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Exploring the city on your own is always an option, but nothing beats a really good cycling tour in Hoi An. A chance to move your body while getting immersed in the Vietnamese culture is always a winning combination. Here is everything you need to know about cycling tours in Hoi An and beyond.

Hoi An Cycling Tours Overview

What is a cycling tour?

A cycling tour is a great way to explore the city while also burning some calories. Hoi An is a cyclist’s paradise, flat as a tack, small, and far less traffic-scary than many other Vietnamese hot spots. However, it can be intimidating at times, with motorbikes coming at you from all directions.

But by joining larger expertly-guided groups that move en masse like schools of fish, you may find ‘safety in numbers’ bicycling in Hoi An and discover more back roads of greater interest. You may also unearth locals and culture in a more focused way than you could if wandering alone.

How long does it take to do a cycling tour in Hoi An?

The length of the cycling tour depends on the route you are interested in. If you only want to explore the Old Town in Hoi An and the surroundings, the tour will last for about 4-5 hours. However, if you want to go beyond Hoi An and make a trip to My Son or even Hue, the cycling tour will take you from half-a-day to a day or two.

What are the best cycling tours in Hoi An?

Below is a list of all the companies that offer cycling tours in Hoi An. We suggest you check out their websites and choose the route you fancy the most, as they do offer different experiences.

Gresshopper Adventures

621 Hai Ba Trung (20 m down alley)
+84 (0) 93 203 4286

Heaven and Earth Countryside Tour

61 Ngo Quyen
+84 (0)126 842 2260

Hoi An Express

30 Tran Hung Dao (Hoi An Branch Office)
+84 235 391 9293

Hoi An Free Tour

One Tour (depart 8.30am, return noon)
567 Hai Ba Trung Street
+84 (0)706 030 551

Hoi An “Love Of Life” Bicycle Tours

12 Tran Quy Cap
+84 (0)235 393 9399

Local Man Bicycling Tours

132/7 Tran Phu (Phin cafe)
+84(0)919 882 783

Passion Tours

12 Tran Quy Cap
+84 (0) 235 3922770

How much does a cycling tour in Hoi An cost?

Prices for a cycling tour around Hoi An start at 650,000VND ($28), while a more extended tour that includes My Son or the Marble Mountains will cost from 1,000,000VND ($45) and up. Lastly, experienced cyclists or those in search of a full experience can expect to pay up to 6,000,000VND ($250) for a 2 day cycling tour from Hoi An to Hue and back.


Hoi An Cycling Tours Practical Information

What to wear for a cycling tour in Hoi An

Temperatures in Hoi An can get really high, especially in the summer time so make sure you wear breathable clothes and comfortable shoes. While you’ll see a lot of people cycling in their flip-flops, we recommend you to go for a pair of sneakers or flats.

In terms of clothing, wear whatever feels more comfortable but stay away from mini-skirts or really tight shorts. Lastly, make sure to wear a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

How to book a cycling tour in Hoi An

Once you chose the cycling tour you want to go for, simply contact the agency and reserve a place. You can do so via e-mail or phone, but you can also send them a message on Facebook if you like. Since Hoi An is a very touristy city and there is a high demand for cycling tours, make sure to book a tour a few days in advance.

Who can do a cycling tour in Hoi An

A cycling tour in Hoi An is suitable for tourists of all ages, shapes and sizes with the only condition being to know how to ride a bike, of course. One might add that being brave and not scared of Vietnamese traffic is the second one but you will start to feel confident and get used to it after a few minutes on the bike.

While joining a group is a lot of fun, you can also bike around the city on your own. For some DIY tour ideas see Cycling to An Bang Beach: Scenic RouteCam Kim Cycle Tour, and Alternative Hoi An Cycle Tour to get you started.

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