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Sea Trek Vietnam: Walking Underwater Tour

Sea Trek Vietnam: Introduction

Blow your mind with Sea Trek Vietnam, the underwater experience of a lifetime! By a reef near the Cham Islands, Sea Trek is a walk on the ocean floor (yes, really), while hand-feeding tropical fish by the hundreds.

The tour also includes sailing on a traditional Vietnamese boat, snorkeling and lunch. It’s an unforgettable day in a magical marine paradise.

Sea Trek Vietnam. Speed Boat

Boat Trip to Cham Island

After a short ride to Cua Dai Wharf, you will be briefed by expert guide Jim, and soon on open water. At around fifty minutes’ duration, the boat trip to the island is a delight in itself. In spite of the heat there’s no haze on the skyline, and the skyscrapers of Da Nang are clearly visible in the distance.

The boat weaves around fishing vessels, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who keep Hoi An’s markets in fish and seafood. Alongside the fishermen, terns squawk and dive-bomb into the water, snatching breakfast. Twenty minutes into the journey, a flying fish typically emerges from the deep and zips through the air before returning whence it came.

Clumps of land soon appear on both sides, tree-covered and uninhabited by humans. After half an hour, Hoi An is a faraway horizon, and Cham Island looms over us.

Mooring & Snorkeling off Cham Island

The boat moors a little way off the shore of Hon Lao, Cham’s biggest island, above a coral reef. Jim takes us through a safety video which demonstrates the various hand-signals used when underwater, and the party is split into groups. Those not first-in-line for the Sea Trek snorkel off the boat, with buoyancy jackets also available for less-confident swimmers.

Given the relatively-early time of day, the sea is still cool and a plunge into the ocean is heaven-sent. The water is clear, the coral teeming with life and the Sea Trek Vietnam walking platform can clearly be made out below.

If there are any second thoughts at this stage, a snorkeled-glance at what’s to come is a perfect way to calm the nerves. And for those with children, the boat’s crew keep a kindly eye over everyone in the water, ensuring no one ventures out of sight.

The Seatrek Vietnam Underwater Experience

Going Underwater

After a quick dry-off in the sun, it’s time to venture into the deep. The helmet is both lighter and more comfortable than expected. It’s also roomy, allowing not only for spectacles but for space to reach up and ‘pop’ the pressure in your ears during the descent. There’s a diver alongside instructing as you go, and in a few steps, et voila – you’re standing on the floor of the ocean.

The experience hereafter is lucidly dreamlike, for suddenly you’re breathing under water, without the weight of an oxygen tank, nor the discomfort of a mouthpiece or face mask. There’s a rail to hold onto, and an expert diver with you the whole way, taking photographs, film clips and guiding you around.

The tranquility is immediate, and you’re left wondering why any creature would ever bother evolving to live on land. The untouched nature of the deep has a beauty to which no man-made structure could ever compare.

Feeding the Fish

Soon, the diver hands over some bread, and it’s here where life gets no better. Holding a chunk between the fingers, the locals arrive and in numbers. Suddenly you’re surrounded by fish of all sizes, shapes and colors, dropping by for their morning banh mi.

To be standing underwater, in the middle of a (gentle) feeding frenzy is an extraordinary experience and it’s an utter privilege to tread in such an alien environment. After the initial feeding there’s more of the same, walking along the platform in the midst of sealife, followed by more munch-time. Numbers swell as word gets around via the neighborhood grapevine.

In total the experience takes around 15-20 minutes, but down in the water the time feels much longer. When the hull of the boat comes into distant view once more, there’s not a shred of desire to return to the land, as darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter (as a very wise crab once said).

Sea Trek Vietnam REVIEW. Feeding fish_Top 10s

Lunch on Bai Chong Beach

Suitably speechless, we take a speedboat to Bai Chong Beach and dive straight into a different kind of feast. The food at Cham Restaurant is abundant and delicious and the setting – a few steps away from golden sand with a clear view of the ocean – is truly glorious.

With drinks, swimming, deck chairs, loungers and hammocks all available following lunch, there’s an ample couple of hours to digest the banquet, not to mention try to process the experience of being at one with the fishes just a few moments before.

Wow, Sea Trek – life will never feel the same again!


Essential Information

Tour for Whom?

  • 8-80 years old.
  • Non-swimmers and Non-Divers welcome.
  • Those who want to experience walking on the ocean floor in the Unique environment.
  • Those who wish to hand feed the fish on the ocean floor

Tour Itinerary

Sea Trek’s tour begins at Cua Dai wharf by Vietnamese traditional boat. It takes about 1 hour. On the deck, you have time for relaxing and sight-seeing.

SeaTrek offers its Walking Underwater Tour with speedboat transport for those wanting a shorter travelling time. It also does dedicated snorkeling tours via traditional boat or speedboat.

  • 7:30 – 8am CUA DAI WHARF Tour guide picks guests up from the hotel and take you to the Cua Dai Wharf.
  • 8:10am BEGIN THE JOURNEY 1 hour boat trip on a traditional Vietnamese boat to Cham Island.
  • 9:10am CHAM ISLAND Arrive at Hon Nhon beach to take part in the “ Walking Underwater”, Swimming and snorkeling.
  • 11am BAI CHONG BEACH At the Unique ecological area of the Cham Island, a delicious Seafood lunch is provided. After lunch, guests can swim or just relax in the hammocks.
  • 2pm ON THE BOAT Return to the boat for the journey back to Hoi An.


  • Gopro’s available for your Sea Trek
  • Video of your underwater experience is available to buy: 250,000 VND (11 USD) memory card


8 years +

Fine for non-swimmers and non-divers

Not recommended for pregnant women

State any pre-existing medical conditions before booking

State any dietary requirements when booking

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