stage, Ocean

Sister of Soul Kitchen, Soul Beach (Hon Bien) offers a relaxed atmosphere, a bevy of cocktails, and a live music experience on Mondays and Wednesdays. Food, including plenty of seafood options, is slightly more expensive than its neighbours whilst drinks are priced competitively. In addition to its casual venue layout, Soul Beach also offers the requisite beach-side pilapas and loungers for those who wish to relax and escape the sun, or stargaze.



Hours: 7.30am – 11pm (Music is Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm); Add: An Bang Beach (see map)

Hoi An Steakhouse $$-$$$

There sometimes comes a time when you just need to have a fix from home. Enter Hoi An Steakhouse, the only genuine steakhouse in town. Imported Australian beef is complemented by a fine array of side-dishes and sauces. They also have plenty of chicken and pork dishes, pastas and pizzas, seafood, salads and luncheon fare like steak sandwiches, fish and chips, burgers and sandwiches. Even plenty of vegetarian options emerge for non-meat eaters.



Hours: 12pm -10pm; Add: 11 Phan Boi Chau

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 13.19.13

White Marble $$-$$$

White Marble Wine Bar and Restaurant tasting platter

Hoi An’s first fully-fledged wine bar is a popular meeting place for expats and tourists. White Marble has a well-appointed, upstairs restaurant, a very comprehensive wine selection (including 13 by the glass) and an eclectic tapas menu. Serving Vietnamese cuisine along with international, the food is fresh and tasty. The Shrimp Money Bags and European Cheese Board are stand-outs. Lunch & dinner set menus from $15 per person including a glass of wine.


Hours: 11am -11pm; Add: 98 Le Loi St

Irish Pub

With a breezy layout, welcoming atmosphere and pub fare consistently of high quality, Paddy’s Hostel and Bar is a celebratory spot for all things Irish in a quiet corner of Hoi An. Once known mainly as a sports bar the hostel is now the primary focus. But the kitchen has stayed strong throughout and remains at the gourmet end of the pub spectrum. Whether it be the lamb burger, the bangers and mash, the pasta, the steak or the eclectic tapas menu you won’t be disappointed at Paddy’s.

Hours: 7am – 10pm; Add: 97 Cua Dai

Paddy's Irish Pub, Hoi An, Paddy’s Hostel and Bar, Paddy, Irish Pub, Bar, Sports, Swimming Pool, Garden, Beer, Ale, Imported, Craft, Drinks, Drinking, Games, Football, Hoi An, Vietnam, Happy Hour, Cocktails, Music, Kid-Friendly, Kids, Children, Food, Hamburger, Burgers, Fries


Before and Now attempts to be an all-in-one venue for ‘everyman’ with coffee, cake, beer, cocktails and pizza. The extensive pub menu is more affordable than many competitors (thick crusted pizza 115,000 vnd) and with large bottles of Saigon at just 30,000 vnd the pricing’s keen. Upstairs, the restaurant has a splendid-people watching aspect overlooking the intersection of Le Loi and Nguyen Thai Hoc and there’s an extensive international menu dominated by Italian options. Think pumpkin ravioli, gnocchi, 4-cheese pasta and bruschetta.


Hours: 8.30 am – midnight; Add: 51 Le Loi

Before and Now, cocktails, beer, drinking, nightlife, hoi an, pool table, club, pub, lounge, balcony, terrace
Driftwood Cafe, An Bang Beach, Hoi An, Pepperoni

At Driftwood Cafe the pizzas are sensational and the authentic woodfire oven produces world-class, thin-crusted pizza – crispy on the edges and softer in the middle. There are chairs on the nearby beach and you can order from there as well. It’s like a small Australian beer garden with fold-up slatted wooden chairs and tables and out front, the most prominent sign proudly proclaims ‘Cold Beer’ (yes, it’s icy cold).


Hours: 10am – 9pm; Add: Duong 7, An Bang Beach 

Good Morning Vietnam $$-$$$

Quite possibly the pick of the Italian restaurants in Hoi An, Good Morning Vietnam delivers a very authentic Italian cuisine experience. Tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi and lasagne are made fresh every day and many expats rate the pizzas the best in Hoi An. With a sister restaurant in Nha Trang, this franchise offers select imported dried pastas too as well as well-chosen fish, poultry and meat dishes. The complimentary limoncello is a nice touch. Not cheap but worth every cent.


Hours: 10am – 10pm everyday; Add: 11 Le Loi


Luna d'autunno $$


French-owned Luna d’autunno opened a new branch in Hoi An after the major success of their Hanoi restaurant of the same name. Serving Italian dishes from all regions of Italy, Luna offers some of the best wood-fired pizzas on An Bang Beach. Open and airy, there is room for the entire family at Luna. Enjoy their dishes at their location on An Bang Beach or have your meal delivered to your front door anywhere in town.


Hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm everyday; Add: An Bang Beach (see the map).

Nha Hang Casa Italia $$

Great riverside location in the Old Town gives Nha Hang Casa Italia a head start. Thin-crusted pizzas lead the way with regulars but home-made spaghetti and penne with many sauce options – pomodoro e basilico; carbonara; vongole; amatriciana; tonno; marinara; bolognese to name a few – and lasagna also provide options not easy to find elsewhere. Italian wines and New Zealand ice cream round off the selection.


Hours: 10am – 10.30pm; Add:99 Bach Dang

casa-italia-ice-cream-hoi an

Pineapple $$

thom-pineapple-coffee-and-juice_Hoi An restaurant

Light and Airy, Thom (Pineapple) specializes in Italian cuisine aside from its Vietnamese options. Genuine wood-fire oven pizzas have pride of place but there is gnocchi and many pasta options as well (spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne) and a few standard mains like pesce al limone and pollo alla boscaiola. Centrally located, their own bakery also produces first-class breads, cakes and desserts. A solid option for lunch and dinner or coffee and cake.


Hours: 9am – 10.30pm; Add: 34 Le Loi


Hoshigami Sushi Japanese Restaurant $$

With an array of tasty options, Hoshigami is the place to go if you want delicious and inexpensive sushi in Hoi An. Take a look at their special rolls menu where you will find in-house creations such as the Volcano roll (baked salmon, prawn, egg) and Philadelphia roll (spicy salmon, egg, crab, cheese, sesame), which all can be had for 110,000 vnd or less.  Eat in at their low rise tables, or call (or text) for speedy, free delivery.


Hours: 4pm – 9.30pm; Monday off . Add: 290 Cua Dai

hoshigami-sushi-hoi an- restaurant

Samurai Kitchen $$


Genial host, Genta Miyagawa, has an extensive Japanese menu but there’s no sushi. Why? Because Genta is not a sushi chef and it would be dishonorable to pretend otherwise. But there’s much expertise elsewhere at Samurai Kitchen. Indeed, it’s a feast fit for a king with Gyoza, Edamame, Tuna Salad, Ginger Pork, Ramen, and Yakaotori amongst many options. Don’t miss the vegetable tempura and the miso soup will transport you back to Japan (if you’ve ever been there). Authentic Japanese cuisine, just as Genta’s Mama made it.


Hours: 12-2pm; 5.30-9pm; Sunday off; Add: 9 Tieu La

Wa Ka Ku $$-$$$

Hiding away in the Hotel Royal is one of Hoi An’s best kept secrets, Wa Ka Ku, a Japanese restaurant in a plush, modern setting. Sushi and sashimi lead the way in a solid list of high quality offerings. Table service here is exemplary, English speaking excellent and the whole operation is very professional. Not cheap but you’ll still pay a lot more back home. Price guide: 8 california rolls (140,000 vnd); makis – 6 pieces (60,000 vnd) plus tax.


Hours: 6pm -10pm; Add: 39 Dao Duy Tu (Hotel Royal)

Hoi An Galleries. Hotel Royal Hoi An - Wa Ka Ku - MGallery Collection


Korean restaurant, Banh Trang Tron, is cheaper-than-chips and one of the best value-for-money options in Hoi An. You don’t come for the ambiance, but with most dishes around $1, no one’s complaining. Favorites include sushi; claypot with rice, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, pork mince and a fried egg on top drizzled with sesame seeds; and deep fried pork strips coated with sticky rice (served with chili and mayonaisse). The mango salad laced with chili is a standout.


Hours: 2.30pm – 10pm; Add: 30/2 Nguyen Duy Hieu 

Banh Trang Tron diners. Korean Restaurant, Hoi An


Hola Taco, black bean taco_opt

The Mexican cuisine at Hola Taco is in the top rung, value-wise, of any Mexican restaurant we’ve tried. Fully deserving its high rating on Trip Advisor and a favorite with expats, the freshness of the ingredients, along with some individual flair, is its key to success. This Mexican cantina has a good heart and, when it comes to the food, there’s obvious care and attention to detail. Home-made tortillas, crisp same-day vegetables and your choice of spiced meat or seafood combine in wonderfully succulent and zesty balance.


Hours: Mon – Sat, 11am – 10pm; Add: 9 Phan Chau Trinh


Green Chili $$

Green Chili serves Tex-Mex classics such as chili con carne, nachos, quesadillas and tacos as well as Southern US-style baby back ribs, steaks, pizzas and home-made pastas. It’s a bizarre mix of Italian, Tex-Mex and Vietnamese reflecting the origins and proclivities of the management. Friendly owners Hanh (a Vietnamese local) and Jackie (a native Texan) have created a homely ambiance and Italian chef Nando is the life of the party. Something for everyone on this menu.


Hours: 9.30am – 10pm; Add: 122 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Green Chili Restaurant, Beef Nachos, hoi an now travel guide to international restaurants
thai market, food, mains, restaurant, old town

Thai Market, the fifth branch of a Da Nang-based chain, sits in a grand old colonial house on the edge of Old Town. Its classic Thai dishes are so authentic – from curries to Pad Thai to mango and sticky rice – that if you close your eyes to the Hoi An lanterns, you may well think you’re in Thailand. With a great outdoor deck and reasonably priced cocktails, it is a great place to hang out and enjoy the street bustle.


Hours: 11am to 10pm; Add: 62 Phan Châu Trinh

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