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Hoi An Artists

9am - 7pm
Gallery at 57, 57 Tran Phu

‘New Story’ – Art Exhibition June-Mid July

by Bridget March (March Gallery)

Detail of ‘the pottery seller’ by Minh Tien

Hoi An artists have come together for their first group show since Hoi An locked down in March. This small show includes some exceptional pieces by young, local artists who show great promise. The exhibition is supported by the Alley Artists, a group of artists who came to Hoi An about 10 years ago to establish a professional art scene in the old port.

My favorite piece from this show is  a silk painting by Bui Tien. This girl shows the two faces of the women of Vietnam. On one hand, they are petite and vulnerable but on the other hand, they have such strength of character and wills of iron. The expression on this girl’s face is in great contrast to the sensitivity of her naked body. 

Another painting of note, by one of the newer Hoi An artists, is a portrait of a H’mong girl by Phan Minh Tien (100x100cm) gazing straight at us with wide eyes. There is also a masterful piece of color work in the painting of one of Hoi An’s street sellers which catches your eye as soon as you enter the exhibition. 

Vietnamese art is changing fast and young Hoi An artists are beginning to say something new about their world. Original paintings by authentic artists are still inexpensive in Vietnam and this is a great time to buy. If you would like to own a piece of original art from Hoi An, March Gallery will guarantee its provenance and quality and ship to you anywhere in the world.

Most evenings from around 5pm, the artists can be found on the pavement outside the gallery doing quick portraits of anyone who will sit with them for 15 minutes (no charge).

To find out more about the exhibition contact March Gallery, details above.

Written By
Stuart Neal

Former publisher at ABC Books and Consultant Publisher at Allen & Unwin in Australia, Stuart Neal is co-founder of the travel website, Hoi An Now.

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