Vinpearl Land Hoi An

Disneyland Fun For All The Family

Hoi An has really amped up its attractions with the addition of Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An. While it’s no Los Angeles Disneyland, this 62.4-hectare park still has plenty to offer and is a terrific day out for those with kids or for those who want to let their inner kid out.

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On approach four shimmering, Titanic-inspired ships loom into view providing an exciting taste of what’s to come. Beyond the turnstile Disneyland characters and clowns on stilts hover to greet you as you enter a picturesque world of colorful, historically-themed buildings around a Venice-like central canal and where signs proclaim such exciting delights as The Hill of Wishes.

Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An has six basic attractions: Waterworld, River Safari, Bird Park, Hoi An Cultural Land, the massive Adventure Land fun park and the Indoor Gaming Room. Interspersed between these worlds you’ll find some quite good souvenir shops, clothes shops, restaurants plus outside entertainment.

Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An can be hard going with the heat so the best thing to do is make your way straight to the waterpark which is what we did.


This substantial water park is suitable for all ages. Gurgling tots can spend their time splashing in the expansive, ‘too shallow for a midget’, toddlers’ pool whilst crazed, adrenalin seeking junkies can get their fix on one of the ten more serious rides like the hair-frizzing, Tornado Cyclone, Giant Boomerang and Superspeed Slide. And, for those sloths amongst us, there’s the Lazy River ride that will leave you drifting aimlessly along channels of water on a rubber inflatable ring at snail-biting speed. Oh yeah!

Tip: Avoid going to the water park after 4pm. That’s ‘Vietnamese Swim Time’ and it gets very, very crowded.

River Safari

Having got a drench worth of ‘Waterworld’ next up was the River Safari. If you abhor zoos and fear poor animal conditions, you’ll be relieved to see animals on small islands roaming freely rather than in cages. And ‘see’ them you do. Close up. The 20-minute boat safari is an exciting cruise along the ‘Zambezi’ to view an impressive collection of jungle animals. And what a collection: white tigers, elephants, giraffe, rhino, zebras, monkeys, antelope, meercats, flamingos, bears and more. This is definitely one of the park’s highlights.

Tip: Get a window seat or wait. The experience (and view) can be ruined by too many tourists crowding in front of you.

Bird Park

Next to the Water Park you’ll find the Bird Park, a gigantic walk-in tropical aviary.  Inside this jungle oasis, brightly colored parrots fly freely around you. And if you want a really close-up and personal squawking encounter, buy some bird food – you’ll get it!

Handicraft Village

Next up is the Handicraft Village which pays homage to Hoi An’s rural life. Inside this cultural heritage mock village you’ll find restored ancient houses, traditional craft villages that showcase and sell ceramics, paintings and weaving from Quang Nam Province’s minority groups. There’s also opportunities for budding pottery makers to turn their hand at creating their next pottery masterpiece.

Adventure Land

But the biggest attraction for kids in Vinpearl Land has to be the humungous Adventure Land amusement park that offers rides for all types and ages. For the littlies you have the gentle Bees in the Sky, Kiddie Swing, Choco Cup, Elephants in the Sky, Cinderella Carousel and for those seeking to terrify themselves into skyrocketing high blood pressure, there’s no shortage of extreme rides from the 80m high Swiss Tower to the Super Chaos, Fast & Furious, Upside Down, Super Giant Helter Skelter, Tree Swing and more.

Best of all, as the park is relatively new there are little to no queues. In fact when we were there Adventure Land was almost empty.

Adjacent to Adventure Land is the air-conditioned Indoor Gaming Center with no fewer than 95 indoor games. And for those, like us, who were by now unable to move, there are massage chairs. Oh Glory be!

Playzone and More

As with any theme park interspersed throughout the grounds are smaller attractions like the Indoor Playzone for little kids, the 4 D Movie Castle, outdoor stage and shows and the amazing light and water display at 7.30pm that you just shouldn’t miss (unless, of course, you’re pushing up zzzz’s in a moving massage chair).

Insider Tips for Waterworld |

It gets very crowded after 4pm, go before

You can hire a towel and locker so no need to bring a towel

The Vietnamese are very modest in their swimming attire and it’s not unusual to see girls wearing jeans in the water. Ladies might consider bringing a pair of shorts as even a one-piece can make you feel oddly exposed.

Many of the water rides require 4 people for safety reasons, so get some friends when there

Admission |

Adults: 500,000vnd per person

Children: 400,000vnd – 200,000vnd depending on height

Gives you access to all rides and everything in the park apart from food and drink and towel/locker hire

How To Get There |

Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An is 15km from Hoi An Old Town and 40km from Da Nang.

While you can get a motorcycle taxi, a general taxi or even Grab, we suggest you book a private car and driver to take you there and pick you up on return. It’s what we would do

Hours | 8.30am – 9pm

Address | Thanh Nien Street, Binh Duong, Thang Binh, Quang Nam Province

Website |

Email |

Facebook | @Vinpearl 

Telephone | Hotline: 19006677

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