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Vy’s Market Restaurant and Cooking School

Market Cooking School and Restaurant. Soup demonstration, Hoi AnEverything, Vietnamese food-wise, is available at Ms Vy’s Market Cooking School and Restaurant. There’s an incredible selection of noodles, wrap and roll dishes, wok-fired meals, daily working foods, weird and wonderful delicacies, banh mi (sandwiches), wontons, fruit and dessert stalls, grilled meats and seafood. You can choose from various counters and everything is conveniently billed to one cheque.

The key purpose is to give customers a sensory food experience unlike any other. Ms Vy has tried to capture the essence of a traditional market by offering a wide choice of street foods and specialties to visitors but in a space where they can feel comfortable and safe to enjoy them.

Market Cooking School and Restaurant.Tasting Groups, Hoi AnGuests get an up close view of how ingredients are made and dishes assembled – from individual ingredients to the final meal. Whether it be watching how rice noodles are made, peanuts are traditionally roasted, or bearing witness to a suckling pig being cooked over a charcoal grill, there is so much to see, learn and taste. It really is an extraordinary interactive experience and the first of its kind in Central Vietnam. Vy’s cooking class experiences – for which she is internationally famous – are emulated by the new restaurant space.

Of course diners can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner – take a walk around the open courtyard and see what is on display at the various counters. Some of the more memorable dishes I’ve had include the Prawn Wontons (105,000VND – delicious, handmade wontons, filled with the most succulently fresh river prawn); Roast Suckling Pig portions served with herbs, vegetables and rice paper to wrap (95,000VND – the pork is so scrumptious and juicy that I actually ordered another serving); Grilled Stingray with ginger sauce (135,000VND – again, another dish so exceptional that I’ve run out of adjectives to describe it).


Market Cooking School and Restaurant, stingray, Hoi AnMarket Cooking School and Restaurant. pork, Hoi AnHours: 8am – 10pm

Add: 3 Nguyen Hoang 

Tel: +84 (0) 235 3926 926

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.restaurant-hoian.com


Edited and updated from Live Hoi An Magazine, Amy Morison

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