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Cooking Classes in Hoi An

Food is a huge part of culture and joining a cooking class in Hoi An is a great introduction to not only the local food but a way of life. Hoi An’s cooking classes are not just for keen cooks and budding chefs – they’re for anyone who fancies a fun time, a chance to meet local people and to experience a side of Hoi An that you’ll otherwise miss out on.

There’s a super range of cooking classes in Hoi An, depending on the type of class you’re after and how much time you have. Vegetarian options are available almost everywhere – Karma Waters is 100% vegan – but remember to check in advance if you’ve any dietary needs, just in case.

Extended Cooking Class Tours

Hoi An cooking classes can differ widely. In the most basic experience you learn about the local food, choose a dish and cook it from scratch, step-by-step. Of course, you also get to eat the results of your culinary endeavours too!

Other cooking classes in Hoi An include all the above but there are options to go on a mini-tour first. This may involve a guided trip to one or more of Hoi An’s markets – and the experience is always so much more with local knowledge – or even a boating trip or cycling tour.

Best Cooking Classes

My Grandma’s Home Cooking Class

Boat to My Grandma’s Home Cooking Class and learn about Vietnamese country life. Then enjoy traditional Vietnamese cooking lesson and a superb meal.

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Hoi An Walking Tour & Cooking Class

Starts with a walking tour to explore the historical and cultural significance of Hoi An Old Town before heading to a delightful local cooking class.

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Sabirama Cooking Class Tour

Sabirama’s Cooking Class is a terrific blend of relaxation, cultural interest, rolling up your sleeves in the kitchen, & enjoying the delicious spoils of your labors.

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Red Bridge Cooking School

Red Bridge Cooking School is not just a cooking class, it’s an ‘experience’ that includes a visit to markets and herb gardens followed by a trip down the river to the cooking school restaurant which enjoys one of the most glorious settings Hoi An has to offer.

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Tra Que Waterwheel Cooking Class

Tra Que Waterwheel Organic Farm Cooking Class in Hoi An promised so much and spectacularly delivered on its promise of being much more than a cooking class.

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