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NB Due to Covid-19 and the associated downturn in tourism in Hoi An, some of the tours listed in this section may be closed. If you are having trouble booking or getting information about a particular tour write to for assistance.

In Hoi An to book a tour, or not book a tour, that is the question.

In our former lives most of us at Hoi An Now eschewed tours. The idea of booking a tour in advance and paying upfront for something totally unknown was a leap of faith we couldn’t make. We’d also seen large groups traipsing around in the heat like mobs of cattle, following distant tour leaders with little flags miles ahead of them. ‘Wouldn’t be caught dead doing that,’ we said.

Eventually, we came to see that formally booked tours don’t have to be like that. The good ones range from intimate, learning experiences to unapologetic romps and the very best are a bit of both.

As we looked into it more, we began to understand the value of good guides who combine cultural and down-to-earth local knowledge with a little humor and a generous, sharing nature. And there’s something to be said for having all the arrangements sorted when you’re a visitor if the price is right.

At Hoi An Now we rate intimate small groups over large busloads and the quality of guides and company customer service usually separates the wheat from the chaff for us. A good price is of course important too.

Every show and tour in this section has been vetted by our team following these key criteria and is recommended.

For sure, jump on a bicycle and explore on your own or just chill at the beach. But if you don’t book at least one tour or show while you’re in Hoi An, chances are you’re missing out big time.

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Hoi An Memories Show Preview and Impression Theme Park

Hoi An Memories Show, an open-air theatrical extravaganza involving a cast of 500 in an arena that can seat 3000, is the centerpiece of Hoi An Impression Theme Park. It’s comfortably the largest and most ambitious show anywhere in Vietnam.

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Theater Shows by Lune Production

Lune Production has created an amphitheater in Hoi An to stage Vietnamese shows, inspired by Cirque du Soleil. Don’t miss out during your stay in Hoi An! The shows Teh Dar, AO Show, Lang Toi and Palao reflect deep-rooted aspects of Vietnamese culture and folklore.

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Water Puppet Show Hoi An

Set under the stars, Hoi An’s Water Puppet Show presents a series of fables on Vietnamese village life through colorfully hand carved puppets. There are unicorns and fairies, the odd boat race and dragons amidst smoke and colorful lighting.

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Golden Hand Bridge and Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is like Vietnam’s Disneyland. A hill station and mountain-top resort, its replica of a medieval French village is a great adventure for all comers.

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Marble Mountain & Lady Buddha Pagoda

The Marble Mountains are five majestic marble and limestone peaks that entrance all comers. Stunning caves, statues and temples plus breathtaking beach panoramas.

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Diving Tour at Cham Islands – Blue Coral Diving

Hoi An Diving Center, a five star PADI Dive Center, offers diving and snorkeling trips to the beautiful Cham Islands just off the coast of Hoi An.

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Snorkeling Tour at Cham Islands – Blue Coral Diving

Snorkeling at Cham Island Tour provides a great compromise between relaxing in the tropical sun and observing Cham Islands’ sea creatures.

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Hue Adventure Loop

Vietnam’s greatest 3-day adventure! Every day showcases the diversity of culture and scenery: from the picturesque delta to a mountainous wonderland. Ethnic minorities, rainforest, waterfalls, local cuisine, World Heritage Sites, Marble Mountain, Hai Van Pass, Hue & more. Is there any better way to explore this treasure trove than by motorbike or jeep?

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Sea Trek Vietnam: Walking Underwater Tour

Sea Trek Vietnam, the underwater experience of a lifetime near Cham Island. Walk on the ocean floor (yes, really), while hand-feeding fish by the hundreds.

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Hoi An Sidecar Tours

It’s difficult to think of a better introduction for newcomers to fascinating Hoi An than by ‘Hoi An Sidecar Tours: Hoi An Highlights’. This tour provides intriguing snapshots of local sights and sounds, riding in retro-soviet-style Ural sidecars where you can just relax and soak it all in or, with both hands free, record your journey photographically or on video.

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Hoi An Kayak Tours

Explore the primeval Coconut (Nipa) Palms by kayak. Hoi An Kayak Tours delivers an unforgettable experience through the mangroves and on the open river.

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Hoi An Food Adventure

Venture into the Hoi An Old Town’s maze of alleys and bustling markets in search of tasty treats and explore Hoi An’s local food specialties. Unlock the flavors of the Old Town bite by bite. Banh mi, BBQ pork, deep fried wonton, white rose and much more …

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Grasshopper Adventures Food Tour: A Culinary Tour Of Hoi An By Bike

Review of Grasshopper Adventures’ 1/2 day Food on a Bike Tour in Hoi An. This tour runs daily from 4-9pm and experiences many local dishes around town.

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Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise in Hoi An

Take in the bustling activity on Hoi An’s busy Thu Bon River with Cinnamon Cruises and have a great dinner as well. Top romantic setting for couples.

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