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Hoi An Hits Prestigious Top Ten List

17 March 2017:  It all keeps getting better and better for Hoi An (even the Nam Hai and Life Heritage Resort get a look in)!  The Hanoitimes – The UNESCO-recognized world heritage, Hoi An ancient town, in central Vietnam, has been named for the first time as o­ne of the ten leading tourism cities in Asia, according to Condé Nast Traveler, the world’s premier travel magazine.  Read More

Hoi An Old Town Light Festival, 2017, Hoi An, Japanese Bridge, Hoi An Now

Exlectronic Visas but not for all!

1st Feb 2017:  Seems it’s started already!   As of today, Vietnam will issue e-visas to foreign nationals of 40 countries!  Aimed at fostering tourism, this is great news for many.  Azerbaijan,Timor Leste – even China got a look in but hey, what about Australia and Canada?  It’s been argued that smaller countries have been included to iron out any kinks in the process.  I’d buy it if the list didn’t include Germany, the US, UK , France and others.  So what’s the story?  Anyone know?   Vietnam approves e-visas to 40 countries 

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What Are We Eating?

A lot of lot of banned chemicals according to the news; like really hazardous chemicals. Mmm!  And the stories keep on ‘a-coming’, like the hundreds of dead fish floating belly up in Central Vietnam, the banned substances in pigs and chooks and illegal chemicals sprayed on fruit and vegies … READ MORE

animal shocks in Hoi An

Ms. Lonely: Trials and Triumphs of a Hoi An Expat

Please be nice to me, I have no friends.

If the look I am going for is lonely and nervous, I’m nailing it. I am sitting in a café on my third coffee in a row, doing my best impression of a nonchalant, seasoned local. Deliberately facing the entrance, I look up and flash a dazzling smile at everyone who comes in, pretending to casually look up from my ‘work’. One of them will love to be friends with me. Surely?…READ MORE

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Food Safety Fiasco

August 25, 2016 – vnExpress International

‘How are we still standing?’ you might ask. There’s been a lot said about Vietnam’s food problems but, just in case you missed this, check out the latest devastating new research.

A Crab Story

On my way to the bank this morning I noticed a large gathering of Vietnamese huddled around something on the road.  From the intensity of their interest I thought it might be a puppy or some injured animal.  As I passed I realized it was a crab.  READ MORE

Visa News

Good news for the Yanks – one year visas coming their way. Yeah great, what about the rest of us?


April 4, 2016 –Tuoi Tre News

Vietnam to issue oneyear visas to US citizens …

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