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What is the best way to visit a city, if not by letting a local guide you? If you only have a few days in Hoi An, go on a free tour, as it is the best way to learn a lot of new things in a short amount of time. You’ll get tips on where to spend the rest of your days and also where to enjoy the best coffee and local food. So make it a priority and book a free tour in Hoi An on your first day, if possible! You’ll thank yourself later.

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Hoi An Free Tours: Overview

What is a free tour?

A free tour is an experience we recommend you have as they’re a great introduction to the city of Hoi An. It’s perfect opportunity to have a relaxing walk with a local or two that will take you to the most important spots in the city, while telling you their history and sharing insider tips that you won’t find on any website or travel guidebook.

Remember that even though the tour guides will not charge you for the experience itself, the locals are spending a few hours showing you around and entertaining you for a few hours so if possible, by all means be generous when tipping them at the end of the tour.

What do you do?

Staffed by energetic student volunteers, the free tours in Hoi An pack a lot into a short time.  With two free tours to choose from and enthusiastic students wishing to practice their English skills there’s lots of behind-the-scenes cultural insight. 

How long does it take?

A free tour in Hoi An can last between 3 and 4 hours, depending on how many people are joining the tour, how interested they are, and also if it is a walking or bicycle tour.

What are the best free tours in Hoi An?

There are two well-known free tours in Hoi An that you can choose from. Both are with Free Tours, a non-profit organization led by students. Take a bicycle tour or walking tour – there will be small fees for bicycle rental or the local ferry, depending which tour you choose.

Hoi An Free Tour


Here you’ll explore a few villages in the countryside close to Hoi An, before taking a meal with your tour guide’s family. You’ll visit some of the villages outside of Hoi An and experience Vietnamese rural life firsthand. Finally you’ll be introduced to the Old Town and some of its cultural highlights.

Hoi An Free Tour


The walking tour takes you to Cam Kim Island where you’ll see rice fields, water buffaloes and local life, before a jaunt around the Old Town. Here you’ll get to learn about the city’s history as a trading port and its current status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll also get the chance to try some fantastic local street food!

Hoi An Free Tours Practical Information

What to wear

Since there will be a lot of walking and cycling involved, we highly suggest you wear breathable clothes and very comfortable shoes. Also, choose vivid colors to make sure you get some nice pictures and don’t forget a hat to keep the rays of the sun at bay.

How to book

Simply go on the Free Tours’ website and fill in your details to reserve a spot, using the organization’s online booking system.

Who can do a free tour in Hoi An?

There is no age limit when booking a free tour in Hoi An so people of all nationalities and of all ages are more than welcome. In fact, the more diverse, the better! It’s a great opportunity for both travelers to get to know the area and for local students to practice their English skills.

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