Hoi An 360 Photo Tours and Workshops’ two photography courses are tailored closely to your skill level and can cover both basic and advanced techniques in all aspects. They are hosted by Hollywood veteran Alden Anderson who is experienced in cinematography and visual effects as well as photography (Alden won an Emmy for visual effects in 2009).


Hoi An 360 Photo Tours & Workshops are:


  1. For all camera types, even cell phones.
  2. Flexibly based on the interests of participants (eg more on culture or more on photography)
  3. Based on close relationships with the local people
  4. Planned but flexible to new interesting people/places
  5. A Combinations of photography guide/instruction and genuine connections with Vietnamese people.


The early morning tour and workshop explores beautiful Hoi An Ancient Town. There will be many opportunities to capture it and its inhabitants in the morning light and the tour also includes Ms Trinh as both cultural guide and photographic subject.


The afternoon tour explores the countryside in village and field and provides a special opportunity to witness traditional Vietnamese life away from the usual tourist trails intimately (maximum of 4 guests).


The versatile Ms Trinh will introduce you to Vietnamese life and culture on both tours, approach locals on your behalf and  provide a great subject to photograph in traditional clothing (Old Town tour).


Fees: Old Town – $55; Countryside – $95

Hours: Old Town – 5.30 – 8.30am; Countryside – 12.30pm – 5.30pm

Date: you choose (subject to confirmation)

Meet: Old Town – near Japanese Bridge; Countryside – pick up from your hotel

Other: full details below 

Hoi An Old Town Photo Tour & Workshop

Hoi An 360 Photo Tours and Workshops. Hoi An 360

Hoi An Old Town and Subject in Traditional Vietnamese Dress

The focus is on capturing beautiful shots around historic Hoi An Old Town. With a subject in traditional Vietnamese clothing (ao dai and non la) you have a wonderful opportunity to capture stunning shots of quintessential Vietnam, something unique to Hoi An 360. The white ao dai contrasts and compliments the vibrant yellow walls of the city.


Having a subject to shoot, there will also be more time to discuss camera settings and composition without the stress of chasing fleeting moments.
Hoi An 360 Photo Tours and Workshops. Hoi An 360

Learn Camera and Composition

The tour starts near the iconic old Japanese Bridge and begins with an overview and discussion of your camera and how to use the various settings. You will have the opportunity to practice what we discuss; shutter speed, aperture, focus etc. It’s important to learn this and see the results right away in a creatively nurturing environment without pressure.


The next stage, as we move around old town, will focus on composition and learning to see creatively. You will walk through narrow alleys and past old buildings. The possibilities are many and Hoi An 360 will introduce and encourage you to practice the three basic rules of every good picture.
Hoi An 360 Photo Tours and Workshops. Hoi An 360

Central Market and Refining Your Technique

You will also have the chance to see the morning market, a bustle of activity with lots of color and Vietnamese hats; many photo opportunities. It’s here where you can start focusing on the faster-paced environment and catching the action, making good use of the techniques just learned.


Finally, we will settle at a coffee shop and review the morning. We will have a chance to review pictures and discuss composition and camera setting further as well as an overview of post-processing techniques.
Hoi An 360 Photo Tours and Workshops. Hoi An 360

This sensational tour is available for just $55

Fee: $55

Hours: 5.30 – 8.30am

Date: you choose (subject to confirmation)

Meet: Old Town – near Japanese Bridge

Hoi An Countryside & Culture Photo Tour

Hoi An 360 Photo Tours & Workshops. Gathering in the fields

Much More Than Just Photos

The Hoi An Countryside Tour & Workshop is not just about traveling and taking pictures, it is also about exploring and experiencing Vietnam and its people. Discover the hardworking farmers and craftsmen that embody the unique charm of Vietnam making this the most authentic and personal Hoi An Photo Tour available. On this tour you will be able to truly connect with your subjects and shoot more intimate photographs that capture their spirit and way of life.


As it explores the countryside on motorbikes the Hoi An Countryside Tour & Workshop is the ONLY tour of its kind in Hoi An.

Hoi An 360 Photo Tours & Workshops. Workers at Sunset. Local craft 1

Breaking Down the Barriers

Sometimes foreigners feel a cultural and linguistic wall exists between them and the local people. A wall too tough to break down. Hoi An 360 Photo Tours and Workshops believes in overcoming these issues and creating authentic interactions and a genuine understanding of the people it meets. One of the ways to accomplish this is to have a Vietnamese speaking member on our team who is passionate about the culture and the people of Vietnam.

Hoi An 360 Photo Tours & Workshops. Water Buffalo at Sunset

Improve Your Technique and Style

In a context of genuine discovery you can refine and hone your style. This starts with figuring out what draws you in and interests you about a subject or scene. Then comes the specific technical and artistic lessons and rules that help you realize your vision and communicate that with your photography.


With Hoi An 360 Photo Tours & Workshops you will learn about composition, light, and more tailored instruction and practice, as it applies to the very special environment you are shooting.

Hoi An 360 Photo Tours & Workshops. Workers at Sunset

This sensational tour is available for just $95

Fee: $95

Hours: 12.30pm – 5.30pm

Date: you choose (subject to confirmation)

Meet: pick up from your hotel

About Hoi An 360 Photo Tours & Workshops

Hoi An 360 Photo Tours & Workshops was created by Alden Anderson after 6 months of traveling around Vietnam and more than two years of traveling around the world. He loves to connect with people and discover how they live and to try and understand their culture and way of life. It shows in his photography as well as the stories of his subjects. This desire to explore and learn about the world has taken him to the snow swept plateaus of Newfoundland to the towering peaks surrounding Mount Everest.


By 18 Alden was traveling around the world on a video documentary team, from maximum security prisons in South Africa to the streets of Tokyo and the Sydney Opera House. He has worked as a Photographer, Editor, Cinematographer, Visual Effects Artist and Producer on live performances, TV shows and major Hollywood movies and in 2009 he won an Emmy award for his outstanding visual effects work on ESPN.


While he loved his career, the desire to see the world and learn about the culture and history of far off lands never left him. And so in 2016 he decided to leave his job and set off on a journey around the world, which eventually brought him to Vietnam.


Alden now resides in Hoi An, Vietnam. He has created Hoi An 360 to share his passion for photography and for the culture. At Hoi An 360 Photo Tours & Workshops you will learn not only the technical and creative aspects of photography but also the culture of Vietnam and connect with the locals.

Hoi An 360 Photo Tours and Workshops. Hoi An 360

    Hello, I love taking,photos and believe I have a good eye for taking them. I only use a phone at the moment but woll be purchasing a beginners camera for my trip, I love landscape sunsets and people. What would I meed to bring on one of your workshops?


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