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From the traditional water puppets to Lune Production’s energetic cirque to the massive extravaganza of Hoi An Memories Show, with its cast of 500, Hoi An shows are world-class and great value for money.

We were blown away when we first saw Hoi An Memories Show (been back twice since). It is one of the most enthralling and ambitious theatrical productions ever staged in Vietnam and really took us by surprise. With its massive cast and open air arena, it’s a true spectacular, and a poignant and riveting depiction of Hoi An from ancient times to the present day – including its robust interaction with Japan, China and the West some centuries back when Hoi An was a key muticultural trading center.

Lune Production never fails to dazzle and amaze with its acrobatic action. Its A O Show opens 3 July, 2020, and will run for the remainder of 2020. A O Show depicts the charming beauty and cultural richness of Vietnamese life in the countryside and contrasts it with the nations’s racing urbanization. The production is a unique mix of bamboo cirque, acrobatic acts, contemporary dance, and theatrical visual art. Beautiful and very funny too.

Finally, set under the stars, Water Puppet Show Hoi An is an energetic and frequently humorous 45-minute series of fables and stories on Vietnamese village life through colorfully hand-carved puppets. Presenting a tradition that stretches back a millenium, Hoi An’s water puppets can be seen in a wonderfully intimate amphitheater, for less than 4USD. Best value in town.


Water Puppet Show Hoi An

Set under the stars, Hoi An’s Water Puppet Show presents a series of fables on Vietnamese village life through colorfully hand carved puppets. There are unicorns and fairies, the odd boat race and dragons amidst smoke and colorful lighting.

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Stuart Neal

Former publisher at ABC Books and Consultant Publisher at Allen & Unwin in Australia, Stuart Neal is co-founder of the travel website, Hoi An Now.