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Sunrise With SUP Monkey

Tour the water ways of Hoi An and Central Vietnam at sunrise with SUP Monkey. Tours suitable for beginners through to the most adventurous explorer.

If you take the Aloha Sunrise Tour, the sunrise in Hoi An is one of the most beautiful you will ever see – a mixture of pink, lavender, and coral, broken only by clouds and the peaks of the Cham Islands.

SUP Monkey Hoi An

You’ll meet your guide at Kahuna’s Hoi An Beach Club at Tan Thanh Beach around 4:45am.

The long paddle boards are sleek and surprisingly light, and it’s easy to carry them out into the surf. After a short explanation of the basics from your guide, you paddle out towards the exploding sunrise.

The board can be a bit tricky at to start for first-timers. Bobbing on the water like a cork can make it tough to find your balance.

But your guide will aid you as you find your sea legs. It takes some arm strength to paddle the board, but you can switch to seated or kneeling positions as you get used to it.

As you settle in the sky will grow more and more brilliant and eventually the bright red disc of the sun will rise near the two peaks on the Cham Islands, leaving a trail of dazzling light on the water.

Your guide will take you on a leisurely paddle down the coast to Cua Dai Beach untiul you decamp on a deserted section of the beach next to a line of pilapas, and enjoyed an early morning Cafe Sua Saigon to keep our energy up for the next leg of the journey – the return to Kahuna’s

Sunrise with SUP Monkey ends around 9am and you will have traveled an astonishing 9 kilometers. A very welcome BLT for breakfast, served in a fresh banh mi filled with crispy bacon – a perfect way to refuel – winds things up.

All in all, paddle boarding is a serene but physically engaging way to see the sunrise and explore the coastline.


Aloha Sunrise Tour | 3½ – 4 hours:  40 USD / 925,000 VND

Departs from An Bang Beach. Enjoy the sunrise and a leisurely paddle to Cua Dai Beach and back. Coffee and lunch included.

Thu Bon Bonanza tour (seasonal) | 3 hours: 30 USD / 695,000 VND

Departs from a fishing village on Cam Thanh Island. Sights include the new Cua Dai bridge and the palm mangroves of Thuan Tinh Island. Picnic lunch included.

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