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Red Bridge Cooking School

Red Bridge Cooking School is not just a cooking class, it’s an ‘experience’ that includes a visit to markets and herb gardens followed by a trip down the river to the cooking school restaurant which enjoys one of the most glorious settings Hoi An has to offer.

In Hoi An it sometimes seems there are almost as many cooking classes as restaurants so, if you’ve just hit town, how do you choose between them? For many establishments cooking classes appear to have been an afterthought, ‘if they’re doing it down the street then we will too’ seems to be the thinking.

Redbridge Cooking Class. Cooking Action

At Redbridge the opposite is true. One of the first cooking classes to be established in Hoi An, these guys know what they are doing. Thus, the choice is not whether to do a Red Bridge class but rather, whether to do the full-day or the half-day. The full-day experience includes a visit to Tra Que herb and vegetable garden (which is a must visit for serious foodies) and an extra hour in the kitchen. The full-day option also includes the making of Vietnam’s iconic pho noodles.

Sitting a couple of kilometers down river from Hoi An Old Town, Red Bridge enjoys an exquisite setting by the river. If you can’t make it for a class, pop in for lunch to enjoy fine food in one of the most serene locations in the world. You won’t regret it.

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Updated June 2018

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